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Last weeks post – What To Buy: Shopbop Sale, Weekend Report: Sephora, Lululemon Fit Review, Store Photos, Sephora VIB Sale (I’ve purchased a second lip liner in 3C), last weeks Lululemon Upload.

Nothing for me this week, although I’m really eying the dragonfly Sculpt Tank. I’m traveling to a blogger conference this week in Dallas, Texas, so if you are interested in Dallas travel, behind the scenes blogger stuff, or fashion bits, check out my upcoming posts throughout the week. This is my first boondoggle to a blogger conference so I’m super excited. I always felt like I missed out on the exciting travel portion of the Seawheeze Half Marathon which a ton of you come to Vancouver for yearly,  so this definitely makes up for it for me. I get to mingle with an amazing community of bloggers, I get to learn from the best, and I get to travel to and explore an amazing city. I’m really excited to possibly meet Amy Song of Song of Style, and of course a local celebrity, Jillian Harris.

Let me know if you’ve been to Dallas before or if you live there, and if there is any specific thing you think I should check out. My exploring time will be very limited but I’m committed to making the most of any free time I have.

Did you order anything today?

Fast & Free Crop II

Fast & Free Crop II Hanakotoba Starlight Multi

Full Freedom Jacket

Full Freedom Jacket

Groove Crop

Groove Crop

Sculpt Tank II

Wunder Under Tech Mesh

Ready To Run Jacket

Speed Up Tight – Hanakotoba Starlight Multi

Speed Up Tight

City Adventurer Shoulder Bag

City Adventurer Shoulder Bag

Real Quick Short

Real Quick Short

Breezy Dot Tight
Breezy Dot Tight

Find older colors and prints of these styles on eBay

  1. Wow dragonfly sculpt tank…yikes i am trying so hard to keep to 4 item per month limit. I wanted fast as light tank from last week…and speed up shorts in memoir purple…oh and i did order dragonfly bra and speedup shorts with kascade and tulle wups… So do i really need sculpt tank…im not tinkerbell lol. Maybe a crb will be next… I do have swiftly from recent warehouse sale…decisions decisions

      1. Surprisingly I love the print — better than tulle. Tulle is very dull compared to web photo..,,,with browny tones in it…yet Kascade looks amazing and cheerful and bright, but not neon bright, the lines are well situated…i sized down as I do with nulux wup (stay tts in Fast and Free)…and it does not fade out much..that I notice…but the fading is not as noticeable in lighter prints vs black …..and I couldn’t see tag — but I am not super picky about sheerness as I wear appropriate coloured thong to conceal — and I also expect that workout wear will stretch and therefore have some sheerness…. they are keepers. I am on fence about tulle as my tops tend to be brighter in colour…not subdued like that bluey seascape colour from last year…or misty mauve, or moss…. As I don’t want to be a big standout at the gym, I will likely wear a navy/hero blue tank with Kascade print to calm outfit down….maybe white in summer.

        1. This is a great review. I agree with you on the Tulle print. I loved it in the photos because it looked vibrant and bright but as soon as I opened the package I noticed they seemed dull. I ended up returning them and only keeping the kascade. I stayed tts and didn’t have an issue with fading or sheerness.

  2. I think the placement of the ebay pics really break up the flow of this post.

    Hope you have a great time in Dallas!

  3. I bought the Hanakotoba Starlight Multi print WUC in store today.
    They are beautiful! Good compression & completely opaque. Love them 🙂

  4. It’s not posted here but the Tied and True s/s top is online now, I bought it two weeks ago in store. The Smoky Mulberry is beautiful and I really love the top.

    I like the City Adventure Cross Body but not the price. For a much smaller purse than the Festival Bag it’s priced the same and I refuse to pay that much. I know there is one on wmtm but not a colour I want. So nothing for me this week.

    So what are people’s thoughts on the Groove Crops? They have too much of a flair for my liking but it’s nice to see they have the seam down the back of the legs and butt which they failed to do when they brought back the Groove Pants.

    Have a great trip and look forward to hearing all about it.

      1. Sizing for s/s tops that are not Swiftlies for me can vary between a 4 & 6 and I got a size 4 in this top. I would say this top is a generous tts and that is why I was able to fit the size 4. It has the fit of a Love Tee, flowy not tight which I like but without a shoulder seam. The short sleeves are on the snug side but not an issue for me. I hope this helps.

        1. Thanks for replying. I wear a size 4 for lulu tops except for the 105 tanks and i wear a 2 for that. Would it be safe for me to get a 4?

          1. Sorry but I don’t know enough to advise you as to what size to order. Good Luck hope you get the right size and like it.

    1. I have an old pair of Groove crops and they are cute. Something different for a workout or running around doing errands. For me, they aren’t a style of pant I’d collect in multiple colors, but I do wear them every so often. Mine are a heathered dark coal color and they seem to match all my bright tanks. I think it’s worth a try-on to see if you like the style.

    2. The City Adventurer shoulder bag is the new one, and its capacity is 2L larger than the Festival Bag. The City Adventurer crossbody was the smaller one that’s sold out now, and it’s capacity is only 3L, but I love it! I’m a Lulu bag addict and I’ve been extensively researching….

  5. I like the new print but I never reach for print bottoms so I am trying to hold off. I did buy the dusty dawn define. Will see what it looks like in person but it’s very different from others I have. Do the groove crops look more flare than they used to be? I don’t have any so I don’t know. Hoping they bring back more skinny grooves with back seam. Glad to see some oldies coming back.

  6. Not liking this upload or any of the last several weeks’. My optimism is waning. They’re really not making any effort at all. Hope things turn around soon.

  7. If you like All the right places, the Breezy Tights are awesome!! Lots of compression and great for harder workouts 🙂 I got the blue, and now I just ordered the Jasmine white/grey (much cuter in person).

  8. I’m so happy Groove Crops are back! I think I have about 15 pairs as I was afraid I’d never see them again! Yay for lulu for bringing back some of the old staples! Now if they brought back Quiet Stripes WUC that would be amazing! Also Stride Jackets would be refreshing once again if we got some colour in that department! But I think it’s slowly improving!!!

  9. I lived in Dallas for 7 years. They’ve got great restaurants there. If you have time, try to go to brunch at La Duni. There are a couple of them around the city. Northpark Mall is huge and has everything from the Gap to Lululemon to Nordstrom so it’s great for shopping and people watching. (And there is a La Duni there.)

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