This year, I’m trying something new for my holiday shopping inspiration. I am a very visual shopper so I’m creating gift guides for myself and sharing them with you guys! I’m creating shoppable collages of inspiration as it hits me and I have a scratch pad at my desk where I’m constantly jotting ideas down on. Once I have several ideas going for a certain person in my life (or gift category), I’m creating collages that I can then click on later to shop when I’m ready to commit to something. Right now I’m figuring out how to best share these with you so, for now, I have a tab at the top of the nav bar on this blog called ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ and as I share a post with you of my latest gift guide, I can also add it there so you can reference back to it easily. Each collage will allow you to click on the image itself for information, or I will also have text info below, and additional gallery at the bottom of the page.  This first one I’m sharing with you I’m categorizing as ‘for her’ but actually, I very specifically have my mom in mind for this one and these are all things I’ve been thinking about getting her since the summer.

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  1. I have the Simple Human mirror! (Actually – kinda hate to admit that I have two of them 😉 One in the full-size and one in the mini/travel size you show in your post. I must say, that that mini is almost TOO mini. You definitely can’t see your whole face when doing makeup. I still adore it for travel though. I use my full-size one daily. I’d also advise buying via Bed-Bath-and-Beyond, using a 20 percent off code you get for signing up for their emails (or during a Sephora sale) Hope that helps!

    1. Oooh that is good to know. The picture is so deceiving on size. So you definitely recommend the Simple Human Mirrors though, right? I’ve been thinking about them since the NSALE.

      1. Definitely DEFINITELY recommend ?? If I were only buying one, I’d choose the full-sized. It wouldn’t be suitable for travel, but far more useful on a daily basis. I’ve had both of mine for years without any issues. Another good reason to buy from BB&B is their amazing return policy. I know that Nordstroms is good as well, but for some reason I’m always more intimidated to return things there!

        1. Me again ? Just went to look for them on my Sephora app and it seems they don’t carry them anymore-so odd! I bought mine from BB&B but was positive I had seen them at Sephora in the past

  2. I love all things simple human, especially their trash cans and shower dispenser. Bed Bath and Beyond always has 20% off coupons. Also, never throw them away even if they are expired. BBB honors expired coupons.

  3. The U.K. has their new product drop already with the new flower print leggings. I wonder if Canada will get the new drop today???

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