The Lululemon Upload is live!! Lots of posts this week! Check out: Athleisure Style StaplesFit Review: Adidas SST Track Jacket, Levi’s Wedgie Fit JeansMove Lightly Pant Fit Review and Store Photos, Review: Rapid LashGuest Fit Review , Adidas Ultraboost.

By the way, I’ve spent a few sleepless nights figuring out how to install push notifications for you (and me of course!). Did you get a push notification request when you came to my site today? It should be live for today’s upload post. Let me know in the comments. If you find these things annoying you can just decline it (it will pop up once each browser), or approve it and change the settings later if you decide you hate it. This will be invaluable to you if you want to stay on top of the Lululemon upload, or any other blog related breaking news. I love feedback (even when it hurts) so let me know what you think of this feature. I am a bit invested in its success because of the aforementioned sleepless nights (and dread of installing new codes) but I still want to know if this works for you.  You should only ever get a push notification for a new blog post going live, not like CNN ‘breaking news’ notifications.

Time Out Hoodie

Time Out Hoodie

Define Jacket – Jasmine White Multi

Define Jacket Jasmine White Multi

Just Pleat It SS

Just Pleat It Short Sleeve

Time To Sweat Tank

Time To Sweat Tank

Fast As Light Tank *Frilled

Fast As Light Tank Frilled

Or on eBay

Swiftly Tech T-Back

Or on eBay

Speed Up Tight – Jasmine White Multi

Speed Up Tight Jasmine White Multi

Or on eBay

Sweat Times Bra – Hanakotoba Starlight Multi/Black

Hanakotoba Starlight Multi/Black

Tied & True Tank

Tied & True Tank

Essential Tank

Essential Tank

Or on eBay

Non Stop Romper

Non Stop Romper

Or on eBay

Run All Day Backpack II

Run All Day Backpack II

Or on eBay

Arise Bodysuit
Arise Body Suit

Or on eBay

Favorite Rare Lululemon On Ebay


  1. Hi Cristina, I did get the push notification but I did not accept. I visit your site on a regular basis so didn’t think I needed it…

    Nothing for me this week.

  2. I don’t receive the push notification. But more importantly, your site is still not loading correctly. I have to refresh several times for the content and comments to load.

    1. Same here. Mrs. O’s fit reviews showed up when I went to your site and I had to refresh once to get to the latest post. I also didn’t get any notifications as well.

      1. I visit much less frequently since you changed it last year. Haven’t gotten used to it – just too much going on and I am a techie 🙁

  3. Hi Christina, I did not receive a push notification pop up. I’m using google through the Safari app, all updates are current. (Hopefully that helps). I rarely use push notifications and visit your page every Tuesday!

    Thank you Christina and Mrs. O. for the reviews on the Move Lightly Pant. I was interested, but there’s NO way they’ll look nice on my short stocky legs.

    I purchased the Final Lap Crops in Evergreen (in store) the weekend before they dropped. Did not purchase last Tuesday. Today I ordered the Brunswick Muscle Tank in Cherry Dust and the Align Crops in Dazed before my size sold out. I hope we get the Brunswick in Petal here in the U.S. I’m still interested in the Time Out Crew, the Hoodie if it comes out in different colors like navy, the Blissed Out Culottes (to wear at home or errands, sure they won’t flatter my body but they look comfy), Rejuvenate Crops, All Tied Up Tank in Light Coral and the Aligns in Sage. I do not like the ruffle or pleat details on any of the items.

  4. I got the push notifications and selected “allow” to see how the notifications come in. I too have been having issues with content loading on your page. I have to refresh on the main page to see if there are new comments. Then once I click on the post, I have to refresh again to see the updated comments. Doesn’t matter what web browser I use.

    1. It’s the same for me having to reload main page then once in the post I have to reload page to get the comments. It does get tiresome doing this and I hope Cristina can get this fixed.

    2. Same here. I always have to refresh a page if I want to see new comments.
      I did get the push notification and I clicked “Allow”. I love reading your blog. Please, make more Lulu fit reviews, they are always so helpful. Thank you.

    3. I have the same issues as well. It is rather annoying just to see updated info to keep refreshing. There must be a fix.

      1. I have the same issue. I couldn’t get to see your upload post until today despite trying numerous times yesterday. Lots of times the comments won’t update for me for several day too. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but it is a pain.
        I love my fast as light tank so i ordered this new version to try. i am on the fence about the ruflle detail and different material. will have to see it in person to decide. i also ordered the new pinky aligns. i like the sage too but holding out for more align crops at this point. i ordered the brunswick tanks last week and really like them….even better than love tanks so hoping it comes in more colors. I like the idea of the lightly pants but i am so scared of tencel. i thought it was super wrinkly but it is supposed to be less wrinkle prone right? can anyone comment?
        i received my rejuvenate crops last week and promptly mailed them back the next day (and i never do that). Thats how much of a disappointment they were. Material is great but the weird tight wasitband ruined them for me.

        1. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew someone in tech that could help me solve this one. I just found a setting on my server for saved versions of my website for quicker load time and I turned it off. I’m crossing my fingers that that was a simple fix. Let me know next week on the upload if you have the same issue. Opting in on the pop-ups are an alternative because it will physically show you that there is a new post (the second it’s up) and it allows you to click on that to view that post. I get that some hate pop-ups and don’t want to bother with it, but if it’s useful to you to view the upload post right away, give it a try.

          1. Cristina, I signed up for the pop up notifications but never got one for the Shopbop sale. I had to refresh to see the new post. I’ll ask my hubby about the issue. He’s a techie and builds websites for his long time clients (even though he’s out of that field now).

            1. Thanks so much Mrs. O! If he can point me in the right direction, I can probably have my web host make the corrections. I sent them a PDF of all these comments and they came back with ‘In order to avoid the storage of cached content locally in your visitor’s browser, I have now commented out the above lines and the problem should be resolved.’. I think that should fix it. Maybe your husband will know what that means and if it covers what the problem was.

    1. I don’t think it is. I could only find it when I switched to the Canadian site. Some stores might have it, you could call Lulu and ask. They’ve been great at helping me find stores with items in stock.

  5. I got the push notification and accepted but did not receive it when the new blog uploaded. I have also had issue with the site not loading and having to refresh multiple times.

  6. I got the push notification and use Chrome on a Macbook if that helps. I don’t think you need it though. I tend to steer away from those notifications. I already have your blog bookmarked and check it daily haha.

    I like some items but nothing I MUST have… I feel like there’s always something I want but then I get over it.

  7. I got the notification too and accepted. I’m not having any problems with loading content or comments. The site is working just fine for me. I had that problem a few months ago, but I got a new computer and have the latest version of Firefox.

    Sometimes, my phone won’t load all the pics in the post. But honestly, I prefer to look at the clothing pics on my computer anyway. It’s easier to see details, especially on upload days.

  8. I like the new Vintage Rose colour of Aligns so I will likely order that. I also like the new perforated shorts. Those would be awesome for my warmer weather runs and remind me of older Lulu stuff.

    Cristina – I did not get a push notification but I don’t need it anyway. I visit your site regularly. I also have issues with your page loading though. I almost always have to refresh

  9. **Thanks to everyone for the feedback about the page load issues. I’m so disappointed that it’s still a problem. I think it’s because of how I revise posts frequently on upload day, but it needs to be fixed. I’m going to try and find someone to help me figure it out as soon as I’m able to.**

    1. FYI,

      It doesn’t only happen on upload day. It’s every post as well as every new comment. Sometimes, when I see there are new comments, I click on the post. The post doesn’t refresh the comments. Refresh again, it will go back to the home page instead of just refreshing and updating the comments. Then I get irritated and leave the site.

  10. Admin here:
    Hey guys! I just wanted to update you all. I think I may have had the problem with the page load fixed. This is what my web host has told me after I sent him all of your comments to make it explicitly clear what the issue happening was.
    “In order to avoid the storage of cached content locally in your visitor’s browser, I have now commented out the above lines and the problem should be resolved.”

    Please keep an eye out over the next few days, and especially with the upload post next week and if it continues to be a problem I want to be on top of it. It’s super annoying for you guys, which makes it have an impact on my end as well. I want this to be a fun experience for you so even though it may take time for me to get things fixed because I don’t have the resources at hand, it IS top priority for me. Thanks so much for sticking with me and for honestly giving me feedback about it. It means the world to me!!

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