1. Thank goodness for the undesirable items…i will save this week too. I just ordered wup in tulle and cascade from 2 weeks ago….and dragonfly shorts and bra…hopefully these 4 items are it for april. Trying to keep to a 4 item max per month

    1. Will you update us about the tulle WUP? None of the stores near me has it so I can’t try on. I’ve hear a lot of people complaining of it fading.

      1. I ordered the tulle WUP in my TTS when they first came out & do not have any problem whatsoever with fading.
        The material is very thin, like you can see the outline of the front pocket on the waistband (all my shirts cover the waistband, so this doesn’t bother me). I thought that they would be very sheer (because I could see the white tag outline when bending over), but tried them on with a wide variety of colored underwear and they passed the “bend test” each time.
        I wore them out for the first time yesterday, and did not notice any real “slippage”. I thought that it would be really bad based on reviews. I never buy WU pants to run in, do cardio or strength training, I buy WUs for lounging, yoga or “to & from”. That could be why “slippage” wasn’t an issue for me.
        The only disappointment that I had with the coloring was that I thought that there would be a bit of minty green in them. The greenish color is actually a grey. I would say that the pinkish tones are pretty much identical to what I saw online.
        They are really pretty. I’m glad that I ordered them, minor flaws and all 🙂

        1. J, thanks so much for the information. I only wear WUP nulux for Pilates or spin; otherwise the slippage would drive me nuts! Oh, that’s a shame that the greenish color is gray. Now I think you’re convincing me to get them (and the bra). Eeks! I’ve been spending too much money! Not on new stuff but older Lululemon items on eBay. Well, I can’t tell that lie . . . I actually did buy a lot of new stuff but I got a gigantic gift card. So, it wasn’t really my money. 😉

  2. The Reveal tops look really pretty but I’ve never owned anything from that line. Not sure if I’ll like the fabric but I must try. I really like Lulu’s crop tops paired with high waisted bottoms.

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