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Sézane Archives Summer 2019

The Sézane Archives Sale is here! It’s the middle of the night so I’m leaving this post as a place holder and will be updating this in the morning. First accounts from long time Sézane fans, this sale is magnificant with a lot of well loved quality pieces up for grabs at really great discounted prices.

I wasn’t expecting the Archives Sale to be as well stocked as it is with such a huge variety. I had seen what I thought was the entire sneak peek a few days prior and I didn’t see anything specifically that jumped out at me, but at the actual sale I found several older pieces that I had admired and had hoped would pop up on resale sights in my size.

If you want to see some of my Sézane Fit Reviews, check out some of my older blog posts.

My Favorites From The Sézane Archives Sale

Anita Blouse

Loving the cut of this blouse and that it’s 100% silk.

Sézane Anita Blouse, Sezane Archive Sale

Line Blouse

This is an older piece I had seen on a few people and fell in love with. I’m surprised to see this at the Archives Sale.

Sézane Line Blouse, Sézane Archives Sale

Dereck Jumper

I really wanted to get this but hesitated and it sold out. I’m watching for popbacks. This one is $40 marked down which is nice since it’s such a spendy sweater.

Sezane Dereck jumper, Sezane Archives Sale

Hamptons blouse – Sézane x SEA

The Hamptoms blouse is just stunning. I’m so mad it sold out in my size. I had no idea about this collaboration between Sézane and SEA. I’ve been refreshing the page all morning in hopes that it will fall out of someones shopping basket, but no luck yet. I might resort to chasing it down on the resale market.

Hamptons blouse - Sézane x SEA

Cassiopée jumper

This is another one of those items I had seen on other people last year and really loved. I didn’t expect this one at all to come back, archives or regular price.

See Also

Sézane Cassiopée jumper, Sezane Archives Sale

Loly t-shirt

I LOVE Sézane t-shirts. They have such feminine elevated basics. There are so many pretty detailed t-shirt options to chose from in this sale. I had a tough time narrowing it down but I think this one is my favorite. There is another beautiful t-shirt with a bow in the back and I may go back for it later.

Sézane Loly t-shirt ,Sezane Archives

Céline blouse

Céline blouse

Livia t-shirt

Another pretty basic that I’m considering. I love the bow in the back.

Livia t-shirt

Shop The Sézane Archives Sale Here

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  • I have been tempted by your Sezane posts :). Took the sale opportunity and ordered boy shirt, pierro shirt, and alena blouse. I figure I will probably end up with one since I don’t know their sizing at all. Thank you for what you do!

    • Yay! I hope you love your purchases. Hopefully you also get the little gift inside that they usually send out. I’ve gotten a few zip pouches and a scarf. Not sure if they do that during the archives as well.

  • Ah jumped on it and got myself 2 blouses! All silk 🙂 I’ve begun to really love Sezane. Was glad I got a chance to see the London store as well.

    • I’m so glad you got some lovely pieces and have already experienced the brand in London. What blouses did you get?

  • Thanks for the heads up! I currently have the Abby Blouse, Naxos Dress and Assia Dress in my basket.

    I had the Andre heart top in there too, but went to go find my wallet and my kids distracted me long enough to have it fall out of my basket.

    Cristina– What size did you try on in the Andre tee? I liked the way if fit you. I’m not sure if I should try to get the S or M.

    • Stacy, that was a medium in the Andre tee but I would have preferred a large for a bit of a looser fit, especially since I plan to wear it with jeans.

      I have the Abby Blouse which I got second hand and I love it. It has so much detail that you can’t really see in the web photos. Lovely red enamel buttons up the back. It’s a beauty! I believe the Assia Dress is the same with the details. You will love it!

  • You convinced me too… I bought several things to try. I got the dereck jumper but I’m worried about itchiness. Do you have any of their mohair/wool blend sweaters?

    • I do. I am slightly sensative to wool and I don’t find them itchy. I wear them over camis and love the feel of the knit. If you are very sensative you will probably find it a bit itchy only because it’s fuzzier than a tight night, so not smooth.

  • Thank you, Cristina!! I went with the larger of my two sizes. I figured a little bigger is better than too small!!! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for your reply and for introducing me to the brand! I went back for a second order or like… 4??? Black dresses [face palm], so now I’m kinda hoping the sweater (or something) will be a return!

    How come ALL the good sales happen simultaneously?! I just spent a fortune on lovely goodies at Johnny Was too. Ugh. My birthdays in a week too so I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of “gifts” from all the sites inviting to me to shop their site and save 15% for my bday….

    • I think I did three orders. Oops! The last order was a top I kept eyeing but was sold out in my size. I decided to chance it with a size down which I’m sure won’t fit but I had to give it a shot just in case. So glad someone else is as excited about these items as I am.

      Tell me about it. The Aritzia sale is huge here in Vancouver and last week I kept getting the email forwarded to me from friends/family that also shop the sale. I knew the sezane sale was this week so I avoided that one. And then of course the NSALE is coming.

      Happy Birthday!

  • Thank you! I’m excited to see posts about your 3 orders!
    How long does shipping take in your experience??

    • for a regular order about 5-6 days – but then I have to get to my post office box. I should be able to right away now that school is out for the summer. I will definitely post. I’ve been reading that sometimes their Archive orders take a bit longer. One of my 3 have shipped – the Lina Blouse and Cassiopée Jumper

  • It’s usually pretty fast in my experience. I’m in California and the last few orders have been in my hands 6 days after I’ve placed them. Although, I’m expecting it to be a little slower this time since they probably got a ton of orders at once.

    I’d love to see a follow up post on what you got and try-ons, Cristina! It’s so fun to see the purchases!

    • Absolutely! I will photograph everything. Yup, I’ve read that the archives sometimes take longer to ship.

  • Thanks Stacy! I’m in CA too.
    (And sorry…. for some reason on my phone I can’t reply directly and I have to create a new post).

    Looking forward to all our packages arriving and comparing notes 🙂

    • Uh oh guys! It’s just been announced that there will be a part two of the Archives. I believe they do restocks tomorrow, possibly new sale items as well.

    • I can! Do you want me to? I’ve been posting outfit photos here and there on my Instagram but I will post a haul/try-on here too.

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