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Wow! a run jacket in a bright color! This Lululemon Upload is so surprising to me. A lot of new designs that look like familiar old retro Lululemon items. They haven’t made tencil items, especially bottoms, in years and years (I’ve posted several from ebay at the bottom of this post). I highly recommend trying them on if you are looking for a lightweight summer crop for traveling. The tencil material feels and looks like silk, but it’s thicker and more substantial. I can’t speak to this years design since I haven’t tried them on yet, but I think they are more promising then they look online. I ordered the black in two sizes to try on and if they work out I think they will look super cute with a pair of espadrille sandals and a pretty peasant tank top. I’ll do a fit review with this outfit on Thursday. The Wake Up & Go Jacket also reminds me of a thin knit hoodie from a few years ago, and the Time Out Crew may possibly be like the old reversible Every Yogi LS/Cabin LS’s. All You Do Tank also looks like a revamped retro design. I’m a little tempted by the Blissed Out Cullotes because they look so comfy but I suspect they aren’t for my body type.

Did you guys order anything or see anything you want to try on? All you old timers out there, do some of these designs remind you of old school Lululemon?

Deep Inhale JacketDeep Inhale Jacket - lululemon upload

Rather Be Gathered DressRather Be Gathered Dress

Define Jacket – Jasmine White MultiDefine Jacket

Wake Up & Go JacketWake Up & Go Sweater

Blissed Out CulottesBlissed Out Culottes

Scuba Hoodie SashikoScuba Hoodie Light Sashiko

Love the old sashiko line. over the years it’s become one of my favorite print capsules. Feeling tempted by this scuba.

Time Out CrewTime Out Crew

This reminds me of old Every Yogi LS and cabin LS reversible tops from Lululemon.

Move Lightly PantMove Lightly Pant

This reminds me of old Lululemon tencil pants. Perfect for spring.

Move Lightly ShortsMove Lightly Short

Cates Crop Tee is back with a preview of a new print.

Cates Crop TeeCates Crop Tee

All You Do TankAll You Do Tank All You Do Tank Efflorescent Nebula Black

The inseam of these shorts is a surprising 2.5″. For some reason, they look like they are long shorts but they are pretty short. Maybe it’s the higher rise.

Cool & Collected ShortCool & Collected Short

Choose A Side Short
Choose A Side Short Choose A Side Short

The Originals! Shop vintage Lululemon inspired by this post here. Tencel crops, sashiko, ruched dresses

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  1. I love the Wake up and Go jacket, although the price with tax is a bit scary. If it goes on sale, and the reviews are positive, I’ll buy it. For now, I ordered the All You Do tank, only because I find the black and grey pattern sophisticated. I sized up to 12 – when the description says tight fit, I learned to buy a size bigger than usual, lest my bumps get highlighted. The return of Tencel garments doesn’t leave me excited. I hate their propensity to look like a crumpled dishrag once I sit down. I returned my Tencel pants when Lululemon first sold them, and I never bought Tencel again.

  2. Well I am an old timer LLL shopper! It is so nice to see a nice bright blue jacket but when it comes to a technical running jacket I want length and few other features this one is missing. As for tencel, I am not a fan but it all depends on the style. I saw these pants in store today but didn’t try them on. The cuffed hem is a turn off for me as they look like they will never stay properly cuffed. I didn’t see the Move Lightly Shorts in store but may order them. I have been wanting a longer inseam short so I am curious to see what they look like on.

    I bought the Time Out Crew in the blue hydrangea/deep indigo and I really like it. I go between a 4 & 6 in pima cotton tops and I bought this one in a size 4 and it fits beautifully. I can’t remember what you call the sleeve (raglan?) with a large armhole which I don’t normally like but I actually like it because it makes this top that much more comfortable without looking baggy. Maybe that it why the size 4 fits so well. This style in a turtleneck would be great for winter.

    I also bought the Tied and True s/s top in smoked mulberry and I absolutely love it. I am so glad I didn’t buy the s/s pleated top last week because I like this one better. I didn’t see this online here in Canada but it is online in the UK. I bought this in store today. The size 4 was too small and tight in the sleeve but the size 6 is perfect. It is flowy in front which is nice and the slit in back does not go up very high so it’s a nice detail that works for me. The colour is gorgeous and the fabric is a bit sheer but I had on a dark nude bra on and you couldn’t see it. The stock photos show this colour with a white bra under it and can clearly be seen and looks a lot more sheer than it did on me and you can’t see your skin. I highly recommend this top.

    I tried on the porcelain pink Love Tee Crew. I am in between sizes in this top and strangely enough neither size works for me so I didn’t buy it.

    I have been wanting a longer short but I think the

  3. The dresses look good, but I’m not sure how high the quality will be at that price point.

    I wish they would make something like the Sashiko line again. I have the Chilly Chill vest, and love it. The current Scuba hoodie just has some very plain contrast stitching, nothing remarkable or interesting.

    Still optimistic for the summer season, but for me, there’s nothing in this upload.

    I returned the Pearl Pink Swiftly because of sheerness. I didn’t think it was THAT bad, but my 8 year old daughter gave me the, “MOM! YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE YOUR BELLY BUTTON! EWWWWWWWW!!!!” So back it went. (And no, her ideas on fashion don’t always guide me, but you can’t beat a child for raw honesty.)

    1. I am undecided about my Pearl Pink Swiftly whether I will keep it or not. As much as I love this shade of pink I am finding most tops made in this colour are somewhat sheer. I have an older Swiftly in a lighter shade of pink and yet this Pearl Pink is more sheer.

      1. Mine is slightly sheer but I love the color so much that I’m keeping it. I usually wear tanks underneath my Swiftly LSs so it doesn’t matter to me as much. I kept my porcelain pink one too.

        This new upload does remind me of some oldies. I’m liking all the pretty colors that are coming out. I’m definitely going to go in store to try things on.

        1. I didn’t find it very sheer either. Only slightly depending on the bra color. I LOVE the color too.

          I stopped by the store yesterday and I’m loving the return of color. The fun patterns are back and it’s been so nice to see some of the old-ish designs with a slight update back again. My reversible cabin ls are my go-to tops in Winter. I also have a pair of sashiko wu’s that I wear on a regular basis (maybe too much!)

          I’m happy to see dresses again after not having anything interesting last year. The cinch dress reminds me of an older design too. I have a purple one and a red one that cinch on both sides, but very similar look. I don’t remember the name though. They are my favorite summertime dresses. If they come out with some brighter colors in the cinch, I will be all over it!

  4. Love the cherry dust Love tank. Gorgeous color. I saw weeks ago Europe and a few others had the “pushing limits” bra in pearl pink and a green color. Hoping to see it in the US and Canada but so far no luck! 🙁 my favorite bra.

  5. I cannot wait to see the Breeze By Short Sleeve Squad in light coral in person! That is perfection to me. I love the whole Breeze By line. It’s light and structured at the same time.

  6. Dropped by a Lulu store and got a pair of Move Lightly Pant in Blue Tied which is a beautiful bluish grey. I prefer the length of Move Lightly Pant to On The Fly Pant and at 5’3”, it reaches about an inch above my ankle. The rise is higher than I thought and the waist is on the snug side (I’m 103 lbs and wear size 2). The pant looks flattering on my slim figure but two GECs have the same comment that it might not work on someone with a big hip. The material is really silky and comfy. I have two pairs of Lulu tencel pants I got maybe four years ago and they are still my favorite.

  7. I’m getting the coulettes and cates crop tee -I requested from my mom for my bday this weekend lol. Lulu posted it on their FB page and it looks like a super simple cute/trendy casual outfit for summer. I love lulu pieces that work for casual wear on a weeknight vs. always wearing leggings or jeans everywhere. I’m sort of tempted by those tencel pants but for pants of that style I like athleta a little better since they still carry ‘tall’ lengths, which I prefer when available.

  8. I received my rather be gathered dress and I really like it. Got my same size as cinch dress and it fits great. I recommend to those on fence. I also purchased the culottes and like them more than I thought I would. The material is very soft but substantial so it doesn’t show imperfections (not sure about white ones it may be true for those also) The waistband is snug so keep that in mind if u are thinking of ordering your smaller size. I am only 5’1 and wasn’t sure how style would work on me but once hemmed they will be fine. So shorties can rock this style too! Looks super cute with cate cropped top.
    I really like the idea of the tencel pants but I always thought tencel wrinkled horribly after 2 minutes? Is that not the case with the lulu tencel pants in past? Anyone have input for sizing on those?
    Also got the pink belt bag and think it’s a great item for price if u need something like that.
    I do want to complain about color misrepresentation on website! So annoying!! The lighter pink love tank from last upload, petals I think, is not as expected at all. More like porcelain pink, rather dull, so I will return. The new one from this week is s keeper.

    1. Tencel is a terrible fabric, prone to looking like a complete mess. Even though there are different grades of Tencel, a lot of people associate it with cheap clothing. I bought Tencel pants once from Lululemon, took them back, and swore off from ever buying them again.

  9. Also wanted to ask if anyone has tried the cool and collected shorts and can post what they thought? Cute fit or blah? any sizing input.? Thanks!!

  10. The Cherry colored Love Tank is so pretty. I hope that color comes out in more tops. I’m really liking all these new colors coming out. It’s kinda overwhelming but at the same time there’s so much to choose from and I don’t feel like I’m going to miss out if I pass.

    1. I feel the same way. So, now I have time to wait and decide; then pick what I really want and actually “need”. If I miss out, I know there will be something else. So much better than the black, navy and gray we were getting for so long. Now I almost stay away from those colors.

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