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Last weeks Lululemon Upload Post, The Foreign Upload Sneak Peeks, Down For A Run Jacket II Black Cherry and Fast & Free 7/8 Tight Peony Print Fit Review

Pretty small upload today, but don’t worry because Lululemon Black Friday is coming. Here are some examples of previous Lululemon Black Friday capsules – Sequins, Feathers, faux embroidery, limited edition ruffled scuba hoodies, Reflective Snakeskin.

I ran to my store as fast as possible on Friday  to pick up the Fast & Free tights in Peony Print, and now that I see they come in crops too I’m not sure which ones I want more. I wish lululemon put out prints the way they did years ago when they where more spendy on product developement. We used to see a floral print like this in several crops, shorts, a couple of tanks and a jacket, duffel bags, swim and accented on a few waistbands or headbands. If you weren’t brave enough to wear a print like this in tights, you could find something in this print to wear, or, you could buy it all and wear a floral tuxedo. Not only that but you would have tons of coordinating colors to go with a print like this as well. I really love my Secret Garden Print CRB, and my Midnight Iris Print CRB – I wish I’d gotten the Inspire Tights and the Duffel bags in both those prints. Can you imagine Lululemon doing this print on one of their duffel bags now?

What did you order today? Try anything on in store?

Fast & Free Tight II Peony Multi

Peony Multi Fast & Free II Tights

Fast & Free Crop II Peony Multi

This model is lovely and I love the mauve coloured Swiftly Tech LS. Do you think it’s cropped, or just pulled up/tucked in? I’m so happy to see a pear shaped model! I wish she was featured more.

Fast & Free Tight II


Front & Centre Jacket

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew Black Cherry

Lead The Pack Tight
Lead The Pack Tight Lead The Pack Tight Lead The Pack Tight

Light & Bright Toque

Light & Bright Mittens

Light & Bright Mittens


Refresh Hot/Cold Water Bottle

Refresh Hot Cold Bottle

Nile Blue Cool Racerback II

Sculpt Tank II

Studio Pant Submarine
Studio Pant III Submarine


Lululemon Black Friday Items on Ebay

  1. It looks like they are using a model that almost looks plus size. Wonder if they are going to cater to people who need bigger than size 12 clothes?

    1. I’m surprised you consider her plus sized. She’s definitely curvier than the other models (and refreshing to finally have some diversity on the site) but I would place her in a size 8/10 range, certainly not over 12. I would love it if they also included plus size models.

      1. I agree with you. In real life, she’s quite normal sized and there’s nothing plus sized about a size 8/10. But in the modeling world, sadly they would consider her plus side. I’m always astonished when I see what “fashion” deems plus sized. It’s quite sad to think 8/10 would be considered plus sized. I’m glad Lulu is at least trying to capture different body shapes.

      1. I don’t think so. The Fast and Frees are true 7/8 on her, so she’s probably the same height as the other models, who wear 6s. I would think she’s a 10/12.

        She looks great, whatever her size. With her small waist and muscular thighs, she looks like a beautiful, athletic woman. Would love to see more models with muscles.

        1. Yeah the models are usually a 6 so I agree she is a 10/12 which is really nice to see. I hope this is the start of something new. I enjoy the store photos since they often include women with more muscular builds doing different activities.

          1. I’m sorry but those models are not 6s. I’m 148 pounds and 5’6″ and I wear a size 6. Those models are probably closer to 4s and 2s.

  2. I would not have guessed she wears a size 12! I think it’s great that lulu uses women who wear a variety of their sizes to model the clothing. I am hoping that swiftly is not cropped though! I like that color but don’t want a cropped version…

    1. it’s not cropped. Look at the other photos on that print of the fast and frees. It shows the swiftly from the back and it’s scrunched up 🙂 Looking forward to seeing this swiftly!

  3. That new model is gorgeous!!

    I love the reflective toque (assuming it’s reflective since I haven’t made it to the website yet).

    1. Just saw that it isn’t. Oh well. I got some fantastic reflective gear from Oiselle recently—it was quite affordable (and super reflective).

  4. Loving the teaser of (I’m guessing) the Rest Less PO in Flash Light.

    And, btw, what’s up with this pic:

    You know, I often cuddle with the girls in the locker room. And then we braid each other’s hair and have a pillow fight in our underwear.

    Can you say, sick of this shit? So, so tired of every damn thing women do being sexualized. It’s a t-shirt. For exercising. No, not having sex. Exercising. Women do that, too.

    1. Looked at the photo and thought – isn’t this a leftover from 2 or so years ago. I think I bought both of these short sleeve swiftlys at a warehouse sale last year. Such a confusing upload with lots of leftovers from other seasons and years. Pink Lemonade Energy Bra, Black ombre swiftly tank and t-shirt. Stuff that should be on WMTM but is showing up as “new”

      1. It thought the same and as also surprised to see the maxi dresses on the US site. I could have sworn both the dresses were in wmtm..different colors but still. Lulu is all over the place. I was hoping to see the sequoia Camo in something luxtreme. The aligns feel like they are going to fall off and they are loose around the ankles on me.

    2. @Rise and Shine – I was definitely expecting something more provocative when I read your post, then I clicked on the link and saw a picture of two women standing close to one another. I think your interpretation is a stretch. And for the record, I have a PhD in visual art so visual analysis is my actual job, and my reaction to the image is still “meh.”

    3. I didn’t think it was sexual, but I did think it was an odd photo for Lulu. They don’t usually do photos in pairs like this one and the mittens. It seemed more like a Gap ad (not that there’s anything wrong with Gap, just different than Lulu’s usual visual.)

      The body positioning is awkward too. The way the one girl is standing with her top half to the side, but the lower half of her body twisted, so her booty faces out. It just looked very unnatural to me. Add in that they pulled her rest less PO all the way down past her rear. Super strange looking imo.

  5. What a ho hum barely there drop. Their banner shows a jacket that was out last week and here they are this week highlighting it. Nothing for me this week. I saw the Black Cherry Swiftly today and it is nice and I like the bit of pattern on it but not enough to buy it. I like the mauve one too but if it is cropped then forget it, a good way for LLL to stop me from buying colours I like if it’s cropped. I am actually thinking about returning the DFAR jacket I bought last week. The sleeves feel like there isn’t any down in them, they are absolutely flat and the body isn’t much better and the panels are thin.

    I guess I shouldn’t say nothing for me this week as I just bought through Facebook buy/sell a Fo Drizzle Jacket in Cadet Blue, one of my favourite LLL blues and I am beyond thrilled to have this jacket. I also bought an earlier version of a down-filled pullover hoodie that has the fabulous thick rulu panels and sleeves in Deep Zinfandel, which just happens to be one of my all time favourite purples. When I feel how wonderfully thick and soft the rulu is on this pullover I can’t help but be sad that LLL doesn’t make it like this anymore. It reminds me how much some fabrics have changed over the last couple of years. The prices have gone up and the quality of fabric has gone way down.

    BTW – a big thumbs down for the new website.

  6. I’m a little confused. On the U.S. site we have a few items that are old stock; Picnic Play Dress, Brunswick Muscle Tank, Refresh Maxi Dress (this last one might have two new colors). And we have the Align 7/8 Pant in Dark Olive but the pictures are definitely of two different colors.

    I would like to see the Lead the Pack Tight in person. I found the full-on luxtreme used in the Speed Up tights to be lacking, its just not the same material as it was three or four years ago. And I agree with you LLM about the prints. I’m far more likely to purchase a bag or headband than pants in the Peony Print. Its a cute print, just probably not on my short legs. And for $130 I need to not be sick of them in a few months. S’Well water bottle has a floral print with peonies in it on a black background, you might take a look!

  7. Nothing for me. I like the mauve ls Swiftly looking shirt but of course it is not included. This time of the year I pretty much only work out in ls swiftlies (except for when I practice hot yoga).

    Love the inclusion of the curvier model too. I do hope at some point they also featured modeks with boobs 😛

  8. Nothing good here except for the models. Beautiful curves! Nice to see Size 10-12 represented here. The print I don’t like but was really hoping that the camo print aligns would be released in other tops or crops.

  9. I’m hoping they’ll also feature petite models , not just 5”10. I’m a size 4 and 5”4 and would like to see how stuff looks on shorter than model height person

      1. I do same thing with jackets and tops. I just wish they would use more “ normal” build people to model , perhaps with some muscle, quads and boobs so we could get more realistic expectation of how this stuff will look I like that Carbon38 used fitness instructors. Looks edgy yet appropriate

    1. Same! I’m an inch taller and also wear a size 4. I think it will be helpful if they put the models height down for reference too.

  10. I’m liking the black cherry ls swiftly. I’d also be interested in the reflective lead the pack tight. The peony print in a headband would be awesome. I’d buy it without hesitation. I live in my headbands.

  11. I thought photo of 2 girls was great in the sense that i could compare the one colour swiftly against a colour i already have. Sometimes the intensity of the shade is hard to tell when its on ots own. For example the crb in blue nile. Looks alot different than in real life. Having another colour or two next to it makes it easier for me to see the true colour.

  12. The radiant multi fast & free tights look gorgeous in photos.
    I purchased the speed up tights in radiant multi (to go with my black cherry down for a run jacket), but am really on the fence about speed up tights. I particularly don’t care for the “back view” of them.
    Also, the colors on the radiant multi speeds up is much more muted in person than the colors appear on the pictures of the radiant multi fast & free tights on my computer. Has anyone seen both pairs of tights in radiant multi? Is there a difference in terms of the coloring?
    I really prefer what appears to be the coloring of the fast & free tights in radiant multi.

    1. They are much more muted in real life, as are the speed up shorts. I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat if they were as vibrant as the photos, same with the frozen flourish multi. Much more dull and muted in real life. I wish they would stop increasing the contrast so much on the product photos. It’s VERY misleading! I noticed it most in the speed up shorts, I was super disappointed!

      1. Agreed! I LOVED the frozen flourish multi online, but in person I found it dull. I wonder if the FFM Scuba is a bit more vibrant since I have the different floral (Midnight Iris) Scuba from a few years ago and it was a tad brighter in the cotton fabric than in the luon. I haven’t tried the new version of the Scuba (I am a fan of Scuba 2) but might be tempted by this one since I have bought Lulu florals for a long time; moreover, I tend to like my patterns up top, given my body type.

      2. Thanks!
        That’s really too bad, the fast & free tights looked so gorgeous online in radiant multi. They still don’t have them at my local store, so I can’t go and compare the two pants in that print. I would have ordered the F&F online, but if you are telling me that they are pretty much the same in terms of coloring as the Speed Ups tights in that print, meh, not really worth it.
        Thanks again 🙂

    2. I hate the Speed Up tights. Terrible design, awkward fit. I also found radiant multi totally underwhelming (though I tried the WUP).

  13. So refreshing to see a model with a different shape who actually has a booty! I wish they would do this more often … especially with bras. It drives me crazy when they show an A-cup model wearing a bra intended for C-D cups! They design clothing for people of different heights/shapes, and it would be nice if they would reflect that in their choice of model more often.

    1. That’s pretty much what i said in my comment too and so I agree with you. But now that I think about it, most companies showcase small chested women when they are trying to advertise bras for bigger cups. I wear a 32H size bra; my expectation isn’t to see someone my size modeling the bra. But someone with some boobs would still help visualize the bra better for me…just that Lululemon isn’t the only guilty party here, they all do it.

      Only time I’ve seen boobs match the bra is companies that specifically cater to women with larger breasts like Freya, Panache or Curvy Kate.

  14. Is the Luminesce Splatter White Black actually luminescent? As in, is it noticeable in the dark. Lulu used to post some photos of their products in the dark to give you a better idea. But I can barely tell in the new pictures. I’m tempted to exchange my Run On Tights (yet again) for these.

  15. My Light as Warmth Jacket arrived yesterday and the fit is off. I’m 5’3”and under 100 lbs, and the jacket is tight at the hips on me. The deal breaker is the sleeves which are too short, hitting me just at the wrist bones. The shoulders are a little bit wide for me so I couldn’t size up. The slits on the side wouldn’t lie flat and they curl up like a duck’s tail. Too bad cos I love the fabric, the stand up collar and the length.

  16. Love The new model as well!!! Very cool!! It’s funny, we all assume that she is 10-12…. wonder what size she wears!

    Does anyone know about the extended holiday return period or double weekly uploads are starting?

  17. On the topic of models of different shapes and sizes…I think banning store photos was a big mistake of lulus. I used to scroll through all of them so I could get a good idea of what things looked like on all different body types, how they were paired with other things . I loved looking at them all. The fact that lulumum and luluaddict took the time to organize all those photos for us to look at was amazing and quite surely amounted to a larger bottom line for lululemon. Add it to another thing they goofed up. You can’t even zoom in on a photo on the desk top site anymore. No pictures of pockets or lining or features.

    1. I absolutely agree!!! I miss those pics so much! I loved seeing how different items paired together, sometimes in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. I’d often buy a whole outfit based on the store pics. When they stopped those photos, I definitely started spending less. I can’t remember the last item I went there with the intention of buying a complete outfit. Good for my wallet, bad for Lulu.

    2. I know my buying has dropped off substantially since the end of the store photos, which seemed to coincide with a marked decline in quality, details and fit. Lululemon just isn’t good at showcasing and/or honestly representing the fit and details of clothing on the site, so now if I’m not sure, I just don’t buy.

  18. Nothing again. Still tempted by those camo aligns, but my resolve remains. Some new APL shoes uploaded this afternoon, the fatigue is quite nice imo.

    Happy about the new model as well. She is gorgeous and has a butt + legs like mine <3.

  19. If anyone happens to come across the New print of the bottoms reviewed with the Black Front and Centre Jacket in store or online please please let me know. Or even if we know when we may see them LLM. Thank you so very much!!!!

  20. The model featured is not anywhere near being a plus sized model. I have a similar body type and wear a size 8 in all bottoms. My best friend is also pear shaped with muscular thighs and wears a size 4 bottom. Just because someone has muscular thighs, hips, and a shapely butt does not make them plus sized nor does it mean they are a size 12.

    1. Thank-you!! I am also a true size 8 and have worn that size for 10 years in LULU, sometimes a 6 and I look like this model!!!!

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