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Fit Review: Nike Power Legendary

May 18, 2017

Oh wow you guys!! I did some  major damage at the Nike store today and I’m going to have to separate my fit review into several posts over the next few days. Spoiler alert though, I spent bank today. In my quest to try some new fitness apparel brands I never imagined Nike would make it to the top of my list. I’ve forgotten about Nike over the years with the exception of their shoes, and I’m not quite sure what inspired me to even look through the clothing on their website but I’m really glad I did.

I dragged my poor kids to the mall after school to see if they had the Nike Power Legendary Tights that I ordered online yesterday and they had two of the three colorways I liked. Definitely the medium in the blue colorway is going to have to be returned because large is the right size for me, and I’m going to try and chase down a large or stalk the website for them to pop back up.

Nike Power Legendary Prism Pink Black

There was just so much color in store, and so many color options for each style of tank, tee, long sleeve and tights. Warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, jewel tones, crazy prints – and somehow they all integrated very well with each other. I had to try these on first since these where the ones that caught my eye like a magnet on the website. The material is 80% Nylon/20% Spandex, pretty much like luon. They don’t have a ton of stretch to them like WU’s do, but they are compressive and comfortable and soft. These passed the opacity test for me in store but I need to wait for my order to arrive so I can double check the opacity in natural light. These are a size L on me and I typically take a size 10 in Lululemon – these felt more like a size 9, which actually works best for me. They are snug going on but once on they stay in place. If you are on the upper side of a size 10, go with an XL. They are a mid rise which I love, and a great length for me. Pants, but not so long that they fully cover my feet and need to be hemmed. I also really loved the waist detail in the back with the ‘v’ shaped hip seam. I can’t recommend these tights enough. If the color and print entices you as much as it did me, you should definitely give them a try.

Look for my follow up fit review for the other pieces I tried on today. I’ll try and post it tonight or tomorrow morning.

Nike Power LegendaryNike Power LegendaryNike Power Legendary

Nike Power LegendaryNike Power LegendaryNike Power Legendary

Nike Power Legendary Tight

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20 responses to “Fit Review: Nike Power Legendary”

  1. C. Fox says:

    I’m going shopping!! Since my permanent breakup with lulu is on the horizon, your Nike fit review was truly appreciated. On to bigger and better, I say!

  2. mariella says:

    LLM, I love the black and grey with the jewel-toned top. They both look great on you.

    • Lulubell says:

      Yes!!! The jewel tones top caught my eye right away and I knew immediately I have to have it!! The bright pants are really cute too. It almost looks like you went to a really color coordinated color run. So pretty!!!

  3. Reya says:


  4. Mrs. O says:

    I love the magenta top you’re wearing. What style is it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    How was the price compared to lulu? Did you look at the normal store or outlet?

    • lulumum says:

      It was a normal store not an outlet. The prices on some items (run tights, some tops) where very comparable. Some items where more expensive.

  6. CT says:

    You look good in both colours and I too would like to know what top you are wearing with the black and grey? I know I have to start checking out other brands for tanks because LLL tanks are not doing it for me with all the long armholes and sheerness but I don’t know if this is a trend with other brands as well.

  7. Sarah says:

    LLM, these items are far more flattering on you than the LLL try ons recently. I have personally found the same thing – the new LLL styles from about the last 1.5 years just don’t flatter or do me any favors. The Nike stuff is really nice looking!!!

    • lulumum says:

      Thanks!! They did feel more flattering. Both the run tights I tried on (I’ll post those in the next post) where very flattering and slimming in the pattern, and the design details.

  8. danika says:

    like others have said these styles look awesome on you! very inspiring post, thanks much.

  9. YS says:

    Would you be able to measure the inseams of those pants? If it’s not too long for me, I would definitely buy them!! Thank you in advance.

    • lulumum says:

      when the parcel arrives I can but I didn’t purchase these in store. I had purchased them online the night before. If it helps, I’m 5’4 but have short legs.

  10. Joanna says:

    I don’t love Nike, BUT those grey and black pattern tights are amazing on you.

  11. JFW says:

    Wow! Love the color & those tights look fab!

  12. merrly says:

    I agree! Sometimes bold prints give me that extra boost of feeling awesome for my workout. 🙂

    • merrly says:

      (I meant to reply to your cheetah print leggings post, whoops!)
      I love the print on these! They look really good on you. I haven’t shopped for Nike clothes for years! Not since Lulu.

  13. amy says:

    I’m a pretty serious runner and only wear Nike tanks to run in! I’ve had them for YEARS and they are so comfortable. I went to Lululemon last week to try on some sports bras, but I am in between size 4 and 6 and so nothing worked. The bottom bands aren’t wide enough for my taste and the top part doesn’t cover enough to be supportive during a run. I just placed an order for 3 Nike sports bras that I know fit well.

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