The Lululemon Upload

June 17, 2019

The Lululemon Upload is live (and really early!). I’m not sure why the upload is this early but there are a lot of new items, including the Selfcare Line. The Tribal Wunder Unders are going to be a hit I’m sure. I love that they brought the tribal print out in the All Night Messenger Bag as well as the tights. The Reveal Crop in Vintage Mauve, and the Vintage Mauve Define Jacket is so pretty! My number 1 pick for this upload though is the This Instant Short. I really love the look of them but wish they where an inch longer. I’m definitely going to try those on.

Did you order anything?

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight

Tribal Pace Wunder Under White Black

Lululemon Self Care

Look! The Selfcare Line is available at Sephora too! It has the ‘Clean At Sephora’ label, and each product comes in regular size, and a mini version.

Reveal Crop Zen Expression

Reveal Crop Zen Expression

Reveal Tight Zen Expression

Reveal Tight Zen Expression

Reveal Tank Zen Expression

Reveal Tank

Reveal Bra Zen Expression

Reveal Bra Zen Expression

Define Jacket

Define Jacket

Inner Glow Culotte

Inner Glow Culotte

Scuba Hoodie

Scuba Hoodie

Cool Racerback II

Cool Racerback II

This Instant Short

This Instant Short, Lululemon Upload

All Night Festival Bag

All Night Festival Bag

On The Beat Belt Bag

On The Beat Belt Bag

By The Bay Skimpy One-Piece

By the Bay Skimpy One-Piece

Beach Break Paddlesuit

Beach Break Paddlesuit

Speed Up Crop

Speed Up Crop

Fast and Free Short 6″

Fast and Free Short 6

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25 responses to “The Lululemon Upload”

  1. Lis says:

    Nothing to exciting again, although the red color is nice. I think the tribal WUPs will make it to WMTM soon.

  2. Lacey says:

    Nothing for me….again. I rarely buy anything full-price anymore. Although I love the new amber CRB, it’s not my favorite style or material, so I’ll wait.

    I hope to see more stuff in Vivid Amber and might even buy full-price. I recently bought last year’s Scuba on Poshmark for $40 and am happy to see a return of such a fun color! I guess I’m into yellows and oranges right now.

    The This Instant Shorts look like the pockets were accidentally sewn on the outside. :/

  3. Carolina says:

    I was on last night and got excited it as the new upload was up!

  4. Andie says:

    I’m not sure why Lululemon is delving Into skincare products. I would rather see them branch out into stretchy booty enhancing jeans instead of deodorant and lip balm.

    Also, I’m tired of mesh items. I guess it’s just not my thing and it doesn’t feel fresh anymore to me.

    As for the tribal wunder under print, I have learned that the “engineered prints” tend to be backed in white and don’t look so good when stretched out over the butt. So it’s a pass for me.

    But… I finally made a purchase! I ordered the cypress Fast and Frees. I’m glad to see a fun, saturated color in my favorite leggings.

  5. Anonymous says:

    $14 for a lip balm? No thanks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The self care line seems odd to me. If they truly did something different here and made a GROUNDBREAKING product, maybe it would be worth their time. To me, it seems like something to sell the 15 year olds who congregate at my store trying to find something they can afford to buy so they can walk around with a lulu bag.
    I like the new festival bag print and the amber color but the rest is a big pass for me.

  7. Ashley says:

    I’m glad they’re still making the original/non v neck Back In Action LS, it’s one of my favorites. I might purchase the grey since I’m returning the Ready to Roll Crew (runs small imo). I’m tempted by the Inner Glow Culottes for lounging around the house, hopefully they’ll hit WMTM. I agree with Andie about the mesh products. I personally think they’re hideous and scream SNAG ME. I find it hard to believe they are big selling items, I never see them at the gym or in yoga classes. I’m also a little sick of them trying to rebrand fanny packs as belt bags. I definitely won’t be trying their personal care line. I have sensitive skin to begin with and would rather put my money towards products that address my individual skincare needs than a one size fits all product. I’ll still continue to purchase Aligns, Fast & Free Tights and some tees but Lulu is actually starting to save me money because when it comes to items I like, they are discontinuing more products than creating.

  8. Doe says:

    Christina I’m so upset they changed the website so you can’t search for items in a store and then call them to purchase. Now you have to enter a zip and it limits the distance.

  9. Gymmie says:

    Thx for your efforts on blog. I love vivid amber and am tempted by the crb but I got shorts and sculpt tank last year in that colour so I will wait for markdown. I love the flamenco red and am so glad I bought shorts and bras and swiftly in that colour last year. The tribal print is nice but so similar to others I own… tribal wup and the trellis print from winter.
    So I save this upload and we will see what wmtm has to offer. I bought a ton using 25% from 10k Toronto. I need to wear those items before getting more lol

  10. Stacy says:

    I saw the tribal print in store today and liked that it had some pale pink, greens, etc. mixed into the black and white. It’s very pretty…..but alas, backed in white and seemed to fade horribly when I stretched it slightly with my hands. I didn’t bother to try it on.

    I know they need to back in lighter colors to print on them, but this seems to work better with much less noticeable fade on pale colors, like greys or pinks. When the backing is white, it’s really obvious.

    I think they did move some stuff to WMTM last night. I got the WU Lace crops in grey and the white Tied to Your Pratice LS. There were a few more things that I haven’t seen in MD before, so possibly a small update there?

  11. Kameo says:

    I saw the Tribal WUP’s today and yes confirmed as backed in white and it loses it saturation when stretched out. left it at the store…

  12. Anonymous says:

    So much boring product lately. I haven’t seen anything tempting in a long time.

    Calvin McDonald came from Sephora, so I guess the skincare line isn’t totally out of left field. Offering the line on the Sephora website was a wise move and helps to legitimize the product. That said, I’ll stick to lululemon for my workout clothing needs and continue to use my tried and true skincare products.

  13. mary says:

    I trekked into my local store yesterday to try the This Instant Short because I’ve been searching for something similar but didn’t want to order online when I had no idea for sizing.

    I LOVE them. The pockets may look odd to some but they really amp up the interest factor in my opinion. There are hundreds of shorts out there with regular pockets.

    They are a touch on the short side but are so well cut that it really enhances this booty and is comfortable.

    For anyone interested I tried (and bought) my TTS (5′ tall, 105 lbs, size 2). They are fitted but really flattering. My size up could have worked as well but were a bit big in the waist and the larger backside made my butt disappear.

    The olive colour is beautiful. I’ll probably get the black as well at some point. Not a huge fan of that dark pinkish colour but that’s just me in general. If you’re into that colour you’ll like these because they are a nice, saturated colour.

  14. Reya says:

    Heading to store today Cristina, do you want in store photos of anything? <3

  15. anonymous says:

    @Anon 10:25 – I think you hit it on the head. There’s nothing groundbreaking in the self care line and they seem to keep trying to appeal to the younger crowd, i.e. the age group with no excess money to spend. Meanwhile, the fit older crowd that used to buy thousands of $$ worth of stuff every month are being ignored, but we’re the ones with disposable income and will pay $128 for a pair of Fast & Free Tights. Not sure why they feel this is a good move. They really could do both but seems they are choosing not to. Lately, I’ve found myself at the Athleta, Oiselle or REI website when I need to replace a Lulu piece or I need something. The amount of Lulu in my closet is dwindling in comparison to other brands now.

  16. Lacey says:

    @Reya – would you compare the Swiftly Tech vs Swiftly Speed Racerbacks? I’m curious about the materials and cuts.

  17. Reya says:

    Lacey I missed your comment, I’ll go tomorrow and compare for you!! I’m right next to three here in Boston so no prob!

  18. Lacey says:

    @Reya – Thank you! 🙂

  19. LittleMissG says:

    I was in the store yesterday and saw the Instant Short – I really did not like the feel of the fabric. Easy pass. Still getting tons of use out of my old Knock Out Shorts. Thank goodness I have a bunch of them. Could not find anything I wanted to buy… was hoping for a nice cotton or pima cotton tank for summer but everything was so sheer that the only way it could be worn would be with a sports bra. I was sad because there were some nice colors – but everything was so THIN. First world problems, I know.

  20. Violet says:

    Can anybody comment on the durability of the reveal tights/crops, etc? This iteration is the first that I’ve been attracted too – I guess it appeals to my inner Victorian old lady. I think the pattern is so pretty, but it looks like something that wouldn’t launder well and would get caught and snagged. These days I pretty much limit my purchases to un-returnable stuff form WMTM so I’ll wait to see if they go on mark down, but I’d still like to know how prone to snagging they are.

  21. Anon says:

    Which shops have the INSTANT SHORTS?
    I’m in NJ and the shops in my state don’t have them yet. I really love the look of those shorts I would love to get a few pairs for vacation

  22. Rise and Shine says:

    Ashley, I’m with you. Nothing fits anymore. I started shopping at Lulu initially because the cuts were so flattering that even the most basic legging looked amazing. Not so today. I had hoped that when Holman left they’d bring back the old cuts, but that hope is gone. The products I love are just never coming back. I keep looking, but what’s the point? There can be an amazing print, but if the cut is unflattering, I’m not buying them.

    Doe, they changed the app, too. Now when a size is sold out online, you have to scroll through hundreds of shops to find the 3 who have it. Not sure why they want to hurt sales. No, really. If this is a bug, it’s been that way for weeks. I have to assume it’s intentional.

  23. anonymous says:

    Rise and Shine: Lulu’s website has been atrocious for years. For as old as the company is, they have the worst IT dept and can’t create a website that actually works. Things still time out in the card, multiply in the cart, things are being added to my cart that I’ve never put in there…and on and it goes. It’s ridiculous really. Lululemon acts like a 2 year old start up company when at this point they should have the web page issues down and seamless.

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