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The Lululemon Upload

June 11, 2019

The Lululemon Upload is live!

Sorry for the really short Lululemon Upload post today. I’m in New York so only had a few minutes to get the post up before going out to do more sight seeing. I did some great shopping today though and I’m hoping I can have a blog post up for tonight with some of my finds. I did a ton of try-ons at Sezane this afternoon.

Sunday Best Romper

Monday Best Romper

Speed Up Tight

Speed Up Tight

In Movement Tight

In Movement Tight

Speed Up Short

Speed Up Short, Lululemon Upload

Train Times Pant

Train Times Pant

Inner Glow Short

Inner Glow Short

Inner Glow Dress

Inner Glow Dress

Inner Glow Tight

Inner Glow Tight

Cool Racerback Dye

Cool Racerback Dye

Can You Feel The Pleat Crop

Can you feel the pleat crop

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7 responses to “The Lululemon Upload”

  1. Stacy says:

    Nothing for me. I really like the inner glow dress. I probably would have purchased it if the color choices were better. The two offered seem drab for summery pieces. Maybe I’ll catch it on MD.

    Looking forward to seeing your NY purchases and Sezanne try ons!

  2. Estella Morrison says:

    I ordered the Can you feel the pleat Crops in crinkle Moonwalk. I hope they will look good on my skinny legs – at least I know they are 100% nylon, like my crinkle Vinyasa. I just threw out a pair of black gauchos, and these crops look like a worthy replacement. Also ordered a faded blue Love short sleeve. Haven’t bought anything in a long time that I ended up keeping, so maybe these pieces will be keepers…
    Will check back later to see what you bought in the Big Apple!

  3. Gymmie says:

    Very underwhelming…had 25% for 10k race to use but nothing that I have to have. May buy dress from last week with built in bra…was hoping for speeds in new floral print…. not sure what else to get.
    Thx for posting while on vacation!

  4. LZ says:

    Meh, nothing for me again.

    I like the Ignite Bra but not the colors. They are so boring!

  5. DKN says:

    Same as all the others – meh….and yes, I’m looking forward to your post from NYC, Christina! Your blogs are wonderful! Agreed that we need some bright colours, especially out in Eastern Ontario as it has been so wet out.

  6. Anon says:

    That ROMPER should be called SUNDAY WORST. What a hideous unflattering P O crap. I wouldn’t buy that thing at $19! Makes the model’s butt look flat ewwww

  7. shadowy_lady says:

    I agree that it’s beginning hard to tell what is new since many of the items are similar to each other. I’m also very much over the baggy shirt which do my figure no favour.
    Boring uploads don’t bother me much though, I need my money saved for other priorities 🙂

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