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Train Times 7/8 Pant Hinshu Multi Train Times 7/8 Pant Hinshu Multi

Train Times 7/8 Pant Hinshu Multi

I had a quick second to stop by Lululemon to see the hinshu multi print in person.  I really liked the print.  Because it’s so colorful, it will be very versatile.  You’d be able to wear it with almost every color from pastels to bright colors depending on how you want to style it.  I selected the print in the Train Times Pant (one of my favorites).  I thought the mesh in the back would break up the print a bit and not seem so overwhelming on a 7/8 tight.  But in seeing the pictures, I’m almost thinking the solid print might look nice.  So, I’m going to try it in the Speed up or Fast & Free tights to see how I like the print solid.  Although the colors are bright, the striped pattern is subtle and breaks up the colors in such a way that it’s not overwhelming.  I think even ladies with thicker legs can pull off the print because the horizontal stripes are slimming and because of the color distribution it draws the eyes to the center.  The print is backed on white.  I did not notice any fading with the pattern on a knee bend or squat test in my TTS (4).  If you’re in between sizes the smaller size might show some pattern fading but I don’t think that much.  I pushed my fingers through the tight and it was still hard to see the white come through.  I tried it on with the Porcelain Pink Swiftly LS.  Surprisingly, the pink wasn’t as see-through as I thought it might be; especially considering I was wearing a bright green bra underneath.  It just so happened the Swiftly I tried on was the last one and in my size, so it was marked down.  Even though initially I wasn’t sold on the color, after having tried it on, I really liked it.  So, despite my spending ban, I purchased it on markdown.

I apologize for not taking pictures of the tags.  But since the items are old items that everyone knows about, I didn’t think it would matter.  But just in case you don’t know: the Train Times 7/8 Tight is $98 usd and made of full-on luxtreme; and the Swiftly Tech LS is $78 USD (which I got on markdown for $64).
  1. I had them in fast and free…i thought the colour was more vivid….but was that my imagination? I thought i noticed a bit of fading especially the contrast of double lined pockets next to bum. So i exchanged for speed up crops…also $40 less…and i am finding they dont fade out but kinda thinking the print doesnt look as vivid. So not sure what to do. I agree that many colours can be paired with these. Please let me know how you find the colours of the fabrics compare. Keep us posted.

    1. Gymmie, I think the Fast and Free (Nulux) material tend to be more vivid than the luxtreme ones. I noticed that the Fast and Free in the Frozen Flourish print is more vivid when put next to the Wunder Under version in the same print. I have the Hinshu print in Fast and Frees and they are a little bit more vivid (compared to the Hinshu in the Speed Up Crop, but only a slight difference). The Fast and Free version also shows a little bit of the white lining underneath when I stretch mine out under my fingers. But then again, that’s if I really stretch them out. I think whatever style of legging anyone gets in this print it will be gorgeous!

  2. You look fab in that swiftly. Is it size 6 or 4? Even though I loved the color when I tried it on in size 6 (my typical swiftly size but size up from normal tops), there was a lot of fabric in the middle section. I wish that I tried a size 4.

    1. It’s a size 6. I can get away with TTS in the tank or ss but I like a little more room in the LS. There’s definitely extra fabric in the middle section. It probably doesn’t look as noticeable because my arms are up and I’m slightly twisted at the waist.

  3. Now I really want that swiftly and of course it’s sold out in my size. Sad.

    Just got the fast and frees in that print and they do fade to white but very slightly. Still keeping them though. The nulux is thinner than other printed fast and frees but I don’t mind that because they’re not sheer at all.

    1. I still see that swiftly in stores so you might want to call around. Or call the main customer service number and ask them to do a search. I wasn’t too keen on the color at first. That is until I tried it on and then I had to have it! LOL.

  4. I got both train times and fast and free in that print. Love both. Lots of great colors and they match every solid top I own. I also got the LS Swiftly and it’s so pretty. I got the Swiftly tts since I don’t like too much material on the body. I wear it for running

    1. I saw that color in store and was drawn to the color. I didn’t have time to try them on. I really haven’t found the Train Times to be sheer. They are double paneled where they need to be. Full-on Luxtreme cleans up well. I haven’t had a problem yet in removing dirt spots.

  5. That LS Swiftly looks so pretty on you, Mrs. O! I’ve been thinking of getting a LS Swiftly but most reviews complain about Swiftlys being easily snagged. I hate having to baby my clothes and am not sure if Swiftlys do need to be handled carefully. Thoughts? Also wonder if they pill at all.

    I’m tiny at 5’3” 100 lbs. Should I get a size 2 or size up to 4? I read that they fit snug.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I’m not Mrs. O but I love the long sleeve swiftly’s. I wear them all fall and winter long to train in the gym or to run. I have been collecting mine for a while and not one has snagged or pilled. I don’t baby my clothes either. I machine wash all my Lulu’s with my other clothes and then hang to dry. Swiftly’s are my favourite Lululemon products and I especially like the long sleeves.

      Most ppl size up in long sleeve swiftly’s. I stay tts though. I prefer the fit that way on my body shape.

    2. I have had no problems with my swiftlies either. Like Shadow_Lady, I don’t really baby my clothes. I wash with my other stuff and hang dry. I only hand wash the knits or a few delicate tanks I have. The reason why I size up in the LS is mainly because of my broad shoulders and upper arm. Because I lift weights, I need more space from the top of my shoulder to my armpit and across the chest armpit to armpit. The sleeves are tight so I like a little room. I don’t have the same problem with SS or tanks. Also, I wear tanks under my Swiftly LS to layer. If you’re narrow in the torso, there might be too much room in a size up. Since you’re so tiny, you could probably stick with the 2 and be fine. But whether you size up or not is really a fit preference. Start with the 2 and go from there.

        1. I don’t see anything hanging out in ‘pending’ or ‘spam’. I wonder if the comment went on another thread on this post.

    3. I size up in my swiftlies. It keeps them from riding up when I run 🙂

      I don’t baby my swiftlies – ls, ss or tanks. Maybe one has a snag and that was because my wedding ring caught on it. When I take them off, I pull them off so they are inside out and launder them that way and flip them back when I pull them out of the dryer. I have swiftlies from all years, older to newer and I don’t find the newer ones more snag worthy than older ones either.

  6. Really appreciate all the advice on Swiftly’s. There are more negative than positive reviews on the Lulu site and that’s why I hestitated. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  7. Mrs.O, do you know what color the mesh is on the train times in that Hinshu print? I bought the Fast and Free ones and while I love it I thought the seams would be black instead of navy blue. I didn’t see the Train Times version in my store so I was wondering if the seams and mesh paneling were navy or black.

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