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Fit Review: Final Lap Crop

Fit Review: Final Lap Crop

A win for Lululemon this week, guys! I’m loving these Final Lap Crops. It’s a little bit strange the Final Lap Crops are called crops when they are really more like 7/8 length, but on some of you tall folks out there these may actually be long crops on you that hit mid calf. These are really similar to the Fast & Free Tights 7/8 tights but these are two inches shorter, and the hems are finished off which I love. I really like my Fast & Free Tights and crops but I do prefer a hemmed ankle and I don’t find the raw edge ads anything visually, and any streamlined effect is so negligible that it’s not worth calling it a ‘feature’. These have side holster pockets as well as a back zip pocket – they are truly a run crop.

The nitty gritty about these is that this Dark Forest color is actually pretty light,  so if you experience a little bit of cellulite show through on certain light colors, you may get that here. It’s not extreme though and I think it’s less than I see show through with light color align pants. I’m comfortable with a bit of cellulite showing through because all my coolest crossfit friends have cellulite. I do hate when it’s a lot of it showing through though and I know that is a consideration for most of you with light colors like this.  I find these an 8/10 as far as opacity, but I have to double check that in different harsher lighting. The color is divine! It’s a really pretty natural green without the brown tones of kaki, really more of a sage green. Of all the pieces that have come out in this color, I think it looks the prettiest in this nulux lycra material. The seam details are very slimming and flattering. If you are torn between Align Pants in this color and these pants I would definitely choose these as they are just as lightweight and soft (although not flannely feeling), more durable and better for multi purpose use.

Since I have you here, the Toothpaste Energy Bra has been added to the website. Toothpaste looks amazing with Dark Forest!

I’ll have my next Athleta review up for you later tonight or tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for that!

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Final Lap CropFinal Lap Crop

Final Lap Crop

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  • Ahh I’m soooo torn between these two! I love the dark forest color and I’m having the hardest time choosing either or. I love the aligns because of the way the back seam accentuates the back-side but I like the idea of these for the multi-purpose use I can get out of them. So torn. Thanks for the review, you look great in them!!

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the Toothpaste Energy Bra! Bought to wear with my dark forest Breeze By. 🙂

  • These look fantastic on you!! I worry about the light color showing sweat, but it is so beautiful. Are your shoes Adidas? I’ve been searching for a solid black pair of slides. Thanks

  • LLM, those look amazing on you! I was trying to keep my wallet closed but I think I might have to open it for this crop. I’ve been wanting a dark forest tight but didn’t want to get the aligns. This will be much more versatile for me. The side pockets and seams look similar to pace rival crops without the mesh. I like pace rivals because it’s slimming and flattering. I’m going to check them out when I’m in the store next week.

  • I love your comment that your coolest crossfit friends have cellulite. Totally made me smile!

    I ordered these in navy and they get here tomorrow. I LOVE nulux so I can’t wait!

  • I was so torn between these and Aligns in this color so instead I got the 7/8 high waisted Wunder Unders in this green, luxtreme fabric. I feel like it’s a happy medium between the two pants!

  • Those final laps look great on you … flattering! And, yes, toothpaste goes really well with dark forest!

  • If there were other colours i might be tempted. I love fast and free so these would be tempting…just wish price would come down a bit. 155 with tax is a bit much

  • I noticed that these have lycra in them as well as nulux (according to the site anyhow). Do they feel different? Thicker? Less breathable? more compression?

  • I’d like to know the differences between luxtreme and nulux. I’ve never tried any bottoms in nulux. I dont like nulu because I find it lacks compression and I can’t size down because I’m s size 2. I like the compression and smoothing of luxtreme, so I guess I’m hoping nulux has similar features. Thanks for any input on this!

    • Nulux is luxtreme but with a lot higher lycra content – stretchier and less compressive but the same smooth finish as luxtreme. Nulux feels a lot like old luxtreme prior to 2014.

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