Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sezane Summer 2019

by Cristina

You guys have been loving Sezane since I posted about the Spring Collection last month. I’ve been loving it so much that I have purchased quite a few second hand items on Poshmark as well as the Ethel Blouse online, and the Massia Blouse when they first came out in the Spring Collection. They are my go-to ‘Pretty Tops’ to wear for a dinner out. I just love them, and most importantly, I feel so good in them.

By the way, my Canadian readers…. Poshmark is now in Canada! I have a post coming soon now that I’ve figured out all the differences, but wanted to give you the heads up. If you sign up, you can use the code THESWEATEDIT to get a $5 credit.

Another FYI. Sezane has a yearly sale coming up some time in the summer and it’s called ‘The Archives‘. This is an awesome sale where they bring back a lot of old favourite styles. I will be doing a post when it’s up!

My Sezane Order

The first part of the Sezane Summer 2019 capsule has been released today and I had my eye on the Alex Top since I saw it in preview last week. I was surprised that first thing this morning, the top in my size was already sold out and showing as ‘in someones cart’. This was especially annoying because last month I missed out on the Caroline Blouse and the Andrea Blouse and they never restocked.

I decided I would just take my chances that I can buy this top at the store in New York since I’ll be there later this month. Luckily it did end up popping back up briefly so I snatched it up, and now I’m hoping that the order fulfills. I love the electric blue color and that it’s lined silk. The other colors of this top come in varying types of fabrics but I thought this one was the prettiest.

Sezane Summer 2019

Alex Top

Sezane Alex Top, Spring 2019

Shop The Alex Top

Shanon Top

Shanon Top, Sezane

Shop The Shanon Top

Marisa Blouse

Marisa Blouse

Shop The Marisa Blouse

Alexandra Dress

This would be beautiful for a summer wedding with really tall, gold scrappy wedges.

Alexandra Dress, Sezane Spring 2019

Shop The Alexandra Dress

Gloria Sandal

I haven’t tried any of their shoes yet but they are definitely on my list to try on in New York. I love a lot of the low heels and flats.

Gloria Sandal, Sezane

Alexandra Dress

Alexandra Dress, Sezane

Shop The Alexandra Dress

Grace Dress

Grace Dress, Sezane Summer 2019

Shop The Grace Dress

Giovana Dress

I love this dress. This I’m definitely going to look out for in New York. I have to try it on first though. Being hippy makes wrap dresses a bit tricky depending on the cut. I love this one in both colors.

Giovana Dress, Sezane
Giovana Dress

Shop The Giovana Dress

Emilia Dress

Emilia Dress, Sezane

Shop The Emilia Dress

Shop All Of My Sezane Favourites Right Here

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Jen June 5, 2019 - 11:59 am

I was at the Sezane apartment in Paris a couple years ago and tried on several pairs of pants. Being a bit “hippy” myself (I tend to carry my weight in my hips/thighs, wearing a 10 in Lulu pants, but 8 in tops), I had trouble fitting into their pants since Euro sizes tend to be a bit more narrow. However, I have had a lot of success with their dresses (mostly with their straight/shift-style dresses) and their size recommendations are incredibly helpful. Hopefully they still have a lot on your wish list when you visit the NYC store!!

Cristina June 5, 2019 - 12:58 pm

That’s so lucky! I wish I had known about Sezane when I went to Paris. I’m hoping the New York store is well stocked. I heard that even if they don’t have an item out on display that you can ask for specific items and they sometimes have them stored in the back.

Anonymous June 5, 2019 - 5:45 pm

Are you going to NY with your family ? Would love a trip recap as we will be heading there too with kids this August


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