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Lululemon Online Warehouse Sale 2017 Post

Last weeks Lululemon Upload

Nothing groundbreaking for me here today except I did order the Misty Mauve Love Tee II. I was cranky last week when the US got it and Canada didn’t. I’m going to keep the tags on it though because I prefer the cut of the Another Round Tee and if that comes in Misty Mauve I’m going to get that one instead. The Dark Adobe Define Jacket is stunning, and I know a lot of you are crazy over Ice Milk and will snatch up that CRBII. Ice Milk is a lot prettier in person and more saturated, and it goes beautifully with both the teals and navy colors as well as dark adobe.

This was another crazy crazy blogging day. I spent my morning at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in Vancouver trying tons of stuff on (check my instagram for a sneak peek), and then I had to race home in time to do the Lululemon upload. lol! I’m going to take a computer break now and later this evening I hope to have the Nordstrom try-ons for you, and some Nordstrom Vancouver Early Access Anniversary Sale observations to share. This was Canada’s second #NSALE, but first early access #NSALE, and more closely replicated to the #NSALE US.
*I’m so sorry guys, It’s 10:30pm and I have my Nordstrom try on post half written. I’m going to need to finish it for tomorrow. 


Did you guys order anything from the Lululemon Upload or try any of the new pieces on in store today? Let us know what you think!


Tight Stuff Tight IITight Stuff Tight II Tight Stuff Tight II

Train Times 7/8 PantTRAIN TIMES 7/8 PANT *25

Just Enough Puff JacketJust Enough Puff Jacket Just Enough Puff Jacket




Speed ShortsSpeed Shorts Speed Shorts

Fast & Free Crop IIFAST & FREE CROP II *NULUX 19



*Mrs. O review of the Another Round Tee


Ready Set Go 7/8 TightREADY SET GO 7/8 TIGHT *25





Modern Jogger

Misty Mauve LOVE TEE II
Misty Mauve LOVE TEE II
Misty Mauve LOVE TEE II

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  1. Yes Puff Jacket to go with the muted Christmas colours of Submarine and Dark Adobe. I was in store today and was not impressed by anything I saw by way of fabrics and prints. Absolutely nothing to buy in this sad drop.

  2. The puff vest and jacket have been in the UK WMTM for a couple weeks now!! I actually noticed last week they photos of these and a couple of other items changed to the new models and photography…?

    1. We’ve had them in NZ for about 2 months theyre on markdown now, they’re a weird shape and cheap looking, nothing like the old puffer jackets from 3 or 4 years ago

    1. That really annoyed me too! It such a shame as I think it’s the one little detail that makes the hoodie look like it should be way cheaper.

  3. I’m seeing less and less items in Luon/full-on luon. Everything seems to be in luxtreme now. are they moving away from Luon?

  4. I think I’m going to have to get the Ice Milk CRB II. I got the Energy Bra in the same color and it’s so pretty in person. Much nicer than online.

  5. The Misty Mauve Love Tee is amazing, I’ve never been a fan of the Love tees but this one and the Figue are amazing!

    1. I tried on the Love Tee Misty Mauve today, gorgeous colour but it doesn’t work with my skin tone and the slits on the tee are really high and makes for an odd shape.

    2. I tried it on a size up in-store then ordered one in my usual size since my size is out of stock. The material of the Misty Muave is very silky and soft and drapes better than the other Love Tee IV (I tried on a gray). I can see why you’re a fan!

  6. I’ll probably get the Submarine LS Swiftly, but I’d like to see it in person. I’ve been going a bit nuts with the blue/teals lately – Submarine Define, Nile Blue Fast and Frees, and Royal LS Swiftly – so I should probably give it a rest, but I think I “need” the Swiftly. I wasn’t really interested in the Submarine Define and only tried it on on a whim, but that color is magic with my fair (blond/blue eyed) coloring.

    I love Ice Milk, but nothing it’s come in yet.

    Also very confused by down jackets in July. I mean, I know the Fall stuff is starting to come in to the ready to wear stores, but it still feels really early for down.

  7. Ice milk was actually an ivivva color released early in spring! I love the color too! Nothing for me this upload. I do like the misty mauve color but I’m not sure if I’d like the Love Tee. Maybe I’ll try it on.

  8. Besides the puffer jacket, the other thing that really made me laugh was the way they have a longsleeved swiftly tied in a knot at the waist in the picture with the tracker shorts. Enough tying. And really there’s not enough extra fabric with a swiftly to do that anyway!

  9. I love the misty mauve colour in the Love Tee. If it covered more of my chest, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Nothing else attracted me in this latest upload.

  10. I’ll probably pass on this upload even though I’m like Ready Set Go tights and that tee with round neck from last upload. But I went crazy on Taryn Toomey collection and just finally received everything. Definitely keeping Awakening tanks( I got all 3 colors) and crops in Mauve and ice gray. Still not sure about halter.

  11. I’m hoping for a luxtreme running crop in the low tide alpine print. It’s really pretty.

    The Run the Day bra looks great, but I don’t normally run in just a bra. So, I’m not sure what type of shirt would look good with it. Does anyone have feedback on the Nulux bras. I’m not a fan of the Nulux capris/pants because of the lower compression. Are the bras non-compressive too?

    1. Bras are great. I find they fit me between a 6 and an 8…as i order the 8 for a bit of breathing room. My ftbw are 6 and my normal energy bras are 8. But nulux seem to fit a tiny bit smaller than an 8…which i like. They do not stretch out like the wup

  12. The new print kinda reminds me of aerial drift pattern. Looks like there may be some blue mixed in too. I am getting ice milk crb…i too got the bra. I just got my taryn items too. I got all 3 colours of awakening tank and love them all…even though i am not a neutral colours gal. I may keep mauve awakening tight. I cant justify the ice grey crop but i would like to get it too. I have a big wmtm order coming tomorrow so i cant spend much this upload. I also sized down in the entwine print and they now are keepers. They didnt grey out and fit like a glove with compression on the waist. I have narrow hips so it doesnt look like i have saddlebags nor a flat butt. Lol my daughter said it made my butt look huge…i told her i dont want a huge butt and she said oh yes…everyone strives for that. She said to keep as she would wear them too…lol… Thx for your blog…..

    1. Interesting, thanks for the link. There were rumours of UA pursuing a purchase.
      LLL is likely to win this regardless of how long it takes. The Energy Bra is definitely a classic, around longer than any UA version, and surely LLL will prove the straps are functional and not just ornamental – why it is patented. It’s like the tech phone companies, no? They are always suing each other and they end up coming to a settlement or someone wins outright.

      1. oops, correction. Ornamental value (not just functional) and “non-obvious” design by LLL. Again, easy win given how long the Energy Bra has been around.

    1. I saw the Submarine Swiftly in store yesterday and yes it is a very dark saturated colour which I have found all the solid colours this spring/summer to be.

  13. I keep hoping for a solid submarine pant. In any style! WUP, Align, F&F, ATRP, Tight Stuff, ANYTHING. I really dislike the new styles that are offered in this color. I love the green-ness of Submarine that you just don’t have in Jaded or Nile Blue. I really love the submarine LS Swiftly, but I just can’t bring myself to bite the bullet on a $78 shirt.

  14. The misty mauve tee is pretty but the love tees are so high maintenance. Too low in the front and too high slits on the side. I tried that scoop neck tee ..yuck! I like soft and thin but it shows every seam, line on your bra, waistband. Doesn’t hang well. Looks like under garments.

    Does anyone know how the taryn wrap fits? Specifically in the arms? I was thinking of sizing down in it.


  15. OT:
    I received my Entwined WUP yesterday & the price listed on the tag was for 98$ (I paid 128$ online).
    I contacted GEC & they refunded me the difference!

  16. For anyone wondering on quality of items from the big wmtm “warehouse” sale last week. My order (CRB I’s and FTB bras) from last week just arrived (I am in Canada). I ordered the Cranberry and Sapphire Blue CRBs and I am very pleased. They are quite thick and so soft and the colours are gorgeous. I have been wanting this true cranberry (in luon or luon light) for a looong time, and I never thought it would materialize (I know they made it several years ago, as sported by a fellow yogi that I saw in class). Sapphire Blue is also lovely, even nicer than Pigment, imo. I sold my Pigment CRB a few years ago as I didn’t like the feel/texture, although I loved the colour. This one is even nicer. As far as overall quality goes on these two CRBs, I have to say that this is the LLL that I have loved and missed. The three FTB bras are also tts, comfortable and solid, but perhaps two have thinner straps than normal. Still happy to have them (on sale!) and add them to the rotation, since it’s the only bra I wear now. Now that my job has changed to a fitness-based role, I wear them even more.

  17. Just received my Love Tee II in misty mauve & misty moss. Love them! Super silky soft & great fit. Better than expected!

  18. Have any of you ladies tried the Sage scarf that’s on WMTM? It doesn’t have any reviews (it’s the cotton version). I’m always looking for something long enough for my frame but the combination of cotton+no reviews is a bit off-putting.

  19. since the “warehouse sale” a couple weeks ago, I noticed that both and now offer 0% cashback for lulu. do we think lulu is done with ebates or should we expect it to go back to at least 1%? thoughts appreciated 🙂

    1. They may bring it back if they want to boost sales on something in particular, like black friday or boxing day – events that get hype ahead of time. Maybe right before the new fall product drops in August.

      1. But did you notice when you click on coupon on .com site it says that wmtm is returnable….i think thats worth more than the 1% they offered. I printed it off in case eds dont know about it.

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