March Favorites 2018 – Foreo Issa 2, Moon Juice, Nars and More

It’s March Favourites time! I know I don’t do these posts monthly because if I did they would be super repetitive. I like to post these when I have a new routine or product that I’ve been using repeatedly throughout the month, like my Foreo Issa 2. I’m probably forgetting a lot of items, but these are the daily ritual items I’ve been using.

Foreo Issa 2, The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA, Nars Soft Matte Complete, La Roche-Posay Ciciplast Baume Barrier Repairing Balm

I got the Foreo Issa 2 mid last year when my Sonicare toothbrush bit the dust. I got so fed up at my Sonicare brush constantly coming off mid brush that I knew I wanted to replace it with an electric toothbrush but didn’t want another Sonicare. Getting the Foreo was a bit of a risk because I had no idea if it would be as good as a conventional electric toothbrush which is backed by studies and dentists, but I’m happy to report it works just as well. It’s actually even cheaper than a Sonicare toothbrush.  The design is way better (and pretty!), The toothbrush itself is so much cleaner and more sanitary, it’s comfortable to hold, convenient with charging it only every 6 months and perfect to travel with. It did take some getting used to the silicone bristles rubbing my gums but I feel like I’m getting a deeper clean ad polishing. Man, I really wish that gorgeous yellow Foreo Issa 2 Toothbrush was available when I got mine. The pink is nice but that yellow is so perfect.

I’m a huge, huge fan of The Ordinary skincare by Deciem (see here: Deciem) and have a ton of their products. It’s changed my skin and vastly improved my rosacea. My latest purchase was the Moisturizing Factors. This is a huge fan favorite amongst users but because I’d been so focused on buying the flashy active ingredients for targeted issues, I wasn’t as interested in getting a simple moisturizer. This moisturizer is really great though and I love layering it over my active ingredients, and under makeup. I don’t think my dry skin has used a better moisturizer.

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla is my new go-to concealer. A little of this goes a very long way and you only need a thin little dab to cover up redness. I love the formulation of this and that it’s so pigmented because with less pigmented concealers you have to layer it and you get a lot of texture. I use a creme brulle for my undereye since it’s a pink undertone that counteracts the blue, but truthfully it’s a good color match for the rest of my face too. I prefer vanilla though for my cheek area since I do have redness, and the yellow undertones in that counteracts the red. This formula is very matte so if you put too much on it will look caked on, but if you put the slightest amount on using your fingers you won’t see makeup at all, just color correction. I can definitely get away with not wearing foundation by using just a bit of this concealer.

La Roche-Posay Ciciplast lip balm is used by everyone in my house. My daughter has severe eczema and very sore redness on and around her lips when the air is dry or cold. I use a lot of the La Roche-Posay Ciciplast line on her and she has tubes of the hand lotion and lip balm in her backpack and on her nightstand. For myself, I keep the lip balm in my purse and my nightstand and I use it every night. I’m a mouth breather at night because I have a very bad deviated septum and my nose gets extremely plugged up. This means I’m waking up constantly with dry mouth and lips. I have a lot of lip balms I really love and use all the time but this is the one that is actually repairing for extreme dry lips.

Buy these items here:

Moon Juice Blue Beauty Adaptogen Protein, Beauty Dust, Pearl Powder, Vitamin D3, Tocotrienols and Krill Oil

I’ve already written about my Moon Juice haul and the beauty superfoods I’ve been trying and loving (and I’ll have more to post soon), so read this post to learn more detail about these products and why I take them. The #1 thing I recommend though is Vitamin D3. Whatever else you can take on top of that is just a bonus. I’m really liking the Pearl Powder a lot, and I’m loving my vitamin and mineral routine in the mornings. I’ve had such a huge and positive difference in my skin, hair, nails, energy, sleep, and cycles. I added this ‘toco-krill’ mid month and so far I really like it. It’s a blend of tocotrienols and krill oil for omega 3 and DHA EPA. I buy it at a local pharmacy under their own house brand so I’m not sure you can find this anywhere else, but if you are interested it’s from Finlandia Pharmacy.

  1. I have been contemplating replacing my clairsonic with the foreo luna and everytime I look at them, I am intrigued by the tooth brush. I am waiting for the next Sephora sale or possibly Nordie’s anniversary sale. Christina, have you or any addicts tried micro needling or nurse jamie’s facial roller? maybe its the never ending winter but I feel like my face could use a little something…

    1. I got my toothbrush with one of the sephora VIB sales last year because the sale happened at the pinnacle of my sonicare frustration. I’m pretty sure they are cheaper at the Nordie sale every year. Make sure you get the hybrid one with the bristles in the middle. I meant to post that in my review here but forgot about that detail.

      I’ve heard of micro needling and have been wanting to try it. I actually saw the Nurse Jamie’s facial roller on an acquaintances Instagram story so I want to ask her about it.

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