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I’m often asked what skincare I use, especially when people find out I have rosacea. I am extremely, extremely picky about skincare and I’m very careful. Many of you know that I love my Deciem and have mostly been using those products for the past two years for skincare, I really credit it for taming my skin issues (along with my occasional use of my prescription when I have severe flare-ups).  Thankfully my rosacea is currently under control so I’m now really focused on finding the best anti-aging skincare for me and my 38 year old skin, and I’m open to carefully sampling other things. I’m nerdy about ingredients so when I got to see the products in person at the blogger conference I went to last month, I was really blown away by some of the ingredients. BHA and AHA, copper peptides, silver, salicylic acid, retinol… I was initially drawn in by the cleansing balm which I had heard a lot about (and my skin LOVES cleansing balms), but I was so impressed by the other products.  I really loved the product lineup. Because of my skin issues, I don’t get to sample a lot of expensive skincare and sometimes even really excellent skincare just doesn’t play well with my skin. Its very problematic spending money on something that ultimately won’t work for you, not just because you have to deal with returns but because the aftermath of bad reactions can take weeks to heal.  Most of the brands at this conference were giving samples of products out so I was expecting a little jar of something or other to try out with Colleen Rothschild, but when I got to talking with the rep and told her about my skin issues she started helping me pick out product after product to try. I was gifted a HUGE bag of full-size products which is honestly the best way to test out a full line for a long period of time. They gave me so much product that I was 1lb away from having to pay additional fees on my luggage at the airport, even though I packed very light. I was just blown away by their generosity and kindness, especially knowing that all these products may very well not work for me which would mean I probably wouldn’t post about them – and so it was really about ME trying the line and making sure it worked for ME. This post is not at all sponsored by them, I just got to try their products for free and really love them.

I’ve been dutifully testing out these products this past month and really love all of them. I’ll share my testing notes below. I only had one minor issue with the Extreme Recovery Cream and all the rest of them will be repurchases for me within varying levels of priority.

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Colleen Rothschild - Best Anti-Aging Skincare

The Best Anti-Aging Skincare

  1. Extreme Recovery Cream – this one was actually really great as a nighttime rich and healing moisturizer. I loved the texture and it made my skin look amazing in the morning thanks to hyaluronic acid which works to plump up and hydrate your skin, drawing in moisture from the environment around you. My minor issue with it was that it’s so rich that after a week of using it I got a couple of milia spots. They are now gone and I stopped using the cream but I now know it’s too rich for my skin and I probably will try reintroducing it as an occasional nighttime mask instead of a nightly moisturizer. It may not have been the cream but I strongly suspect that it was.
  2. Dual Enzyme Polish – I love a good gentle AHA exfoliator. I can use glycolic acid and salicylic acids occasionally but for frequent use I need gentle AHA. This one is incredible. It smells insanely good, it deep cleanses with gentle mechanical exfoliation and it leaves my skin bright and luminous. I love that this also has comfrey extract which is very soothing for my rosacea. I use a small dab of this on my skin post work out, pre-shower. I like the feeling of really getting the gym sweat off my face and exfoliating at the same time and the cooling comfrey is especially nice after a gross, sweaty workout on a muggy day.
  3. Clarifying Detox Mask – Charcoal masks are THE THING that every skincare brand is doing. It’s an incredibly popular ingredient because it’s detoxifying and binds with toxins and yada yada. I was skeptical that I would like this one because I find charcoal masks kind of basic, and also really messy. They dry hard on your skin and just feel icky and I’m always really dry after. This one is so great though and I love it. I’ve used it three times now and the texture is really different from other charcoal masks I’ve tried. It’s somehow hydrating? It has glycolic acid, charcoal and micro silver so it really cleans out your pores and resurfaces your skin (thanks to the glycolic) I’m not generally a mask person but this one is probably the first thing I’m going to repurchase. It fills a void in my skincare arsenal and it’s so pleasant to use. It also has a really cooling feeling on the skin which is great when you have rosacea. Rosacea skin tends to flush and run warm. If you like masks, and you like charcoal, this is a mask you have to try.
  4. Retinol Supreme Eye Serum – I’ve tried eye creams before and haven’t really gotten into using them regularly. I have a few from Deciem I use when I need to remedy something but otherwise, I hate the feeling of lotion around my eyes and don’t feel they do much. I really loved the sticky gel texture of this one. It felt like the retinol really stayed on my skin and it felt hydrating. I wake up with a noticeable difference with this one when I use it and I like that the retinol is doing some long-term skin correcting, not just providing a temporary plumping. If you like a gel/serum type of eye product, you will like this one. If you prefer an undereye lotion/moisturizer type of product, they have this one as well. I prefer serums.
  5. Radiant Cleansing Balm – I firmly believe that switching to cleansing balms as my skin cleanser has been the most important skincare change I made concerning my rosacea. It’s the most gentle way to cleanse your skin and the easiest and  least damaging way to take off makeup and sunscreen. I love this one and really love that it comes with a muslin cloth. In my cleansing balm research, I’ve heard a ton about this one by Colleen Rothschild and it’s one of their best sellers. If you have sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, dry skin, eczema, I really urge you to start using a balm cleanser instead of a soap based cleanser.
  6. Beauty N 9 Face Oil – I regrettably did not get a sample of this product but I also really love face oils. This is one of their best sellers and I really want to order it with my charcoal mask.
  7. Age Renewal Super Serum -This serum is fantastic. It’s full of peptides and has copper in it which I’ve been loving as an ingredient in my Deciem stuff. Beware of this if you have a copper allergy.

I have a few other products I haven’t gotten to crack into yet. The salyclic acid, the sheer renewal cream and mandelic acid. I’m really looking forward to trying those too!

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