Thanks so much to Mrs. O for sharing her fit review of these items. Actually, I wholeheartedly agree with her Another Round Tee recommendation. I also purchased both Chrome and Adobe and my friend also ran out and got the same two colors, and I know Lulu Addict just purchased the long sleeve version. The ballerina style scoop neck is so flattering!

Another Round Tee Another Round Tee

Another Round Tee

I really loved this tee.  Not only was it very flattering but the pima cotton fabric was extremely soft.  It was lightweight but full coverage.  Unlike other pima cotton items, I did not think it was sheer.  It’s the reason why I decided to do the fit review with the dark chrome color and my black bra.  This tee is TTS.  I did not have to size up like I do in swiftlies.  One size up was equally as flattering if you want it a bit more loose and a little more length.  I loved the scoop neck and the length of the sleeves.  It’s not as long or as tight around the top of the arm as the love tee.  The back hem of the tee was longer and covered by bum.  I think it’s a great length tee to wear for workouts with tights or shorts, or around town with jeans.  I ended up purchasing both colors.  I have a feeling the tags will come off this week.  This is definitely a hit for LLL!


Long Distance Tank Long Distance Tank

Long Distance Tank

I wanted to try on this tank for my sweatier workouts.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t as sheer as I expected (and what it looked like on the LLL website).  It is TTS.  I was very comfortable.  I wish it was a tiny bit longer but the length didn’t bother me too much to prevent me from buying it.  The tank I tried on had some texture to it.  I may also try it one size up to see if it will give me more length without getting too loose around the waist.  I’ll probably order the adobe and submarine one and choose which color to keep.

  1. The tee looks really good on you Mrs. O. Are you going to buy the l/s as well? It doesn’t look sheer in the Chrome which is good and I like the short length of the sleeves. I will be checking it out in store and hope the scoop neck is not too low on me.

    I want to update everyone in regard to my warehouse purchase of what I thought were the original Dance Studio Crops since that is what the pictures showed but they were called Dance Studio Crops ll’s. I received my order today and I got the ORIGINALS!!! I am beyond thrilled since I really thought it was the ll’s I was going to get and was going to return. These had to have been made over five years ago(is that how long they have been gone?) because they are the exact same fit, the exact same detail, the exact same crops before they ruined them with the ll’s. I am so happy that the night I ordered them I didn’t focus on the name and bought them based on the pictures. The tag has the name Dance Studio Crops not the ll’s so why they were advertised as ll’s is really too bad because it prevented many people from buying them.

    To Lululemon: Please go back to making Dance Studio Pants with the original fit. Please start making the original Dance Studio Crops again. Please go back to making the Street To Studio Pants with the original fit design as the waist on the new ones are just too tight and uncomfortable.

    1. Yay!!! That’s awesome it worked out!!!

      I love the tee on you, Mrs. O. It’s very flattering and the scoop is very feminine. Seems like it would be easy to wear casually as well.

    2. Yes, I bought the adobe ls. When I went to my local LLL, they had the ss in new colors — white, heathered vapor and adobe! I was torn between getting the adobe ls or ss. The scoop in the ls is a little wider and I just loved the look of it, so I got the adobe ls. I did end up getting the white ss. The white is a bit sheer but I was also wearing a black bra. I don’t mind a little sheerness in my whites.

      I’m so glad you got the originals! I have 3 pairs of the originals and love them. I wish I had noticed the pictures and ordered a few more pairs during the warehouse sale.

  2. Love how the Another Round shirts look, but can’t see myself wearing t-shirts in these colors. I wish there were some more summery options.

    1. They’ve added adobe, heathered vapor and white to the ss selection. I have a feeling it’s going to come out in more colors because everyone is loving them.

  3. Would you say the long distance tank fits large? I am 5’6, 145 lbs and usually a size 8 in Lulu jackets and slim-fitting tops…can’t decide between a 6 or 8 in this. Can’t return it as it’s final sale. Thanks for any help!

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