Ooh I’m so excited! My Athleta order arrived a few days earlier than I expected it to. I’m now under ‘cook me dinner’ pressure from my kids so I will review the much hyped relay capris first, and my other crops I ordered will be posted tomorrow.

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

I ordered the Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0 in a size L and they are the correct size for me. They are compressive going on, but fit really comfortably and don’t pinch my waist at all. I’m so impressed that these are fully opaque, and despite being polyester based (recycled polyester), they are matte and very soft and lovely. These are exceptional quality for the USD price, and really, if you think of who they are competing with in the market of athletic apparel, converting this to CAD and paying shipping isn’t all that exorbitant on a multi order shipment.

I was initially hesitant to order these because I don’t love contrasted mesh panels, and I worried that the multi panel striped print would be busy, but instead I find them incredibly flattering. The white striped panels at the hip really help visually narrow your hips from the front, which is nice detail on a horizontal stripe. I am really glad that the stripes line up, which I believe is uniform across all sizes for these. I haven’t heard reports at all of having to cherry pick ‘good stripe placement’ on these, and they have been reviewed a ton in all of the facebook groups. Another design detail I really like is the ankle/calf seams. I don’t find the hems too narrow or constricting at all but that seam detail really gives these pants some sleek athletic detail. These crops have all the run crop bells and whistles with the soft breathable sweat wicking fabric, wide soft waistband, zippered pocket and mesh inserts.

I really wish Athleta where more accessible to Canadian shoppers and that they didn’t charge such exorbitant shipping fees to ship to Canada, in addition to calculating in the duties and taxes at checkout. We Canadians know that that early fee calculation is a huge rip off for us. If they figured out a way to do more equitable business in Canada I am certain they would have a lot of consumer support. Luckily I live very close to the US border so despite the fact that it’s an inconvenience to pick my orders up in the US, I at least save on shipping and pay the true duties.

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

Athleta Striped Relay Capri 2.0

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  1. Good to know they are opaque. I have seen countless Athleta tights that are sheer. I have a hard time walking into an Athleta store. My first experience with their product was really bad and ill fitting for me. I just thought the quality was poor and I tend not to like the Gap family of clothing very much. But everyone has been commenting that Athleta has been stepping up its game. So, I may give them a second chance.

    LLM, is your inclination to keep these capris?

    1. I’ve only ever tried the sherpa hoodies this past fall. I really like the one I got, but my only nit about it is that the fit is slightly big. Other than that I like it. I’ve gone in to athleta before in the past at their Seattle location but at the time, none of their performance tights or tops had designs that where appealing to me and it wasn’t priced at a place where I wanted to take a chance on something that didn’t jump out at me. These where a very good buy so I’m definitely keeping. I’ll probably rely on the groups to see what pieces stand out.

    2. I used to feel the same. Something about the fit was always just off for me and I could never quite put my finger on what it was. I buy something, kind of like it for a few wears and never reach for it again. But recently, I’ve found a few great pieces I love. I’ve found myself wearing the salutation crops several times a week. A couple of their tee and tank styles work well for me too. It’s still somewhat hit and miss, but they for sure have made big improvements. It’s worth a second look IMO.

      1. Lulubell, I could never put my finger on it too regarding fit. It was the same for Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. I didn’t think pricing was great either. I could get much better quality pieces for a little more. But based on your and LLM’s assessment of current Athleta pieces, I will give it a second chance.

    3. Athleta really has stepped up their game big time. They’ve really changed in the last year, year and a half or so so definitely worth another look/see.

      Yes, they are own by/part of the The Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic but just know Athleta is a stand alone. They were bought out but are left to design, manufacture on their own and are not part of the same design team as the other stores. Athleta is still a stand alone business so to speak and have separate everything from the other 3 stores so you can’t really compare them.

      That being said, Old Navy has stepped up it’s clothing game as well. I stopped shopping there because the clothes felt super cheap, didn’t last and fit horribly. That’s all changed as well and I’ve found myself shopping there on the regular for jeans, shorts, tops that don’t break the bank while allowing me to update my closet. Something changed and for the better!

      I bought these striped relay capri’s and love, love, love them! They are awesome, don’t move, perfect compression and fit awesome

  2. I am one of those customers who never liked Atheltica. Recently I have been venturing into store and have found fit is better as well as fabrics. I have bought workout pants tie dye and two other pants made with Powervita. LOVE this fabric and find that I reach for these leggings a lot more than my LLL. I purchased Studio Wrap in blue and than ordered in white. I really love this wrap more than my LLL wraps. I don’t like slow shipping from Atheltica. I ordered five items on May 17th, May 19th order was still processing. Called to find out what the heck was going on and I was given some excuse as to processing time. Good thing later that day they sale that allowed me to save $50 on order and they honored sale since my order was still processing. Customer service was great to deal with. Order will arrive today and can’t wait to get my new items to try out.

  3. I’ve totally stopped buying lulu and have been spending my dollars at Athleta. I LOVE their stuff, esp their swimsuits. I love their customer service. I love their styles — fresh and hip and never too weird. I love their return policy. Pretty much, Athleta blows lulu out of the water!! Hope it becomes easier to order from Canada soon!

    1. Hey Melissa, sorry your comment didn’t go up right away. I just found it in my spam folder for some reason. Sorry about that!!!

  4. Those are so cute and flattering on you! I hope Canada gets better options for shipping since I have friends there I’d love to recommend products to.

    I just bought another of their striped crops, the High Rise Prism Chaturanga Capri. I just threw them in the cart when I was ordering a jacket on a whim, thinking the stripes would be unflattering on my thick legs and hips but I wanted to at least try them on. Turns out they are adorable and the print is cleverly designed to actually look good on! They’re opaque too, which is a pleasant surprise since they’re basically white with faint stripes at the top. Athleta’s designs are unique and seasonably appropriate, which is more than I can say for a certain other company we used to adore.

  5. Athleta needs to come to Canada. They would give Lululemon some serious competition I think! Ordering from the US is just not feasible for me for all the reasons you mentioned. These look fantastic on you!

  6. I also recently purchased these striped athleta pants. Super flattering stripe placement. I’m 5’9.5″, 155lbs, atlhetic/hourglass build.

    I bought size M which fit well but snugly. I usually wear a M in athleta pants and a 8 in lululemon pants Great compression and love side pockets for my phone, but thicker material is a little warm for Miami summers. Also, during a sweaty workout the material got a bit itchy around rear and thigh area. They also seem to run long. But overall my favorite athleta pants. I much prefer them to my sonar capris

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