1. It really is. I love half zips and wanted to like this one since I think the embroidery details are lovely. For one, it runs very small. I could barely squeeze myself into (and out of!) my tts. I sized up but, while it fits in the waist, it’s too loose across my shoulders. Which is weird because I have broad shoulders so never have that problem. On top of that, it’s way too short for my long torso. I realized I was tugging it down every minute or so while I was trying it on. Definitely not something I can move freely in and expect it to keep me covered. Not to mention that I’m not sure what their definition of “fleece” is since there was nothing fleece-like about this. The inside was what I would call brushed, not fleece. The fabric was nice and thick and felt like good quality, which is about the only good thing I can say about this odd-fitting top.

      1. If it is made of “tech fleece” then it is typically smooth on the outside and brushed inside. I actually love tech fleece items, but that half-zip is not looking very good…

  1. I’m pretty sure those are the Extra Mile Tights (not Lead the Pack).

    I looked at the Lead the Pack. I liked the pockets but they seemed really thick at the top where all of the pockets are. I realize they are brushed, but they just seemed heavy (if that makes sense).

  2. I agree that the half zip looks ill-fitting. It sort of tempted me until now. After seeing the pics and reading the above comments, I realized it would look awful on me since I have smallish shoulders.

  3. The 1/2 zip is very ill fitting. I was loving the embroidery but even sizing up the fit was completely off. I have never put on a lulu shirt that fit me that horribly. I just chalked up the horrible fit on me to being broad shouldered and muscular but it looks odd fitting on the model as well. Too bad b/c it’s pretty.

  4. Sneak peek of a new print of Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight
    Full-On Luon 25″ in Black. There are two models one of which is wearing metallic like tights (the girl in the black tights has been badly photoshopped though 🙁 ) Very curious to see those metallic tights in person.

  5. The only thing I am loving in here is the DFAR vest. I have one and it is such a great piece. I have the original one, not sure if they made any changes or not, but it’s a staple for me.

  6. I liked the half zip but not enough to get it. Now I would pass even on markdown.

    I, too, miss the store photos. Sigh.

    I do love the tights though but hopefully they come out with that print in regular wunder unders.

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