The shopbop sale is live! The promotion is good NOW through Saturday, April 14 –  use code EVENT18 at checkout! This has become one of my favorite sales to scope out because of all the amazing brands they carry. I’m surprised at how many Canadians shop this sale especially. I’m so late to the Shopbop bandwaggon having discovered it only last year, but I’m so glad I finally did.  There was a conversation at my gym the other day and one of my workout buddies was telling me that she frequently orders from Shopbop and that the shipping is really easy. It’s one of the few US online retailers that do free shipping and free returns to Canada. You can even upgrade to free 1-3 day shipping, but then return shipping costs $30. Not a bad deal though if you are certain you are keeping an item and you want it fast.  I purchased my P.E Nation tights at the Shopbop Sale last year and really love them.

Here are my favorite fashion-activewear items I’ve snitched out.

1. Performance Graphic Top, 2. Nylon Camo Tote Bag 3. Track Tank 4. Hoodini Sweatshirt 5. Performance Essentials Legging
6. Ultraboost Sneakers 7. The Check Hook Legging 8. La Mans Bra 9. Diagonal Stripe Legging

See the items I’m browsing from the Shopbop Sale

Shopbop Sale

Shopbop Sale


  1. im so confused that they are doing this sale again – they just had this sale at the beginning of march! I mean, I’m not complaining, but I don’t get it??? Bandier just had their F&F sale too… I can’t handle all these sales all at once 🙂

    1. I know, I was wondering the same thing. I assumed this was a once a year thing. I was unprepared for this one. And in case you are waiting for the Sephora sale, sorry to break it to you but that one starts on the 14th this month too.

  2. I’m loving that camo tote! I’ve been looking for an everyday tote bag (shaped like the camo bag) that’s not too big and not too heavy (unless there’s a great leather one out there). I want something reasonably priced so I don’t worry about ruining it and can just use it without any caution. The straps should also be comfortable. LOL; this is the reason why I can’t find the one that’s perfect. Anyone have suggestions?

    1. MZ Wallace has a really nice similar camo tote but I’m not 100% certain it’s still current. I’ve liked that one for a long time but I think it’s slightly higher price point than this one.

  3. You have to get the Golden Goose sneakers if you’re in the market for a pair. I’ve tried them on and they are sooo gorgeous! I was really sad not to get them (no size online and super expensive where I live), but you should really get them Cristina if they’re in budget for you!

    I went on a crazy hunt for a pair after your post on them. I’d seen them before but always thought they were just overpriced. I finally found a pair very reasonably priced (for GGDB) on if you want to check that out too? Not sure how the price there compares to Canada but they had 10% off your first order plus free international shipping.

  4. Has anyone worn the legging from Tory Sport? I love the look of them, but not sure on sizing… i’m usually an 8, occasionally a 6 in lululemon if that helps. Thanks!

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