The Lululemon Black Friday 2017 Sneak Peeks are now available care of the Hong Kong preview! These items have been released at the Canadian flagship store already on Robson St. in Vancouver. These items are in a collaboration with textile embroidery specialists Forster Rohner.

I’ve heard  a few rumors from the community that the black Friday special edition items would be rainbow reflective like the Seawheeze items that everyone lost their minds over, but I’m thinking this is exactly what the North American market will be seeing on Thursday evening, in addition to markdown items (WMTM has not been updated for a few weeks now for this reason). Black Friday has become pretty big in Hong Kong so I’m not surprised to see Lululemon create a special marketing outreach for that market, and I would be very surprised if they got a different offering than North America. Although, the UK Lululemon site just got their regular product drop which includes these items, without the ‘Black Friday’ labeling on them. Nevertheless, be prepared just in case they do release reflective items as well if that is your favorite thing from Lululemon. For those of you hunting markdown items and not limited edition full price items for Black Friday, the sale usually gets better throughout the weekend and by Monday prices will drop lower. It’s always a risk to hold off ordering an item on Thursday evening in anticipation of price drops, but things do sell out fast.

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  1. Thankfully, none of this appeals to me and more money to put aside for a new bike. 🙂 Keep it up Lulu, you are really helping me get to my goal here.

  2. I’m a little disappointed. My local Luluemon (USA) already had these items out when I went to the store this weekend. The flower print is pretty, but not my style.

  3. I guess we are getting reflective as Rowena was given the inside scoop by the eds in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing it as long as pants are 199 and not 298.

  4. Looking forward to checking out the To You Tunic stretch french terry pullover that showed up on the UK site this morning. This is the blue (submarine?) pullover turtleneck shown with some accessories like the wool gloves and hat on North American websites. I love stretch french terry and as along as this years fabric hasn’t been cheapened I will probably buy this top when it comes.

    Not liking the new printed bottoms but would like to see a winter l/s in one of the softer pink shades in the new flower print. I can’t get over how many cropped hoodies/pullovers and jackets there are right now so adding a new one with embroidery doesn’t excite me at all.

    I wonder if we will get an early drop like the UK did? Maybe LLL thinks an early drop this week is the way to go with so much focused on the end of the week with Black Friday and then Cyber Monday, hmmm. Does anyone know if LLL mainly focuses on already marked down product on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or does any new stuff ever get a discount on these days?

  5. I can’t decide if I like that multi-color flower print or not, so that probably means I shouldn’t buy it! I loved the black jacket with flower embroidery…..until I scrolled down and saw it was short. That would look bad on my long torso. Bummer.

    Fingers crossed for some fun offerings on Friday!

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