This is the official Treat Yo Self Valentines Day Guide! I firmly believe that before you take care of anyone else, you must take care of yourself first. If you feel good, you make others feel good. It’s a lot of fun creating a themed editors guide to Valentines Day but the reality is we don’t really celebrate it by exchanging gifts with each other, and never have. Our Valentines Day is more about having a special date at home with each other after a day of focusing on the kids and getting their cupcakes and cookies and valentines day cards out the door for school.  We did a date night ‘out’ last week and so on Valentines Day we will probably have dinner in, a movie and a nice bottle of wine. I’ll definitely have a workout that day to ‘make up’ for the wine that will be had later.

What are your plans for Valentines Day. If you are single, do you treat yourself and make yourself feel special? I hope so! I do this for birthdays too.

Treat Yo Self Valentines Day Guide

Pre-Date Workout Essentials For Valentines Day. You must workout to get that rosy glow!

Pre-Date Prep Phase

Valentines Date Essentials

      1. Thank you for the post (so many adorable things – insert several heart emojis here). In your experience has ordering from Carbon38 (from Canada) been straightforward? I worry about the need for a possible return/exchange as I don’t know their sizing. Thanks again!

  1. Omg love the red Carbon38 sweatshirt <3

    We don’t really celebrate either. We’ve been together for 16 years (married for 10) but it was never a thing for us. Our dating anniversary and my birthday are both right before Valentine so we celebrate those. We will help our 5 year old with her school v cards this weekend though 😛

    1. Totally agree! Valentines is right in the middle of Christmas and our birthdays so I just never feel like I need to be ‘appreciated’ with a gift. We go out on dates as frequently as we can get babysitting so it’s not like it’s the one time of year we can go out.

  2. Love this post…lots of cute stuff. Been married 30 years so dont really do anything…lol i buy what i want when i want…and trust me i dont need anything lol. I was married at 18 so i am not that old lol.

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun making the collection. We’ve been married 14 years and we’ve NEVER done a date out on Valentines, or gifts. Just a card and chocolate, and dinner at home with some wine and a movie. It’s so close to Christmas and pretty close to our birthdays so it feels weird to ‘want’ a gift for valentines day. Feeling inspired for romance though is something I do appreciate. lol!

  3. I usually don’t like red but that hoodie is so gorgeous! I really really want it. What a statement piece. This is an awesome post you created, Cristina.

    Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of the day my husband proposed to me. That was the best gift ever! We’ve gone to the place of our engagement the first anniversary. Unfortunately, it’s not too convenient to go back there when Valentine’s Day falls during the work week. We’ll be married 3 years this May. (I got married later in life — it took awhile to find Mr. Right!) My husband always likes to get me balloons; so he does each year. Other than that, I’ve told him no gift exchange, just spend time together. I’ve always felt that I don[t need a holiday to tell someone I love them and to feel loved. In all honesty, I think I’ve only gone out once on Valentine’s Day.

  4. Are you going to wear your new “love” sweater from Loft on Valentine’s Day? I got the same sweater and that’s what I’ll be wearing.

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