As promised, my true unadulterated photos of the new Mystic Green Aligns, and Pink Paradise Swiftly. The top photo here was taken yesterday in afternoon light (it was a grey day though), and the try-ons below were taken today. On my screen, these look pretty true to life and accurate. I have some more fit reviews to post (hopefully tonight) from Mrs. O, but I have tendon damage in my hand and it’s feeling a bit achy. If they aren’t up tonight, check back for them tomorrow.

Mystic Green Align Pant II, Pink Paradise Swiftly Tech SS Pink Paradise Black Lavender Swiftly Tech LS Mystic Green Align Pant II, Pink Paradise Black Lavender Swiftly Tech SS

Mystic Green Align Pant II

As soon as I saw these I knew I had made a terrible mistake. I love the color so much but these show ‘errthang!’. Not only is every little imperfection on display, every little line and contour of your kneecap is highlighted and shadowed. If you are long and lean and have young knees, these may work for you. For me, even at my very best, most mean and lean, I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them, let alone now.

Paradise Pink Swiftly Tech SS

I size up in swiftlies because I like the looser fit around my middle and extra few inches of length. This swiftly didn’t feel tight at all but it feels like my size 10 swiftlies and not my sized up ones. It’s still stretchy and soft but I feel like it’s a bit shorter. The color combinations is just gorgeous in this so I’m definitely keeping this one.


Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Full-On Luxtreme Mineralized Multi Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Full-On Luxtreme Minderalized Multi

Mineralized Multi Wunder Under Hi Rise 7/8 Tight

After Mrs. O’s fit review on Monday I had to try on the mineralized multi WU’s. I’ve mentioned a few times my love of paint splatter prints so I decided that I should give these a chance despite my now laughable ban island for pants. Mrs. O had mentioned to me before that since I liked the luminescent aligns, I would maybe like these a little more since they have a bit more depth thanks to the different blues. I LOVE these! The print is gorgeous, interesting and easy to match things with. The pattern still reads neutral without being loud. I forgot how much more confident I feel in nice compressive luxtreme. Nulux is nice, but luxtreme is definitely superior. One of you had mentioned that in the comments the other day and I really agree. nulux and nulu are nice, but for working out, luxtreme is much more technical. I miss the days of luon or luxtreme bottoms choices.

    1. Thanks! The color is so pretty so I’ll definitely try again if Mystic Green comes in something more compressive. It’s ok in a static picture but moving around and in different lighting I just wasn’t confident enough to wear them.
      The WU’s are luxtreme.

  1. I’m not a fan of the mystic green aligns. When they show bumps on knees, they aren’t going to be flattering elsewhere. But I do love the mineralized splatter print WUs. They are very flattering and I’m motivated to pick up a pair for myself.
    Love the top, too. I tend to size up because I don’t like my tops skintight, and I think LLL tops run small (especially if you have some muscle). I might order both sizes and return the one that I don’t like as much.
    Love your reviews and appreciate the photos! And yes, it was a disappointment to see a recycled collection billed as new.

  2. Love your reviews Christina!! I loved that pale blue/green online, but didn’t order because I knew they’d be super revealing. The color is so beautiful though… I hope you hand heals up!

    1. Thanks! It’ll be another three weeks at least. Didn’t plan on having to take 3 weeks off from working out in January but I guess I get to beat the resolution crowd.

    1. Thank you! It’s the Aritzia Sami T-Shirt. If you want to get one, make sure it’s the cotton/modal blend and not the rayon. The Rayon ones lose their shape after the first wash and get holes in them.

  3. The green is so pretty but I’d probably skip as well in a nulu or nulux fabric. I’m dying to see persian blue in the Train Times Tight. Cristina, if you want a little more compression, the mineralized print comes in the Train Times Tight as well. That’s what I was wearing in my fit review. The WUPs look great on you! The mineralized print is neutral enough to go with multiple colors. I’ve worn mine with pinks, purples and yellows; it looks great with a non-blue hue. The pink paradise looks great on you! Definitely a keeper. LOL, I keep taking day trips off the ban island as well. Heehee. 🙂

    Thanks for the fit review! I so value your opinion.

  4. Yep, sadly that green even seemed to show camel toe shading even though it wasn’t really there. Odd. I wonder if it would show bumps and bulges in any fabric, just due to the particular green tone…

  5. I love the mystic green colour but leggings that show every lump and bump, no thanks! I don’t wear Aligns so I am not tempted in the least no matter what the colour. The WU Mineralized Multis are so much nicer, actually there is no comparison when looking at the pics. I am glad you are happy with the Paradises Pink Swiftly, I saw it in store along with another multi coloured one with more blues, both were nice. I have a multi coloured s/s one from a few years ago that is thicker than the others so I tend not to wear it as often in the summer because of the thickness. If it were a long sleeve I would get more wear out of it in the winter.

    Sorry to hear about your hand. I see you’re taking the pictures with your left hand are you a lefty, or just for the next 3 weeks?!

    1. Getting my mineralized multis price adjusted. I want to keep them and they got marked down today.
      I’m right handed (phone is in my right), I just put my wedding ring on my right hand because my left hand is swollen.

  6. Cristina I loved the mineralized multi in store however the size 8 showed the white easily. Did you find this happened? I’m hoping if I get a 10 the white coming through won’t be so obvious. I really loved them in store.

  7. I saw the foxglove swiftly in store tonight and I was surprised how different it looks compared to the online photos. It’s a medium mauve in person, not vibrant like online but in my opinion it’s WAY nicer in person. I didn’t pick it up as I am now on a spending ban, but it was tempting. If it comes out in a define jacket I may be sunk.

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