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I had to go ahead and order the Stress Less Pullover because of that pretty pink. I’m very confused though. This pullover is very familiar and I know it’s an old style but I think Lululemon got the name wrong on this one. This is the original Stress Less Pullover which is longer and has more of a slouchy cowel neck. I’m blanking on what the name of this pullover actually was, do any of you remember? Anyways, I like it a lot so I ordered it. I also really like that new color in the Sculpt II tank, Pearl Pink, but it looks a bit sheer in this tank so I want to wait and see what else comes in this color. The Twist Back Tee is really pretty as well. I know a lot of you have been waiting for the colourful Hinshu print but I am obviously a fan of the pinks.

Did you order anything today? Try anything on this week?

Stress Less PulloverLululemon Stress Less Pullover

Twist Back TeeTwist Back Tee

Twist Back Tee

Speed Up CropSpeed Up Crop

Sculpt Tank IISculpt Tank II Persian Red Sculpt Tank II Pearl Pink

Train Times 7/8 Train Times7/8 Pant Hinshu Print Train Times 7/8 Wee Are From Space

All The Right Places Crop IIAll The Right Places Crop II

Like A Glove JacketLike A Glove Jacket Teal Shadow Like A Glove Jacket Teal Shadow

Define JacketDefine Jacket Persian Red

Sharp Turns CropSharp Turns Crop

Sharp Turns TightSharp Turns Tight

Speed Up ShortSpeed Up Short Hinshu Print

Fast & Free 7/8 TightFast & Free Tight II Hinshu

Non-Stop Bomber *ReversibleNon-Stop Bomber Reversible Redwood

Align Pant IIAlign Pant II Chirasu

Side Story TankSide Story Tank

Cool Racerback IICool Racerback II Kitakami Cool Racerback II

Swiftly Tech RacerbackSwiftly Tech Racerback

  1. Pace Rival in Eucalptus, if it comes in tall (not yet, but maybe next week). Moroccan Blue FAFs look great, but I have enough.

    Kind of boring upload.

  2. I ordered the Stress Less p/o too in porcelain pink and the grey. This one is sort of similar to the On the Double I bought a few years ago and I really love it. It’s stretch french terry, same pockets and neckline but the bottom hem is different than this one. I bought it in barkberry which, if too similar to porcelain pink, I won’t keep it. I have the original Stress Less in Inkwell but found the neck too much for me so I passed it down to my daughter who is taller than me. I am just hoping this is stretch french terry but of course they don’t say what the material is, which they sure do a lot and I find strange for a clothing company.

    I also bought the Like a Glove jacket in Shadow Teal. I am impressed that a jacket this length with a stowable hood, lining and thumbholes is only $158. I am looking forward to receiving these goodies.

    1. Let us know how you like the Like a Glove jacket. I was surprised at that price too and am wondering what the catch is.

    1. Yes, it is. But the face opening is so small on the original, you get an ET vibe when wearing the hood up. It’s an odd look. Sometimes, I pull the hood up to make my kids laugh. ?

      1. I totally agree! They needed a new name. I was just trying to clarify that the original wasn’t really much of a hoodie imo, but it did have the option if you really needed it.

  3. This new Stress Less Pullover kind looks like the Think Fast Hoodie and old Stress Less had a baby. The stretchy waistband along the bottom looks exactly like my Think Fast, but the top neck part looks like my Stress Less. I’m thinking of ordering the pink one to try, but I have the peach color Stress Less, which is so pretty. I have a feeling I may not like this one as much when comparing the two colors.

  4. This stress less pullover reminds me of the “run, rest day pullover” instead of what they are calling it. The stress less of old was longer and had the stupid “hood” that was neither a hood nor a cowl neck. I sold mine bc it practically choked me with all that fabric. This looks like some sort of hybrid of the run rest day and the stress less…

      1. Makes me wonder why this company is so vague in their fabric description on so many items. When I order clothing online I want to know what fabric I am buying, makes sense doesn’t it?

  5. Nothing for me whoo-hoo! I ordered WU in Bonfire and So Merlot couple of days ago and still haven’t received them. Must be coming from Ohio ? So Im glad there wasn’t much of interest for me here

  6. Agreed with others it’s like a hybrid… I guess there’s a little hint of the Stress Less Hoodie, but mostly it looks like the On the Double Pullover with the hem of the All Good Pullover. The original Stress Less Hoodie is one of my favorites — I got all excited by the name “Stress Less Pullover” and then disappointed since it seems like a totally different animal. To me it doesn’t give much of the same vibe at all, with the shorter length and lack of slouchiness.

  7. I’m not seeing the appeal of Stress Less hoodie as you guys are saying. It looks baggy and shapeless. Baggy is my number #1 enemy for my body shape. Also yea i recall a sstress less sweater being released a few years back but can’t remember what it looked like.

    I like a lot of the colours offered now but not sure if I’ll get anything. Maybe just the Persian Red ATRP crops. But I will sleep on it one more night.

    Cristina – the colour shell pink was released before I believe. I have a CRB (original model) in this exact colour from maybe 5 years ago

  8. If anyone has purchased the Hinshu print please let me know how well it keeps it’s print when bending. I hate when things are backed in white and the color fades at the knees and bottom when bending. Even sizing up doesn’t help when there is that much contrast! This looks like a pattern backed in white but I know some prints are worse than others. Thanks!

    1. I brought it in the train times, its surprisingly good doesn’t stretch out much at all, I’ve used it for lifting and sprint and I’m a size 10

    2. I also tried it in the Train Times. The print doesn’t fade much. I think it’s because the print also has white in it and the stripes help. I had to pull really hard with my hands to actually see the white come through. Passed the bend test and deep knee bends. Stay TTS and you should be fine.

  9. I was going to purchase the Stress Less pullover until I looked for the type of fabric it was and seen it wasn’t listed; light weight, naturally breathable isn’t a fabric. I find frustrating that they have chosen not to list the type of fabric on select items.

  10. I think only the hinshu train times and a matching bra, and possibly the like a glove jacket. I really do like all the new colors. I’m just trying to be more mindful of my spending and not feel compelled to buy something because it’s a new color.

  11. Hi, this is OT, but can anyone comment on the Everlux material in the In Movement tight? I want to give them a try, but many reviews say the material stretches out. Thanks in advance – your advice has always been so helpful!!

    1. I have had the black In Movement tight for about 4 months. They are by far my favorite tight for yoga and the gym. I’m on the high end of a size 6 (some styles are a little tight but an 8 is too big and bags out in the knees and crotch). I found the 6 to fit perfectly. Mine have not stretched out. They have more compression than an align pant but by no means a running tight.

      1. I love my In Movement tights. It’s soft with moderate compression. The material holds up well compared to Nulu (like the Aligns). I believe it’s a cross between Nulu and Nulux. I have not found that mine stretch out. I’m a TTS 4. If you’re in between sizes you can probably size down in these.

        1. There is no bagging. Get your TTS. There is no pulling or sagging. I wash them AND dry them. I’ve had them since they released them.

    2. It is absolutely my favorite fabric for tights. It is very soft but compressive. I went with my TTS. I would love a pullover and a define jacket in this fabric.

    3. I own almost every color in In Movement tights and crop . I love them because I can wear them for yoga , running and strength training. I also wear the black ones for casual wear. Lululemon did it right with this fabric.

  12. Ridiculous offerings, I am consistently disappointed with each passing upload. I’m just so glad I have held onto my old Lulu. The prints are horrendous, I don’t get it.

  13. I tried on the stress less pullover … was not a fan of the elastic waistband… it was on snug side but rest fit fine … did not purchase

    1. Hi, did the Stress Less pullover have any stretch to it? I was hoping it was French terry but it doesn’t say in the description. Thanks?

      1. Yes there is stretch and some give to it, definitely not as stiff as some pullovers out this winter. I also found the hem a bit snug but I sized down for a better fit.

  14. Totally off topic, but I’d love to see some of your spring wishlist items or more of your recent non-lululemon purchases Christina! I just love reading your blog. I know you’re busy with 1000s of other things, but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading all your posts and look forward to them a lot. Have a great weekend 🙂

    1. I returned it actually. The color washed me out because of the heathering and it was a bit more form fitting than I was comfortable with. It was very soft though and the length was not bad (not long though, just not short). I think if I was more happy with my middle I would have kept the SS in another color.

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