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Sézane Try-Ons | L’Appartement New York

by Cristina

I have some Sézane Try-Ons for you today! After pinning over all things Sézane for the past year I finally got to visit an actual Sézane store! We where visiting New York this past week and I had a few days to explore by myself while my husband was at work! Sézane’s summer capsule was released last week and I posted about it here (and Sezane Spring here). I was so excited to see all these items in person finally and to get to try them on. There is only one North America store and it’s in Manhatten so the in store shopping experience is a special opportunity, especially for Canadians who have unfortunate shipping barriers.

By the way, I had so much fun in New York! I have a New York City guide post coming to you soon. After three visits to Manhatten I finally feel like I can offer you a proper city guide complete with interesting food recomendations, shopping tips, sights to see and lots of travel tips. Stay tuned for that!

L’Appartement Sézan Store Experience

This Sézane has such a great laid back vibe with excellent customer service. Sézane had so much staff helping customers find items that weren’t displayed, and they where just really approachable and pleasant.

They have a big ipad pro on the wall where you could check the inventory of specific items yourself if you want, so the shopping experience is really great.

There where only 1-2 sizes out in each item but you could ask the sales associate for sizes in anything and they have a huge basement storage area with all sorts of goodies. They don’t display everything they have in stock since they have such currated and minimal clothing displays but there is actually a lot of product, you just have to ask. You can even ask for items from past collections that are sold out online and there is a good chance they may have a size or two. I managed to find a few items I had on my online wishlist that way.

I love the way Sézane merchandises their stores. They divide the store into currated collections where all the coordating colors, prints and pieces are in one area together. I prefer this to the usual way stores are divided with like items together (pants, dresses, tops etc.). This gives you so much inspiration on how you can style items together.

Note on my sizing in Sézane

You’ll see from my photos below that some of the items I tried on are a size too small. The store was so busy and I was trying on so many things that I felt bad about constantly asking for sizes, even though they where more than willing. I wanted to get an idea of how items looked first, and then if I was seriosly considering purchasing an item I could ask for other sizes all at once. I wanted to be a shopper first, and not an annoying blogger. My typical size in Sézane is size 44 which is a 10/12, and generaly a size L. I find my sizing in the knits vary from large to medium, depending on how I would like it to fit.

Sézane Try-Ons

Grace Dress

Grace Dress, Sézane Try-Ons
Grace Dress
Grace Dress, Sézane Try-Ons

Shop Grace Dress Here

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The Grace Dress is not one that had been on my wish list initially when the new products went live, but it sold out very quickly online. I started seeing lots of try-ons of this dress and I fell in love with it styled in different ways and on different body types. I tried on my usual size 44 (size 10/12) and a size down, 40 (size 8). Both worked, but because this is a short dress I preferred my TTS so that I could get as much length as possible. I loved how soft this dress is, and how easy it is to wear it. It’s a lovely casual woven cotton with embroidery and it’s fully lined. It’s slightly shorter than I am normally comfortable with but because the dress fits looser and has a longer sleeve and higher neckline, I think it balances it out. I felt really comfortable in it.

Alexandra Dress

Alexandra Dress, Sézane Try-Ons
Alexandra Dress, Sézane Try-Ons

Excuse the messy knot in the back. It came to me untied and I quickly just made a bow and didn’t properly style it for this picture. It should have been tighter, with a bigger bow.

Alexandra Dress

Shop Alexandra Dress Here

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There are a few items in this new collection with this pretty back bow detail and ruffle scoop. I love this design so much.

There is the Alex Top in different fabrics and the Alexandra Dress in different fabrics. I loved the Alex Top in electric blue, and I loved this dress in the green. Both the blue of the top and the green of this dress are silk with lurex gold threads running through it and are flowy and drapey. The Alex Top in white and black is a more structured and lined fabric, and the Alexandra Dress below is a smooth cotton poplin.

The floaty silk versions where the ones I loved best but I did like the top in white as well. This is my TTS 40 (size 10/12) and I could not have done a smaller size. The slip which fully lines the dress would have been too tight in the size down.

Alexandra Dress | Summer Flower Print

Alexandra Dress, Sezane Try-Ons
Alexandra Dress, Sézane Try-Ons

Shop Alexandra Dress Here

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The Alexandra Dress in the Summer Flower Print was really lovely. I wasn’t sure I’d like this print on me but the greens are really pretty. The fabric is a really beautiful silky poplin. In person the print doesn’t read ‘Hawaiian tropical’ as much as it does online. The flowers aren’t contrasted and they are all in the same color family so it’s not as bold of a print as I expected. This is a size down on me (size 40/8) and I didn’t love how snug it was over my chest. It didn’t feel tight but you can definitely see the fabric pulling up at the armpit area and you can see the lines of my bra. Because I loved the silk green version so much I didn’t bother getting another size in this.

Sam Jumper

Sam Jumper, Sezane Try-Ons
Sam Jumper, Sézane Try-Ons
Sam Jumper, Sézane Try-Ons

Shop Sam Jumper Here

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The Sam Jumper was one of those older items that had sold out online that they still had in store but hidden away downstairs. I LOVED this sweater. I loved it when I first saw it online but I didn’t want to buy a knit at the start of Spring so I didn’t pick it up and immediately regretted it when it sold out. At that time I thought items stuck around on the website for a few weeks and that I’d have the opportunity to get it later. I have this sweater in ecru which you may remember started my love for Sezane. I can take either a medium or large in this sweater and opted to purchase the medium (shown above). The large looked good but looked oversized and swallowed me up a bit and the medium felt just perfect. So glad I purchased this finally.

Avril Jumper

Sezane Try-Ons, Avril Jumper
Sézane Try-Ons, Avril Jumper

Shop The Avril Jumper

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This was another love. Sadly there wasn’t a large in this which I think would have looked better. I woud have preferred a more slouchy fit in this style but the medium is fine too, it’s just a different look.

This shade of red called ‘blood orange’ was great on my skin tone. I loved the semi open knit. The sleeves are ever so slightly ballooned at the cuff. Such a feminine sexy knit! I felt so good in this one so I snatched it up but I’m going to keep an eye out for a large in it in the upcomming Archives Sale.

Ninon T-Shirt

Ninon T-Shirt, Sézane Try-Ons
Ninon T-Shirt, Sezane Try-Ons

Shop Ninon T-Shirt Here

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Most Sézane tops, knits and dresses can be worn two ways. Simply flip the item forward or backwards. The Ninon T-Shirt is one of the items you can wear both ways. Wear the sexy v neck in the front, or have the higher neckline. You can even switch it around halfway through the day! Labels are sewn flat and at an angle so it doesn’t stick out or feel like you are wearing your shirt backwards.

I really liked this casual top, especially the jersey cotton. I would have liked to have purchased it but ultimately I passed on it. The v was a little bit too low on me and worn the other way it was just a little too plain in the front for. You can make the v-neck sit higher depending on how you tie the shirt but there were other items I wanted instead so I didn’t fuss.

Andre T-Shirt

Andre T-Shirt, Hearts, Sézane Try-Ons, L'Appartement Sezane Nolita New York
Andre T-Shirt, Hearts, Sézane Try-Ons, L'Appartement Sezane Nolita New York

Shop Andre T-Shirt Here

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This top is an older item that sold out quickly and is all over instagram. I loved the painted hearts all over it and that it’s linen. Sadly they only had it in a size down and I definitely wanted a looser fit. Because it’s linen it is slightly sheer, but I like that. Sheerness is much less an issue with a looser fit.

Sézane L’Appartement Store Photos

I loved all the gold shoes and this pair of green sandals. The shoes are all great quality and fully leather.

L'Appartement Sezane New York Nolita

The gold Low Romane Ballerinas on the left are my favourite!

L'Appartement Sezane New York Nolita

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L'Appartement Sezane New York Nolita

Shop The Sézane Summer Collection Right Here

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L'Appartement Sezane New York, Nolita, Sézane Try-Ons
L'Appartement Sezane New York, Nolita, Sézane Try-Ons
L'Appartement Sezane New York, Nolita, Sézane Try-Ons

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Barreaddict June 16, 2019 - 7:46 pm

Thank you for your post! Checked out Sezane for the first time and fell in love! Please update us with the summer sale. Would love to try this brand.

Cristina June 16, 2019 - 9:17 pm

Thanks for checking it out! Sezane will definitely be getting regular attention here. I’ll be posting about the archive sale which I think may be this comming weekend.

Juli June 18, 2019 - 1:06 pm

What a beautiful store and such feminine clothes. Will have to check it out on my next visit to Manhattan! Thanks for the post

Cristina June 19, 2019 - 10:09 am

You’re so welcome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Stacy June 18, 2019 - 5:23 pm

Ooh, I love all the pictures! I love Sezane! What a pretty store!!!

You found some great pieces. I really love the details on their clothes. Even the heart tee looks like the hearts were watercolored on.

I’d love to read your thoughts on the archive sale!

Cristina June 19, 2019 - 10:08 am

I’m definitely going to be doing a big post about it. I need to figure out what time it happens.

Michelle October 14, 2020 - 8:55 am

Hello, sorry to comment on such an old post, but I’ve been thinking of buying an Avril sweater used and I was wondering what you thought of the fabric. Is it itchy at all and does it hang on to odors? Thank you!

Cristina October 14, 2020 - 8:34 pm

If you are sensitive to itch it will be a little bit itchy. It’s quite soft though. Definitely does not hang on to odors as far as I can tell. The only thing I’ve noticed is my perfume if I sprayed it directly on it.

Michelle October 15, 2020 - 11:39 am

Thanks, this is super helpful!


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