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Sorry for the half written upload post this afternoon. For some reason the upload happened really late and I had several appointments booked for after school so I was able to zip back home and do a bit of it for half an hour, and then I had to go again. Luckily there wasn’t anything I would have been hugely upset to miss out on, but I did order the Time To Sweat Short Sleeve in Heathered Merlot. That was the item that jumped out at me most so I opted to give it a try. I sized up though because the description says it’s a slim-fit tee, and I’m not about the slim-fit these days. Heathered rulu light though in a pink tone is right up my ally. I was also interested in the Wild Twist 7/8 Tight but I need to see it on various body types to see what that line pattern does.

Did you guys order anything? Try anything on over the weekend?

Stride Jacket II. I did a review of the new Stride Jacket II last week.
Stride Jacket II

Pack & Glyde Jacket
Pack & Glyde Jacket
Pack & Glyde Jacket

Time To Sweat Short SleeveTime TO Sweat Short Sleeve Time To Sweat Short Sleeve

Wunder Under Hi Rise TightWunder Under Hi Rise Tight

Wild Twist 7/8 TightWild Twist 7/8 Tight

Carminetrue Red Black Wunder Under
Carminetrue Red Black Wunder Under

Train Times Fast Pace Pant Special Edition 25 Carminetrue RedTrain Times Fast Pace Pant Special Edition 25 Carminetrue Red

Align CropAlign Crop Chirasu Black

Scuba Hoodie LightScuba Hoodie Light

  1. Stride jacket comes up to a size 18 I’m black!!!! Unfortunately only online and it’s sold out!!!! Booo. Please let me know if anyone finds one!!

  2. Oohhh what’s the blush pink, pleated back tank in your header photo? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.. Love the bra in matching colors too!

    1. Its from the Hong Kong and UK uploads from yesterday. While the upload was late today I was hoping it would upload for us here but alas it didn’t. I’ll try and get a foreign site preview post up soon.

  3. I got the red black print WU. Red is my favourite colour and this is right dish my alley. I also got a quicksand Swiftly tank. Not new this week but I wanted it from before.

    This upload was nice imo.

  4. I ordered both the wu’s and the train times special edition in the red print. I kind of wish it wasn’t a floral because I’ve picked up so many lately when florals usually aren’t my thing. I do like them all but I don’t end up reaching for them as often. I didn’t originally like the recent spring bloom pattern but ended up getting them after trying them on because they look really nice with quicksand and can be worn with a few other colors. I am not sure how I feel about the color blocking either but the train times pants have become one of my favorites. I figure I’ll just try them on and then make a decision on if I want to keep them. It seems like a really pretty red tone so I really hope we get a tank in this color.

  5. I love that red print, but don’t need or desire any of the items it comes in. If there were an energy bra or fast and free crops, I’d be all over them.

    1. I’m with you. I’d be happy with crops or full length pants, but I’m really done with 25″ pants. They’re not flattering on me. I have 3 pairs of Fast n Frees, and that’s more than enough in that length.

  6. Nothing for me. Not digging new red print , Stride jacket is nothing special to me. I have whole bunch of Defines that I don’t wear and this’s just a hooded version imo. If Wild twist had some cool color blocking on the back side accentuating buff then I’ll woukd be all over it.

  7. I don’t know if they only made a limited number of those red train times pants but they look like they are already sold out above a size 6. I’m going to try them out because I actually like the red print but if we get a Crop in this print I might exchange them. I would love this color in a solid tank or scuba hoodie.

  8. Bought the SE red train time tight – love the print and color block! I am so in love with nulux so not sure if the full-on luxtreme will feel too hot on.

  9. So many pretty things! I almost bought the printed shirt because I was excited to see a shirt with a print. Tempted by the heathered black stride for the nostalgia, but I have a couple of Strides already. So far, the floral scuba is in my cart. I’ll probably buy it tonight.

  10. Really disappointed we didn’t get the Stress Less Pullover that HK has. Not jumping at the bit to buy anything from this drop but will check out the Time To Sweat s/s light rulu top. I need to see the merlot in person and the heathered black/solid black would have a nice slimming effect. It’s nice to see the Gather and Glyde jacket has some design detail which has been lacking in their other rain jackets in the past year or so. If I didn’t buy the Fo Drizzle jacket a few months ago I would definitely check this jacket out. I am absolutely loving the colour Moroccan Blue and would love to have something in this colour, just not an Energy Bra.

  11. I am loving all of the color! Finally!! Now, we just need prints and stripes that incorporate the colors (and not just black and one other color).

  12. I actually happened to see the new train times special edition in the red print on the Lululemon Instagram and I had to get them right away. They looked way better in the video than they do in the website photos. They really need to improve their photos because I had no desire to purchase them based on their photos alone. I also would like to try the wild twist bottoms and the ready to run pinpoint but they may be a bit too long for me.

  13. I tried on the Sweat Times bra today in my normal Energy Bra size. The skinner, underneath strap is way too loose. The top strap is fine. But with the skinny strap so loose, it makes it poke out funny. The educator told me she had the same issue but wanted to hear my thoughts too. She is smaller cheated than I am, so she was wondering if it would fit differently. Unfortunately, it was definitely an issue for both of us.

  14. I purchased the Wild Twist 7/8 Tight in Black/White. I doubt they will be uber flattering on my short muscular legs, but sometimes fun outweights flattering. I love the red, but not the print in the special edition pieces. I considered them knowing they’d sell out quickly but if I ever did wear them, it would be maybe once or twice. I think they’ll be dated quickly and they’re so unique if I did wear them often, it would look like I only owned one pair of leggings! Not worth the money to me. I do like the heart shape the pattern created by the seams in the back of the SE Train Times, so I bought the grey/black. I really hope they don’t have mesh, in the pictures it looks like they don’t.

    1. My wallet thanks you as you talked me out of getting anything in the red print… Very good points about it being difficult to wear on a regular basis. I recently picked up the speed up crops in the spring bloom multi and am loving how nicely it pairs with so many colors including greens and purples. It also doesn’t scream “hey look at me I’m being worn for the second time this week…or even month for that matter”

      1. I agree with you on the spring bloom pattern. I didn’t like it initially but once I tried it on with a few different tops I realized how nice it blends with other colors. I did order the red SE train times and they came in today. It is a really pretty shade of red so I’m going to keep them. I definitely wasnt planning on having them on regular rotation since they are so distinct. I would like them more if they were solid instead but I guess when u have so many leggings already no one pair really gets worn frequently anyway.

  15. OMG – i just received my Train Times Fast Pace Pant Special Edition in Carminetrue Red and it is gorgeous. I love the fit!! I got my TTS 4. Also, got the matching bra. So glad i got it. 🙂

  16. I also received my Train Times SE in Carminetrue today. Gorgeous!!!! Definitely a keeper. Too bad they’ve been sold out, I would snatch a back up pair for sure.

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