“The Lululemon New Product Upload is live!

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Currently in a very frustrating situation with Lululemon over my attempted order of the Love Crew III. Have you been having issues with check out at all, particularly with PayPal check out?

Apparently, according to Lululemon GEC  the Love Crew III in Eton Blue is fully sold out but the website doesn’t show real-time inventory. My paypal funds are now being held for 12 days, and this will also happen to you if you attempt to place an order for an item that is sold out, but the inventory is not updated on the website in real time.
This was Lululemon’s statement to me: “Unfortunately the item is out of stock and that’s why it bounced. Our inventory doesn’t update in real time, so the website hasn’t updated. I’m so sorry.”

So, shoppers beware!

On Pace CropOn Pace Crop Sun Dazed Multi Blue

On Pace Tight

On Pace Tight

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Sun Dazed Multi BlueWunder Under Hi Rise Tight Sun Dazed Multi Blue

Define Jacket

Lululemon Define Jacket

Ebb To Street Tank

Ebb To Street Tank Lululemon Ebb To Street Tank

Lucid Lime Cool Racerback

Lululemon Cool Racerback

Lucid Lime Speed Up Short

Fast & Free Tight

Fast And Free 7/8 Tight II

Love Crew II Eton Blue

Love Crew II Eton Blue

On Pace Long Sleeve

Lululemon On Pace Long Sleeve

Such A Cinch Jacket

Such A Cinch Jacket Such A Cinch Jacket

Will The Wave Long Sleeve One Piece

Will The Wave Long Sleeve One Piece Eternal Wave Starlight Black

Ahead By Miles SS (Mrs. O did a fit review of this here)

Ahead By Miles Short Sleeve

All Tied Up Expression Tank

All Tied Up Tank Expression

Speed Up Crop Ruby Red

Speed Up Crop Ruby Red

  1. Such A Cinch Jacket is not new. If what’s new on UK site is any indication ours will be a small drop and very boring. I am hoping for the new s/s/ swiftly colours shown with other product the last two weeks.

    1. So annoying. I will post if I can if it happens while I’m at home. If not I’ll be back shortly to continue this post.

  2. I had a similar issue with Lulu and Paypal about a year and a half ago. Their argument is that the Paypal hold is just that – a hold, and not a charge, and as such they can’t (and won’t) do anything about it. They see it like a credit card authorization and just wait for it to expire. Other companies have a similar policy (Sephora for one), of completing the Paypal checkout before the final stage of checking out of an online order. It’s very frustrating.

    1. I find it more frustrating that it happened in the first place and that their system will allow an order to go through to paypal when it’s actually sold out, and the website is still showing full inventory. I find it really surprising that the crew tee is sold out actually since I ordered it right when it uploaded.

      1. I had the same experience last summer. It was so frustrating! I complained stating it was from my paypal balance, not a cc purchase and I wanted my money released. I think they were able to lift the hold after a week, but it was still a long time for paypal to hold the money.

        I don’t understand why their website wouldn’t reflect current inventory? It’s hard to believe that the color sold out so quickly, the website couldn’t keep up. It’s pretty, but I wouldn’t expect it to sell out in minutes.

        1. This has happened to me multiple times with sell outs and PayPal … unfortunately I have to wait a weeks or so to get funds back …. frustrating for sure!

      2. The shirt is back in stock in all sizes this morning.
        I’ve never had an issue with a payment being held by paypal for an out of stock item. I actually find quite the opposite, lulu’s system seems to update immediately (or has for me).
        Based on the fact that the item is back in stock this morning, I have a feeling that it was a glitch in their system.

      3. I found on the UK site that they only get 1 of most of the 12s in stock, particularly for bras and tops, so if I wasn’t quick off the mark I’d find it had gone before I ordered it.

  3. I am loving the blues coming out, but product is still mediocre. I want to see some skirts in the soft jersey like material. Also, anyone know what tights are featured with the short sleeve swiftly tech (breeze) white t ? I like those with the contrast stripe wrapping!

  4. Some of these don’t show up for me 🙁 I would get another Ebb to Street tank.

    Question – have any of you ladies bought one of the recent original CRB’s that are online only? Are they actually like the originals or are they stiffer? I have probably 12 of the original CRB’s from years past and some of the recent colours interest me too

    1. I’ve bought a few of the newer releases and the ones I received ran almost a full size smaller than my originals (before they were discontinued.) I don’t know if that happened to anyone else? I did find the material slightly thicker.

    2. I recently ordered a grey original CRB. I didn’t find it stiffer than past CRBs or that it ran small. After ordering that last original CRB, I decided I like the cut of the new CRBs better. I’m probably one of the few that like the newer version. I like the fact that it’s a tad bit shorter, a little higher in the neck, the shoulders are cut in a bit more and the back is wider and lower than my lats so it doesn’t squeeze the “under the armpit fat”.

  5. I tried to order the love tee also in blue and it just says there’s a problem with my order and doesn’t complete it. (Not using pay pal) I tried 2 sizes.

    1. And since when does it not update in real time? Stuff has sold out in less than an hour before….and why aren’t stores gettting product?! (Especially Canada)

  6. I am not excited about anything this week. I would have bought an ebb to street tank perhaps ( i like them!), but they never uploaded on the Canadian side 🙁 Oh well.

    I’ve even had to make some returns lately as it’s biking season and that’s where my money is headed. 😉

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