The Lululemon New Product Release is here!
Sorry for the lack of posting this past week. It’s been a whirlwind trip to Dallas and the busyness of the trip paired with the unreliable wifi (200 bloggers using the same wifi server! Ha!) meant I didn’t get to blog – I did post on Instagram though and even started using stories so I’d love it if you would follow me there. I took yesterday off but I do have some awesome reviews from Mrs. O to share with you this week, and I’m planning my Rewardstyle Conference post for those of you interested in behind the scenes blogger content. I met several bloggers and vloggers I’ve followed for years and it was a very surreal experience.  I’ve come back really inspired and excited to apply some of the things I learned.

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Nothing for me today. I am liking the Gather Up Jacket and the Love Tee V in Glossy. I really love the sneak peek of Lululemon tights in the Nice & Natural Popover picture. I think I’m liking the new Efflorescent Dark Canyon Onyx Blue? I like the contrasting muted blue and red in the print. I think I’d get tired of the print over time but I’m liking it at first glance.


Did you order anything or try any of these on in store? Let us know what your favorite picks are.


Gather Up Jacket

Gather Up Jacket

Hot Spell Bra

Hot Spell Crossback Bra Hot Spell Crossback Bra

Scuba Hoodie – Efflorescent Dark Canyon Onyx Blue/Onyx Blue

Scuba Hoodie Efflorescent Dark Canyon Onyx Blue/Onyx Blue

All You Do Tight

All You do Tight

Define Jacket – Dark Canyon

Define Jacket Dark Canyon

Scuba Hoodie – Ikebana Barracks Green Deep Phantom/Deep Phantom

Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Day Tripper Dress – Quicksand

Lululemon Day Tripper Dress

Love Tee V – Glossy

Love Tee V

Pace Rival Skirt *Tall

Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt

Nice & Natural Popover
(Check out the sneak peek tights!)

Lululemon Nice & Natural Popover

Lululemon Reveal Tight Lattice Paisley

Reveal Tight

Still Movement Sweater

Lululemon Still Movement Sweater

Still Movement Wrap

Still Movement Wrap

Break Free Tank

Break Free Tank - Dragonfly

Shop Lululemon on eBay inspired by this upload

  1. Thx for posting. Nothing for me. Nothing interests me…but thats ok. Im still contemplating a couple items for a couple uploads ago. Trying to slow down so this helps. I did see speed shorts in the blue glow colour at my store…love the colour but not sure I want shorts in it….maybe a top.

  2. Been a tough, tough Spring. All I’ve bought (and kept) in the last two months is one SS Swiftly. Most weeks look the same and it all looks like Athleta. Very generic, very bland.

    Really missing Hey, Lululemon now. I feel totally cut off from the company. No news about what the design team is doing. No news about whether they’re replacing Holman, or whether they’ve decided to do without his role. They no longer upload WMTM on Thursdays. If it weren’t for the regular Tuesday uploads, there would be nothing left of the company I once felt really close to. Now they’re just like every other big corporate entity. Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted.

    1. Not sure where you are from but in Canada and the US the WMTM upload has been occurring on Thursday mornings for a very long time ….

      1. Well, they popped 20-30 items on today in the US. They’ve been doing random adds to WMTM for a while. Sounds like a funny thing to complain about, I know, but when they had a regular schedule, it somehow felt more personal. I don’t think I can articulate why, but when you can rely on people to keep to a certain schedule, it builds familiarity and seems almost like some kind of dialogue.

  3. Yup, nothing for me either. When I walk into the store lately, the things I liked on the upload doesn’t interest me as much when I see it in person.

  4. Hi Cristina, the links in this post seem to take me the Australian site. For a minute I was confused as to the winter jackets and wraps showing up in the upload and then I noticed I was shopping on the Australian site.

  5. I’m happy to see the hot spell bra back. I have a few from previous releases that are my summer favorites. I may pick up the pink. Otherwise, nothing else this time around.

  6. I wish the Break Free Tank would come in a full length version as well. Love the style, love the color, don’t love having my stomach exposed. Sigh.

  7. I just ordered the hot spell bra. I wish they would restock or carry more colors in free to be. It’s my everyday bra And sizes sell out so fast. They need to be back in stores too. Obviously they are popular. Also more FTBW. Anyway, so annoying that we get vague fabric descriptions. If anyone sees gather up jacket in store can they post fabric here? Would really appreciate it. Not sure I like the placement of gathers on it tho, seems that could be unflattering. Wish we just got Be Present back instead.

  8. I really want those sneak peak tights!!! They look like WUs…what fabric do you think that is? Can’t wait for those to be added to the site.

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