04/21 – Hey guys! I’m reposting this Sephora VIB Sale post from last week while in Dallas. Sorry for being MIA!  I haven’t blogged since Tuesday, I had no idea the conference was going to be as intensive as it has been. I’ll post all about my time in Dallas when I get back. In the meantime, I wanted to let you guys know that the Sephora VIB Rouge sale is now open to VIB and Beauty Inside level. If you have a Sephora card, you can now access the sale HERE. I’ve made two purchases so far – I got the Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liner in 3C and 14C. I love both but 3C is the prettiest nude that matches my lip color while 14C is a pretty rose color that matches all my nude/rose lipsticks. So far I’m really loving the formulation of this lipliner and it’s stayed on all day for me during this conference. Highly recommend!

Sephora VIB Sale

Here are my notes for you on What To Buy At The Sephora VIB Sale which starts this week. Here you get the details on the sale dates and codes, and my shopping notes that include some of the past purchases that I use daily, some items on my wishlist, possibly some things that will graduate to my shopping cart, and things that will magically appear in my mailbox. One of those items is the Foreo Issa which I reviewed recently.

Are you shopping the Sephora VIB Sale? It’s so annoying that all these great sales happen in the same week. First the Shopbop Sale, now this. I’ve prioritized a spring clothing refresh with the Shopbop sale (light wash jeans) but I will probably get a few items from this sale – probably stock up on my tried and trues vs. venturing out and trying new things. I’d love to know what’s currently sitting in your shopping basket so let us know what your ride or die Sephora items are in the comments.



15% Off  use code: YAYROUGE
(April 13th for one day you can bring a friend and extend your rouge discount)

APRIL 20th – APRIL 23rd

15% Off  use code: YAYVIB
BeautyInsider DATES:

APRIL 20th – APRIL 23rd

10% Off  use code: YAYINSIDER


My past Sephora VIB Sale purchases

Sephora VIB Sale 2018

  1. If you venture out, you MUST try Tatcha Camilla Cleansing Oil and the Tatcha Indigo Body Butter. If you have to choose one, go for the cleansing oil. I never used cleansing oils because I’ve always felt it left a residue. Not this one. Your face is squeaky clean (helps with eye makeup removal too) and oh so soft! At least get a sample of it. You’ll never go back. Every time I give it as a gift to my friends, they hate me for getting them addicted. LOL. The beauty is you apply it on a dry face, rub in and then watch the milky oil rinse off.

    I’m going to have to try the Ordinary Lactic Acid.

    1. I love cleansing oil so I’ll definitely add that to my list, but I think I want to try the body butter first. I’ve heard great things. I just love the tatcha products. Last year they had this bonus perk for tatcha at sephora and I managed to get 3 minis of the rice enzyme powder.

      1. If you liked the rice enzyme, you’re going to love the cleansing oil more. As much as I like the rice enzyme, I don’t think my skin feels as soft as it does with the cleansing oil. I absolutely LOVE the body butter. It has a really light fragrance that isn’t overwhelming. You smell fresh and clean. I slather it on all over! What I love is the indigo color so it makes it easy to see where you might have missed a spot. Absolutely no residue and absorbs quickly into the skin.

    2. Definitely, try the lactic acid. Wait till next week though (order directly from Deciem) because they are releasing a new product on Wednesday on the Deciem site. Copper peptides + Buffet. I want to get that one so bad. I have a Buffet product which I love but I’ve been too cheap to fork over the $$ for the copper peptides from their more expensive Niod line. I’m excited that they are bringing copper to the Ordinary line.

      1. I see the copper plus buffet on the Cnd site now, but no description of the product. I was able to add it to my basket.

    1. Oh I hadn’t seen that. That’s a shame.
      I don’t use it every day, I use it about once or twice a week, usually before bed. Today I put it on in the morning because I have a big pimple on my chin that’s really sore and deep so I want it to come up, and I’ll probably use it every day for the next few days. If my skin is looking dull it’s usually needing an acid peel.

      1. Thanks! I discovered Deciem thanks to your post from a couple of months ago. Im definitely keeping an eye out for that new product!

        The sale also apparently only applies to a limit of 3 drunk elephant products for those interested.

        1. You are so welcome! To be honest I’ve seen similar ones at my local dollar store and also Home Sense (TJMax/TKMax/Homegoods) but this one was sturdier and not a big price difference. It hasn’t scratched up and I just occasionally dip it in hot soapy water to get it sparkly.

  2. here’s what’s in my cart:
    – Brazilian Bumbum cream (set of 3 travel size). I always get these
    – Olaplex No.3: first time trying this
    – Amorepacific face wash: first time trying as well. Have heard great things
    – Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
    – Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: everyone needs this

    That’s it. I managed to talk myself out of getting any makeup. I’ve been collecting makeup since 2001 and I have more than enough for an entire army of women! Also, I rarely experiment with makeup anymore, I have become boring -_- My days of beauty blogging are behind me

  3. I’m only planning to restock some of my Belif skincare because Ulta sent out a 20% coupon too. And I’ve been Sephora VIB Rouge for several years, but am finding I’m returning more to Ulta because the rewards and sales are better.

  4. Hey! Does anyone have some recommendations on where to sell Lulu items? Are Facebooks groups still effective? I’m in Toronto. Thanks and Happy Earth Day!

      1. Thanks. Do you know the current going price on an original CRB? BNWT or EUC, various colours (realizing certain colours and patterns will be more desired)

        1. Totally depends on print and colour. You could do a recently sold search on eBay to be sure – sold items are highlighted green, unsold are red. For basic colours I’d probably price around $20 for EUC and $30 for NWT unless it’s a popular colour/print in which case I’d post for the retail price or more. Definitely do research though on pricing because my knowledge may not be current enough.

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