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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

nouveau Starlight Black

The Lululemon Upload is up!

This is now week four of Lululemon pulling old stock from last year into What’s New Rotation. The Brave The Cold Jacket and No Shivers Bomber, Wrap It Up Sweater, Vivid Vision Wunder Unders. If you missed out on these last year, now is your chance! I’m toying with getting the Mink Berry Wrap It Up Sweater because I love the color, and I love the quality of Lululemon Merino Wool. I just wish this Wrap It Up Sweater had the arm patches like the original version of the sweater from several years ago. I’m also toying with the Box It Out Joggers. Nulu joggers sound like a nice thinner version of my Ready To Rulu Joggers. Did you order anything today?

Brave The Cold JacketBrave The Cold Jacket

No Shivers Bomber JacketNo Shivers Bomber Jacket

Vivid Vision Wunder Under Hi-Rise TightVivid Vision

Resist The Mist Jacket

nouveau Starlight Black

Define JacketViola Define Jacket

Wrap It Up SweaterWrap It Up Sweater

Box It Out JoggerBox It out Jogger

Swiftly Tech LS CrewSwiftly Tech LS Crew

Swiftly Tech LS BreezeSwiftly Tech LS Breeze

Box It Out TightBox It Out Tight

Box It Out Crop TankBox It Out Crop Tank

Box It Out TankBox It Out Tank

Box It Out Long SleeveBox it Out Long Sleeve

Box It Out ShortBox It Out ShortBox it Out Long Sleeve

Box It Out Short SleeveBox It Out Short Sleeve

Press Pause PulloverPress Pause Pullover

Speed Up ShortTeal Green Speed Up Short

Train Times Short AeonTrain Times Short Aeon

Our Sport TankOur Sport Tank

Long Distance Short SleeveLong Distance Short Sleeve

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  • The U.S. still didn’t get the Fast & Free Tight in Dark Olive. I would buy those and the Align Pant (or Pushing Limits) in the new Shadow Blue without a second thought. But we only have them in the Align Crops. I am interested in seeing the Break Free Tight and Box it Out Jogger in person, hopefully my local store will have those within the week to try. Like many weeks prior to this one…. I’ll wait and hopefully be able to buy the products I want next week, nothing else peaks me interest enough to order.

    • I saw the dark olive fast and free in the Beverly Hills store. They didn’t have my size but they were able to look it up and find several stores throughout the US with them in stock. Call GEC and ask for a list of stores. I’d probably do a phone sale if you don’t want to wait for the upload.

  • I bought the Press Pause Pullover in medium grey because I had to buy something from this capsule since it’s the name I submitted in the Hey Lululemon name contest, although they never acknowledged they would be using it before they shut down the site! It would be nice if they made cotton/french terry tops in some of their beautiful new colours instead of the usual black, grey and navy. I would have bought the Aero Swiftly s/s had Canada got it. The Resist The Mist Jacket would have been hard to resist had it been longer but no way am I buying a rain jacket that short but it looks so nice in the pelt colour. I am going to check out the Wrap in store as well as the Box It Out Joggers. I really find it tacky on LLL’s part to bring back old stock, advertise it as new at full price. Come on LLL bite the bullet and put this stuff on markdown.

    • I feel like you should send an email and ask for a complimentary Press Pause Pullover since the name was your idea and you were never acknowledged. I mean seriously – what was the prize for the “contest”???
      Time to cash in!!! 😛

      • this is the reason I never participate in such kind of contests. how about these companies pay the big bucks to marketing/research people instead of launching ‘contests’ and get everything for free! sorry, but if you want my intellectual property be ready to spend some cash!

    • I had a few names picked and LLL did send me a gift package of lots of goodies! The name Press Pause was part of a long list of names I submitted but it was not picked for anything prior to the site going dark.

      As for the Press Pause Pullover, I ordered it online in my usual size for this style of top. I am hoping the fabric has some stretch to it and not on the stiff side.

  • I ordered the vivid vision set. I can’t wait for ploychromatic print to get here. Thank goodness I don’t like oxblood colour nor the boxing stuff….and I don’t need another jacket. I really need a break! Now if we get the aero blue ss swiftly I will be allover that! Just give me a few weeks to recover.

  • I have the green ss swiftly in my bag but have not pulled the trigger yet. Love that colour, I wish the ls swiftly came in regular version not the relaxed version.
    Weird that Canada didn’t get the jackets. We’re experiencing fall weather already here in Ottawa.

  • Does anyone know what color the tights paired with the Press Pause Pullover is? Also, is the Press Pause Pullover TTS? Did the US already sell out in the black and navy?

    • I was at a Lululemon store today to check out the Press Pause Pullover. It runs small so do size up. For your information, I’m tiny at 5’3″ 100 lbs (usually a size 2) and had to size up to a 4. I didn’t buy it at the end cos I have enough black and grey stuff, and I’m not a navy person. Wish it came in more vibrant colors!

      • Andrea, interestingly, I sized down to a 4. Generally, with pullovers, I get a size 6. The 6 was too big and baggie on me. Once I tried on the 4, it fit really nicely. But like other terry sweatshirts, there’s not much give near the shoulders and armpits.

          • My TTS was too baggy and added “weight” because of the thickness of the terry fabric and the bunching in the sleeves and chest area. But since you’re so petite, it probably hangs very well on you.

  • I haven’t ordered yet but am planning to get the press pause pullover. I love a ridiculously warm/bum covering sweatshirt for fall. I am unsure what size to order though, it looks like maybe it runs pretty big so I’m waiting until next weekend when I can try in store.

  • There are some cute items but nothing for me this week. Maybe if some items look really good in store I’ll think about it. Or if some of you guys recommend something (which is often the case).

  • Cristina, how denim-y (or blue) is the speed up etch maxi tight? It’s hard to tell online and my store hasn’t received them yet. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it would be nice if it came in black and white like the festival bag or backpack. 🙂

    • I’m sorry 🙁 This issue has been the bane of my existence over the past 4 weeks. I’m really, really hoping that the issue works itself out with wordpress updates or whatever glitch is happening just works itself out. My host doesn’t seem to know why it’s happening, and they’ve tried replicating the issue themselves and cannot. Trust me, when my readers are frustrated by something it frustrates me to no end.

  • I went to my store today and bought 2 pairs of Box it out tights, 1 in black with gray and 1 in gray with black. Couldn’t decide which color combo to keep . Surprisingly the waist band did not dig into my skin creating a muffin top. I’m pretty fit, but that kind of bands usually are not very flattering. However , this one lady Iooked great , most likely because it’s high raise . I could wear these pants even with bra only that’s how flattering they look on my stomach. I am also 5″4 and these tights don’t bunch around my ankles either like most of other full length leggings. The only thing that was kind of odd was the fabric. I usually love full on Luxtreme because of its soft feel and slimming ability. But these didn’t feel to me as soft as usual, almost like Luon, which I dislike. Hope they’ll get softer after wash. Overall excited about my purchase

  • The Press Pause Pullover looks like the result if the Stress Less Hoodie and Flurry Fighter pullover had a baby. And I love my Stress Less hoodies and flurry fighter pullovers!

  • I stopped by my store yesterday and was surprised to see a couple old items there. Does anybody remember SE high times wee are from space with a scalloped edge and mesh detail at the bottom? They are from summer 2015 , I remember them pretty well because I ordered right before my plane took off going to Europe . Anyways , they are back along with black and what looks like jaded variation. I also saw Polychromatic pants which looked good, but not $128 good

    • I noticed those and at time people complained the white scallop part lookd dirty because it was greyish. I thought they went to md. I didnt buy them i wont this time since i already have plain wafs wuc of same print. I love the poly..cant wait to buy them. Did you see in canadian store? Love love poly

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