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Do you ever have one of those days were all technology fails you? That was today for me. The worst part is that I normally set up my upload post first thing in the morning so that when the upload happens all I have to do is populate it and write my intro. The frame work of a post has a lot of little back end information that needs to happen. I didn’t get to do that this morning and so right before upload I tried to log in and the entire site was down. I had to SCRAMBLE to figure out what was happening and get it back up and running. Blood pressure through the rough now and my computer (which is imminently due for an upgrade) decides it wants to lag with every single key stroke. Whyeeee? is it mercury retrograde? full moon?

Anyways, after a hot second of temper tantruming I saw that Canada got both the short sleeve and long sleeve Pearl Pink Swiftly. I ordered the SS but I’m torn on what I prefer – short sleeve or long sleeve.

By the way, if you aren’t on my socials you didn’t get my memo but Ebay is currently having a site wide 15% off sale with code PSPRingtime. I’ve been a huge resale shopper (and occasional seller) on ebay for Lululemon over the years, and more recently for a lot of non lululemon items, and some luxury items. When the current Lululemon items aren’t interesting me, I can always find amazing older items that are seasonally appropriate on ebay. If I fall in love with something from a retailer that is sold out on my preferred color or size, I check ebay for it. This is how I got a great winter coat this year for a tiny fraction of the price.  I’ve got a few great resale items I’m going to share with you soon but I thought I’d mention the sale to you in case you are hunting any old Lululemon unicorns.

Ebay Sale

Wrap It Back SweaterWrap It Back Sweater Wrap It Back Sweater


Play Off The Pleats Long SleevePlay Off The Pleats Long Sleeve

Swiftly Tech SS and LS Pearl Pink and Dusty Dawn Swiftly Tech SS

Speed Up ShortSpeed Up Short

Ready & Go Tank IIReady & Go Tank

Scuba Hoodie LightScuba Hoodie Light

Define Jacket Porcelain PinkPorcelain Pink Define Jacket

Hot Mesh JacketHot Mesh Jacket

Speed Up BraSpeed Up Bra

Above The Clouds JacketAbove The Clouds Jacket

Wunder Under Hi-RiseWunder Under Hi-Rise Crop Memoir Multi Green

Coastline One PieceCoastline One Piece Coastline One Piece

Coastline Paddle Suit Coastline Rash Guard Coastline Top Deep Sea Top Deep Sea Top Unchartered Water Bottoms

  1. Glad you got your computer problems worked out. I have a question about Ebay, I have never bought on Ebay but was wondering do you bid on items or just pay the current asking price. I tried bidding on a couple of items a while back but it seems just when you wait until the last minute to bid someone out bids me and I don’t get the item so I don’t bother anymore.

    I was in store today and bought the s/s Pearl Pink Swiftly. I tend to like my l/s Swiftlies in darker colours except for a couple which I love, Fresco Blue and Blue Tropics. As for s/s I have colours ranging in a kaleidoscope of colours from light to dark. I think Pearl Pink is a wonderful summer colour and perfect for a s/s. It wil also look nice under l/s tops I have in darker shades of purple.

    I was disappointed we didn’t get the Time Out items I saw on the UK site today. I did try on the Hot Mesh Jacket in the pretty light green. I really liked the jacket but for one thing, the seam that runs from the shoulder down the arm a few inches puckers out and has thread sticking out where the seam ends. I don’t know the reason for putting a seam here as it doesn’t seem (ha ha) to have a purpose other than detail which IMO ruins the look. Check out the stock photos of the black one to see this seam. I sized up for a better fit but I don’t know about wearing spacer fabric in summer. I also wonder if the puckering has to do with it being spacer fabric?

    1. I’ve used something called an ‘auction sniper’ before. You go to this third party site (there are a few, google auction sniper) and you enter in your ebay information. Basically when you are ready to place your bid on an item you would enter in the item ID, then write in your max bid amount. The sniper will bid for you at the last second of that auction and it will automatically bid the next amount over the last bid, and if need be it keeps bidding until it reaches your max amount. It only bids up if you are in competition with someone. I’ve only done this when bidding on a unicorn item that is super coveted, and priced low with tons of watchers. I don’t find I need that for regular basic items or non lululemon items. I tend to favour items that have a ‘buy it now’ option and that price is reasonable and below retail.

      1. Thanks Christina for the explanation. I agree that if the buy it now price is reasonable than I would do it. I just couldn’t figure out why my bid was always outbid a second after I placed mine, quite frustrating.

      2. Yes, the sniper apps are key to winning some auctions. I usually try for BIN or BO listings.

        Thank you for he heads up Christina, I’m going to check eBay.

  2. They’ve been releasing some great colors lately, but the designs themselves are not so hot. I wish they’d release more classics. Bring back the original CRB, Power Y, Pace Setter, Scuba II, DSP II, Speed Shorts, or Speed Tights. I’d like to have new designs, but if they can’t come up with something decent, at least raid the old patterns.

    I mean, I’m not a merchandiser, so maybe I’m totally off-base, but if I was planning to release 5 jackets in 3 months, I’d want at least one of them to be something that already had a fan base, great reviews, and a proven sales record. Am I nuts or are they?

    1. I totally agree with you Rise and Shine. There are so many beautiful colours but many of the new styles just are not grabbing my attention. I was happy to see the return of the Goal Crusher Jacket but why did they only offer one colour other than the white and black when it would have been great to see this jacket in one of the new pink, blue or purple shades? Since they changed the fit of the DSP and Run Times Short I can’t even buy these anymore. I saw the Above The Clouds Jacket in store today and it just another bomber style jacket no different than the others recently released. I thought this being their 20th year anniversary we would see more classics return and hopefully in the coming months we will.

      1. agree with you ladies. wish they would re-release some oldies especially this anniversary year.
        also, I feel they keep release new styles too fast! I can barely keep up! it’s like an overflow of styles with no substance.

    2. The designs are so bad. Incredibly generic. And it’s too little too late with some of these colors, as there is no way I would wear any of these styles. Been spending a lot more money elsewhere.

  3. I think I will get the long sleeve Swiftly in pink pearl and call it a day. I liked this upload, many cute colours and shapes

  4. I am going to order the violet hottie hots and maybe the speed up Crop in nimbus SD only because the speed up crops have become one of my favorite basic items lately. I am going to return the Tulle WU’s that I ordered last week. I was so disappointed as soon as I opened the bag because they are no where near as vibrant as they appear on the website photos. They are nulux so even though they are backed in white the fading isn’t an issue but still they are just kind of dull looking is how I would describe it. Plus when I tried them on with dark underwear they don’t pass the squat test on the lightest color on my butt. I could wear nude underwear but I was already on the fence. So sad because I thought they looked so pretty.

  5. Has anyone bought the On the Fly Pant or the On The Fly Pant Woven 28″? How do you like it? Do you prefer the knitted one or the woven one?

    I’ve read reviews on both items and looks like you either love it or hate it (stretching out over time). Thanks in advance for any advice!

    1. I have both versions and it’s true that they do stretch out a bit. I like both, the woven material is a bit lighter than the regular ones and nice for warmer weather, but I wear these pants all the time and they are so comfortable! I have too many pairs…I don’t have any pattern ones just solids but they go with a lot of things, and can be casual or a bit dressier depending on how you wear them!

      1. Thank you so much for your advice, SW. I will probably order a woven pair to try on. At 5’3″ only, the pants might be a bit long on me. 😀

        1. Andrea, I’m 5’6″ and I need to have them hemmed so they hit my leg at the right place. But I love my On the Fly Pants. So comfortable. I just wish they’d put the drawstring on the inside. Or give us that option to tuck in like other pants.

        2. I have a woven pair and really like them. I use them for lots of different things – on more casual days to work with a nicer top, or with hems rolled up and a simple tank just to run errands on the weekends. They’re fabulous for travelling with – really lightweight, really comfortable (esp on planes), and dry very fast if you need to wash them. I’m 5’4 and didn’t need to hem, the length is just right for me. But I do like to roll them up anyway as I feel that looks more flattering on me.

  6. Omg I want that pearl pink to come to Australia! And a festival bag in the light pink that America got would be fantastic. I’ve barely bought anything lately

  7. I really want that pearl pink ss swiftly but am concerned about how see through it looks on the model. Can anyone advise as to how see through it looks in person? I would really appreciate it!

    1. It wasn’t nearly as seen thru on me. It wasn’t totally opaque, but nothing like the pics online. I had a black and white bra on when I first tried it and I could kind of see the black. It was muted though. When I tried with a lighter color bra at home, it was much better. I don’t know if that helps? It except for the bra color showing a bit, it was not see thru for me. I couldn’t see my skin or anything.

      1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question! You really helped a lot, and I have decided to order it. 🙂

  8. I find myself still checking the weekly uploads but just can’t get excited about this brand anymore. Everything is so basic, and most of the styles I buy regularly are now rarely if ever available. Most have been replaced will ill-fitting, inferior designs. I’m finding much better stuff elsewhere – even if it’s at a higher price.

  9. I splurged and bought the Wrap It Back sweater mainly because I adore that color mint green. Sadly, it looked like a completely different sweater on me I think because I’m vertically challenged – 5 feet tall – and nothing lay right or in the right place. It’s going back. For someone with a little more height – it will be absolutely gorgeous. I also bought the Stash and Run Bra because Dragonfly, Free to Be Serene Bra in Pearl Pink, a white long sleeve Swiftly Breeze, and the Ready and Go Tank in black, even though I already own two (in other colors). So it was probably the most expensive purchase for me in a couple of years.

    Question – do people size down in the Free to Be Serene Bra? I’m a solid 6 in Energy Bras, and this is my first FTBS – but it felt kind of loose, like I would only be able to wear it for yoga and not for anything else. Is it just me?

    1. I do not size down in the FTBS bras, as the size down band would not fit over my shoulders and would be super tight. It’s a light support bra only, so it does not compress like the Energy bra. Good for lifting and light activities.

    2. I do not size down in FTBS either for the same reason as Amy. It feels looser because the energy bra is so compressive. I tend to stay away from energy bras and only buy them when the pattern or color only comes in that style. It’s a little too compressive for me. I don’t do much high impact activities like running.

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