Surprise early upload! You guys called it! This means that 1. the ‘Black Friday’ preview from Hong Kong is not our North America Black Friday items (will we see rainbow reflective after all?), and 2. this marks the start of the twice/week holiday uploads.

Nothing for me this upload, thank goodness though. I don’t dislike this multi color floral print at all but I need these fun prints to come out in something other than the bra/tight combo. I’d love a swift fabric run singlet in a print. Next upload should be Thursday Evening/Friday Morning for Black Friday, so stay tuned for that!

Last weeks Upload Post, Lululemon Black Friday Sneak Peeks (for Hong Kong), Lululemon Store Photos.

Down For A Run Pullover II Black Cherry

Down For A Run Pullover II Black Cherry

Down For A Run Vest

Lilac Quartz Swiftly

Swiftly Wool Pullover


Fluorace Multi Wunder Under

Embroidered To You Tunic
Embroidered To You Tunic

Embroidered To You Hoodie

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 

Forever Warm Pullover

Full Freedom Tank

Base Runner 1/2 Zip

Lululemon Base Runner 1/2 Zip Lululemon Base Runner 1/2 ZIp

Wunder Under Hi Rise Sheen

Stand Out Sherpa Jacket

Stand Out Sherpa Jacket Stand Out Sherpa Jacket

Stand Out Sherpa 1/2 Zip

Full Freedom LS

For The Fun Of It Tote 
Quilted 13L

Get Set Hobo 
Reflective 22L

Get Set Backpack 
Reflective 19L

  1. Oh nooooooo, there’s too much I want, ack!

    To confirm, tho, those shorts with the lilac swiftly are not yet available, right? I really liked those….

  2. got the embroidered tunic and the sheen wunder unders. I think things are finally starting to look up. I see more and more that interests me. I am looking forward to what they come up with for black friday. My fave black friday has been the one with all the special edition pieces with ruffles.

    1. Me too!! I think I bought everything they offered with the little ruffle edging that year. Still my favorite pieces to wear!

      I’m tempted by the embroidered tunic as well, but I’m wondering about the placement of the flowers. I’m hoping they will have it in store to try-on.

  3. Nothing for me so far this week! I wanted the blue stretch french terry To You Tunic. I am contemplating getting the coco pique Base Runner 1/2 zip. At first I thought they made a mistake calling it a 1/2 zip because I couldn’t see the zipper until I looked at pictures of the black one. I don’t know if I like the colour blocking on the neck…

    1. I got the coco pique base runner half zip. I love it. I have one from a while back in solid black. I’m very happy with my new one. So soft and flattering

  4. Nothing for me. I really like the Embellished Multi print. I looks very William Morris to me. But I don’t have any need for luxtreme WUPs or an over-the-head bra. I wish they still made the old Speed Tights without the mesh. That would have been phenomenal. But, no… I don’t like Speed Ups or whatever the new tights are called.

    Eh, more cash for shopping for others….

    1. They are HOT HOT HOT ! They run TTS. I got two pairs. They look great and fit great and feel great. I am very happy with mine. I bought a pair to wear casually and a pair to workout in. I highly recommend them. I had mine Hemmed 3”.

    1. I went a little crazy at one of my flag ship stores yesterday… I had to forgo my Canada Goose Parka purchase to get all the new things

  5. Where’d you hear the rumors about the Black Friday rainbow reflective? Crossing my fingers, however it seems Lululemon does not like to merge SeaWheeze items with the general public

  6. Has anyone heard anything about seasonal or specialty bags? I know we all must have a kabillion bags, but I need to be on the look out for bags since the store in HNL gives them out so quickly.

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