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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is up!

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an upload with so many products recycled from the previous year – no this isn’t same design but new colors and prints, this is the exact same exact products; First Mile Jacket, Sunshine Coast Long Sleeve, Spray Jacquard Cool Racerback II and Spray Jacquard Define Jacket, Speed Up Crop, Wild Tank. As much as I love some of these pieces, the first fall product drop is typically huge with new designs and colors – and we see several jacket designs and bags for back to school. If they are going to open the vaults for past years products I wish they’d go back a few more years.

What interested me in this upload where the Pelt Fast & Free Crop II‘s. I was hoping we’d see the F&F in pelt. I also like the look of the new Contour Jacket. I was hoping we’d see the Olive Down For It Jacket that Australia got yesterday.

Did you order anything today? Try any items on in store you’d care to share with us?

Here is last weeks upload August 8 Lululemon Upload.

Contour Jacket

*The Sunshine Coast LS is ringing through at $89 FYI

Sunshine Coast Long Sleeve

Fast & Free Crop II

Adore Your Core TightAdore Your Core Tight

Warm Down Hoodie

Cinch It Tank

Align Pant II Night Tide

First Mile Jacket

First Mile Jacket is back in all the same colors!

Refined Jacket

Like The Wind Vest

Anyone know what makes this sculpt tank a special edition?

Sculpt Tank II Special Edition

Double Back Tank

Scuba Hoodie IV

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Adore Your Core Bra

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Wild Tank

Speed Up Short Amalfi Blue

Everywhere Backpack

Go Lightly Rucksack

Speed Up Crop

Breeze By Long Sleeve

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  • My only guess of the Sculpt Tank being LE is more mesh? I think the Warm Down hoodie is cute but I doubt I’d ever buy a Lulu hoodie full priced. The Adore Your Core bra is pretty but I never wear my bra by itself

  • The First Mile Jacket in white and black have been in WMTM in Canada and other countries so to have it come back in “What’s New” at full price is crazy let alone all four colours from last year are in “What’s New” and could they have picked a worst print to bring back, spray jaguard. I like the new joggers and 4″ inseam french terry shorts and I think I will also check out the cinch tank.

  • Lulumum you summed it up well. In the U.S. we have the First Mile Jacket in black only and quite a few sizes are sold out, obviously old stock. I purchased it last year in white and love the fit! I would like to see the Fast and Free in the Pelt too, I pass on the crops because even with short legs I like at least a 21-22″ length. The only thing that interested me was the Love II Tank (and possibly the tee but that isn’t new). It looks a lot like the original Yogi Racerback without the pocket. I have my fingers crossed it fits the same.

    I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to Aritzia. I love their products and they are wonderful to work with! I had never heard of them until you mentioned them in your posts.

  • Christina, you summed it up well. In the U.S. we have the First Mile Jacket in black only and quite a few sizes are sold out, obviously old stock. I purchased it last year in white and love the fit! I would like to see the Fast and Free in the Pelt too, I pass on the crops because even with short legs I like at least a 21-22″ length. The only thing that interested me was the Love II Tank (and possibly the tee but that isn’t new). It looks a lot like the original Yogi Racerback without the pocket. I have my fingers crossed it fits the same.

    I also wanted to thank you for introducing me to Aritzia. I love their products and they are wonderful to work with! I had never heard of them until you mentioned them in your posts.

  • I kind of went crazy today and bought the following items, all in Pelt: Align crop (been waiting for this one), Deep Stretch bra, Breeze By LS. I love my Breeze By muscle tank and have had my eye on the LS version because the reviews indicate it’s shorter than the Swiftly LS, which would be a nice fit on my short torso. I am in love with Pelt because it’s a great brown/eggplant/dirty dark mauve neutral that pairs well with other neutrals and jewel tones.

    Can anyone report on the new Everlux fabric? Curious how it compares to Luxtreme. I’m going to stop by the store today after work to check it out.

    • I hope they will. It’s one of my favorite bras. Would’ve ordered the Wild Tank in Tiger Space Dyed Black White/Deep Coal if only it came with a Silverspoon, White or Light Gray Bra.

  • The Scuba IV in Heathered Nocturnal Teal looks gorgeous but I’ve already got the same scuba in Jaded and not sure if the two colors are very close (those one is heathered). Any thoughts?

    Still undecided whether or not to get the Round Trip Jacket. Will probably visit a store to try it in person.

    • I love the round trip
      Jacket myself. First purchase in a long time that I bought all 3 colours! Debating trading one of them for Melanie. Will have to check out that one in person.

  • I’m interested in the fast and free in Pelt as well. I want to also try the special edition Sculpt tank in store tomorrow. Neither the original nor modified Sculpt tank work on my shape but maybe this will. I have very narrow shoulders, large bust and small waist which seem to not work with the more squarely shaped tank.

    Cristina – I may have missed it last year, due yip end up getting the First Mile Jacket?

  • I know I’m a total broken record of everyone for the last year now, but the colors are so drab. The only thing of true popping color are the speed up shorts. Beautiful amalfi blue. Speeds up don’t work for me, but that color though! I like the ‘In Training tank’ and would love to see this blue in that tank.

    • It’s even more overwhelming in person. I was in a store today and the color palate all blends together and is very dark. I know we’re headed toward colder weather, but it’s still 80 degrees outside. I’m not ready for down jackets and February drab colors. They’re nice colors, just at the wrong time. Again.

      • I know how you feel. A few years ago my local lululemon renovated the store and changed the lighting, and for some reason it really sucked the life out of the place. That, combined with the ongoing dreary colour palette, and when I go in I actually feel completely depressed and de-motivated. I can’t be the only one to feel that way either. The place used to be blocked with people, but now there are only ever a handful of people in there, and I think they are mostly educators.

  • The girls st my local lulu are holding the olive down for it jacket I tried it this morning it’s beautiful has a slight shimmer almost like the lining of the effortless jacket but I already have the vest in black and 2 black down jackets from previous years, so trying to decide if I need it

  • LLM, comments are not showing when I go to your page even after clicking on comments. They do load up after I refresh the page. This has been happening to me since the weekend. Just fyi. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

    • I’m so sorry about this. I’ve been having major server issues. I’m working on a fix but it may take a few days. If by the end of the week this is still happening, please let me know.

  • I ordered the Contour jacket in the Pelt, I love Nulu so hoping it fits as amazing as the pants do in this material.

  • I got the Contour Jacket in Nocturnal Teal after trying it out in store. I was not sold on the jacket from the website as I didn’t love the look of the contrasting zipper and it didn’t have any fancy detailing that caught my eye. However, in person, the zipper was not as shiny as I feared, the colour is lovely (Pelt is nice too), and it slid on like butter. The Nulu fabric feels awesome and I didn’t want to take it off. I really hope it holds up with time. The Ed in store advised that it was a size up item for most folks. I’d say the fit is much like the Round Trip Jacket and Dance Studio III – long and slim. It’s not nearly as snug in the ribs/waist area as the Dance Studio though. I got my regular size 2 – the same size I wear in a Define, Dance Studio III, and Round Trip.

    • I also love this jacket. I just got it in black super soft. Fits like a glove! I go between a 6 and 8 and got this in a 6. Super flattering, best thing I have got from them in ages and I’m a die hard 2008 fan!

  • kind of tempted by pelt but the luxtreme looks shiny and I am not sure about the aligns. I have one black pair…they I have held up great…no pilling at all but all the reviews are terrible so I am holding off for now. I also really love the look of the boolux in the studio scarf and would be all over it if it had a more reasonable price tag…say 68$ 98$ is steep…it’s the same price as the Sunshine Coast sweater.

    • I have a couple of pairs of aligns and I wear them ALL the time. I bought them for casual wear, to wear with tunics and short dresses in an air-conditioned office. I haven’t had any problem with pilling, except right in the crotch area where no one will ever see. Also, my thighs totally rub together. I really don’t know what people are doing to get the kind of pilling worth complaining about. I say, if you want to buy the aligns in pelt, just go for it.

  • As I do not NEED anything, I am to a point until Lululemon get their head out and offers us fun patterns, etc. like they do for Seawheeze I will keep my money. The way they screwed people with the reflective this year was a final straw. Not even nice to the 10,000 runners who signed up and paid big bucks to travel. When I open my closet, the ONLY fun snappy items I see were purchased during my three Seawheeze trips. I feel so badly for the thousands of Seawheeze goers in 2017 who only have the option of buying reflective at $800. Their only idea of shaking up color is going from Jaded (which I purchased $1,500 of) to Submarine. Meanwhile their stock was trading Aug 11 down 24.49% from Seawheeze last year. At this rate, those of us who love their product will be forced to find other solutions when their doors close.

    • you are right, I feel bad too for the Seawheeze people that spent so much money and not be able to have access to the reflective items. I mean yes, you pay for the entire event, but I am sure a lot of people want access to the entire experience and not just parts of it. The ridiculous small amount of those items is a slap in the face.

  • I’m very interested in the warm down jogger but haven’t seen any fit reviews yet, has anyone tried them on?

    • It fits so nicely! it’s not one of those sloppy sweat pants. I’m a size 2 and bought the light grey and pelt in size 2. They fit great everywhere. the material is very cozy but not too bulky either. I’m contemplating the navy pair. I won’t buy black since I have way too many black sweat pants. I’m thin and small frame so it’s very hard or nearly impossible to find nice fitting but not sloppy sweat pants and Lululemon hit the nail on the head on these sweats. I am so happy with mine. I would love to see white or ivory color in these.

        • I tried these on today and if you like loose fitting sweat pants then size up as the TTS was fine but more fitted and did not feel like wearing a pair of sweat pants. However the size up bagged out on the sides for me so they did not work. They are really short too, I am 5ft 3in and any shorter they would have been floods. I am not sure how tall people are supposed to fit into these sweat pants.

  • I got the Amalfi Speed Ups from the store as well as the matching swiftly (not to wear together lol) because the colour is gorgeous!!! I’m not even a blue person (have very select blues – snorkle and blue tropics), but this blue is just perfect. I hope they do a LS swiftly too (hopeful since they made the SS…). I have the sunshine coast LS from 2 years ago, otherwise I would have been tempted. I love that sweater !

    • I have 2 sunshine coast sweaters from 2 years ago, mink berry & heathered black & I also love them! So much so that I could not resist purchasing it in straight up black.

  • I will likely get candy pink crb though it may be close to the paradise pink from a year or two ago. I did score marble speed wunders on wmtm for $79. I thought those were long gone….yay! Speed wunders tend to stay up better than wu in nulux fabric.

  • I just bought a rose quartz free to be serene on eBay. Has anyone seen them in store yet? I haven’t seen them talked about online in any country’s upload.

  • I tried to leave a review for festival bag II on LLL site but it would not go through. It kept asking me to preview it. Neither firefox nor chrome worked. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Anyway here is my review.

    I have two original festival bags in black and green camo. I LOVE them and use them everyday. When Lulu brought them back recently, I ordered the chrome and heathered black as backups. Here are the comparisons between the two versions.

    Fabric: FB I has extremely smooth and silky fabric. FB II feels much rougher, especially the solid color. You can see from the website pictures that the weaves are very coarse.

    Hardware: I has beautiful metal hardware, especially the rose gold one used in my little camo bag. II has plastic hardware.

    Construction: The strap is detachable on both ends in I but the strap is fixed in II. One end of the strap is sewn into the bag in II so the bag does not hang as freely and does not lay flat against the body if it makes sense.

    Other details: My two FB Is have light colored liners and it seems that all the IIs have black liner. It will be difficult to find things in FB II. I love the cute writings for all the individual pockets in I. There is only one in II.

    Verdict: I returned the chrome without any hesitation. I am undecided about the heathered black because the fabric is smoother, I like the color, and I doubt that Lulu will have another small bag as awesome as FB I.

    • Wow, thank you so much for a thorough review! I only have the Festival II from about two years ago when they first released it. I noticed that the new ones have less writing (from the web pics) than mine and I didn’t realize the new ones were plastic hardware. Mine are metal, I think (I just checked my bag).

      • Heathered black definitely has plastic hardware. Only striped and blue ones are available online right now. The blue seems to have metal hardware but the striped seems to have plastic hardware. It is hard to tell from the pictures.

    • Also, I prefer the older style with a larger symbol in the centre. The new ones have much smaller (cost saving no doubt) sumbol so the bag looks plainer in the middle.

    • The Olive Green has metal hardware as well. I have one of the originals in black. I am the opposite in that I find some of the changes positive.

      I like the thicker, courser fabric vs the thinner nylon type of my older festival bag. The new fabric looks classier and feels quality compared to the nylon type of fabric. I like the black liner as the light colored liners get so dirty and i’m always washing it or it looks gross. Writing on the inside missing? I don’t care for stuff like that. I don’t sit and read the inside of my purse and after 3 days it goes unnoticed anyway. The 2nd iteration of the first festival bag had one side sewn in and a claw hook/swivel so it can be worn around the waist. I always thought that was stupid since I’d never do that and the swivel causes the shoulder strap to always twist and I end up fighting with the strap more than I want to. I like the smaller logo in the corner of the new one. It’s classier and more elegant looking. The double zipper is gone so no more clanging together when you have the main part zipped up. The strap being sewn in on both sides now allows for easier strap length adjustment at one place vs 2 with the older festivals bags. Now the buckle doesn’t hit me in a weird spot either on my shoulder or shoulder blade area and hurt. I find it lays just fine and pretty much the same.

      I’m happy with the changes and will wear both the new one and the older one.

  • i agree with the commenter above who mentioned the unflattering tummy region on the contour jacket. i was so excited to try it on today and it was so soft and lovely and then i looked in the mirror and looked… pregnant. about 14 weeks or so. i am not any weeks pregnant, soooo… yeah. yikes. the curved seams on the top and bottom of the tummy are so maternity looking – such a bummer! i mentioned it to the educator and she said “oh yeah, it’s cause of those seams,” as if my pregnancy observation were common knowledge, and said that it made her (concave) stomach look pregnant too :-/ i hope they make more nulu jackets!

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