A lot of you guys got the same J. Crew Peony Pink Ruffle Neck Pullover Sweater that I did last week so I wanted to let you know that it’s on sale again today, only this time it’s a straight 40% off. When I posted about it last week, J. Crew was having a sale which required you to purchase 4 items to get 25% off your total, but the pink sweater was sold out anyways and full price at Nordstrom (it’s back online right here though) and The Going Out Blazer With Ruffles I tried on today is also on sale.  If you got the ruffle sweater at Nordstrom or J. Crew you should be able to get a price adjustment. If you put it in your shopping cart or wish list and where thinking of getting it, now is the time!

PS! Nordstrom Rack is having their Clear The Rack event from March 28- April 1. An additional 25% off all sale items!


J. Crew The Going Out Blazer With Ruffles J. Crew The Going Out Blazer With Ruffles

J. Crew The Going Out Blazer With Ruffles

I’ve been on the hunt for a blazer I can wear with jeans, over a tee shirt, and with sneakers,  but I haven’t loved anything I’ve tried on so far. Some of them have looked great, but felt ‘not me’ and too business formal. Another problem I’ve had with blazers is my proportions. Blazers are not meant for short curvy girls. I’ve needed to size up in blazers for the right fit, but then the shoulder area is way too big and bunched up off the ends.  More boxy styled blazers just swallow me up. This blazer caught my eye last week and I so badly wanted to try it on but it was on a very high display and I talked myself out of getting one down to try on. I told myself that it would be unflattering for my body type and it was too expensive anyway. Today I saw it on sale for 40% off and it was not displayed near the ceiling so I was able to grab it myself. I was so surprised when I tried it on that not only was it really cute and the right kind of casual for me, it was pretty flattering. I love the ruffles and the lack of a collar or buttons. It fastens closed with three hidden hooks, or can be left open. I know ruffles really annoy some of you and I completely get it but I really love the girly touches on this. This is a size 12 and I think it’s dead on. The shoulders fit right, I can fasten it closed and have room for a sweater underneath.

What do you guys think? I have it on hold at the store until tomorrow morning but I’m leaning towards purchasing it.

J Crew Ruffle Neck Sweater J Crew Ruffle Neck Sweater

J. Crew on sale at Nordstrom until Saturday! Get 40% off here:

Shop The Sale At J.Crew!

    1. Yes, that just happened to be what I was wearing. Although I do like the look of a blazer dressed down with jeans, a tee and sneakers, they have to be just right. Not a curved hem pocket tee, dark jeans, and nice white sneakers. My need for a blazer was to dress up over a button down or silk blouse and to wear with a summer dress. My current options are either a leather jacket or a wool coat, I don’t have that in-between dressy jacket.

  1. Was the sweater TTS or size up? They had no smalls or mediums in store, but I was debating ordering online. I did buy the blazer though – so cute!

    1. The sweater I have on is a large which is my TTS. It’s loose fitting in the chest and arms but for me I couldn’t size down in it because of the length. I think a size up would have been better for me length wise but there wasn’t any in store.

  2. After seeing you post I went to Nordstrom and purchased both – thank you for sharing this !!! Love my purchases…

  3. I got the jacket! Perfect fit and will be a great work piece. Thanks for the tip. I also got the black dress from Club Monaco you posted about a few weeks ago; I was sad that the skirt was too big/long/heavy for me, so it went back.

    1. Yah so glad you got the jacket and love it. I hope you got it for the sale price. Shame about the dress but glad you were able to return it.

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