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This lululemon Belt Bag Has Taken Luxury Handbag Groups By Storm | I Paired It With My Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers

OOTD | Sherpa Everywhere Belt Bag + Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers

by Cristina

This lululemon belt bag (Price $38) has exploded in popularity all over the internet and is now gaining fans in luxury handbag circles. Unfortunately, the “It” bag from lululemon is temporarily sold out, but they are restocked frequently. Follow this post to know when the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is back in stock. Or you can get the trending lululemon everywhere belt bag dupe (TikTok Belt Bag) shown below. Also, you can see my review of the lululemon Belt Bag Fleece right here. By the way, the Burnt Caramel Sherpa matches my new Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers in color Tobacco Suede perfectly!

This practical little bag is taking over my luxury handbag groups!


The Everywhere Bag from lululemon has been steadily gaining popularity since its release in 2020. Furthermore, I learned how popular it got when the sherpa fleece belt bag was released over Christmas. And consequently everyone had to have one in ivory. Soon it got extensive TikTok coverage, and I saw a massive uptick in searches on The Sweat Edit after that.

This week, the popularity of the bag has reached a fever pitch. I noticed on the same day as the Luxury Bag posts, a Poshmark alert popped up. It was letting me know the popularity of this lululemon bag has increased by 54% in the last week (for sales and searches). All this at the same time that it was being discussed in my luxury handbag groups. 

Belt bags are practical for many reasons, but the lululemon bag is convenient thanks to the sleek design, extra pocket space, and water resistance. You can’t ignore the cool factor that completely wipes out the ‘fanny-pack uncool factor’ leftover from the ’90s. Similarly, my new retro dad-sneakers are elevated by the Rag and Bone aesthetic. I’m really pleased with my Rag and Bone Retro Sneakers I got the other day and was so happy to see how well it matches with my sherpa belt bag. 

Part of the reason this bag is so adored is it fits everything. This slim little waist bag doesn’t add any bulk to your outfit, despite being jam-packed.
I can fit two wallets, my iPhone, my pill case, and my car keys with plenty of room for lipstick and sunglasses.

what fits inside my belt bag

(hot shopping tip. You can use my links to check if bag has been restocked by bookmarking it)

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A great lululemon waist bag dupe option to hold you over until the next everywhere bag restock

The ODODOS Belt Bag is the closest lululemon fanny pack dupe I’ve seen so far. This is the TikTok Belt Bag that’s also been trending as the best ‘dupe’. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t speak to quality. While I’m sure the quality will not be nearly as excellent, it is an alternative. As well as being a cheap and cheerful alternative, they come in several color options. Without a doubt, the lululemon version is the one to get if you get the chance. 

TikTok’s lululemon everywhere belt bag dupe

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