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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is up!

Finally! Outerwear is here! I love the Down For It Jacket and Down For It Vest in Dark Olive. I have the Down For It Vest in black from last year and really love the cut and shape of it. It’s such a warm and fluffy, yet still feminine shaped vest. I’m a bit annoyed though because, despite the fact that I am full on only Fall/Winter shopping now that the temperature has dropped, I really wanted that Miles Ahead SS in the camo print and Canada did not get it. I also would have liked the Sweat & Savasana Sweater which was out last year too. For some reason, I didn’t pick this sweater up last year despite loving all of the merino wool offerings from Lululemon so I would have definitely gotten one this year. I think I just got two different merino sweaters last year so getting a third style was overkill. But I lived in them all winter long and have already started re-wearing them this year. Oh I also have to mention the RULU Define Jacket. For years and years I’ve been asking for Lululemon to make a RULU Define and it’s finally been made, but I want a different color. I’m going to try it on in store but will probably break down within the next few minutes and go for the Slate one.

Did you order anything from Lululemon today? Try anything on in the store today that you’d like to tell us about?

Last weeks Upload 

Fit Reviews of the newest product drop Guest Fit Review

Down For It JacketDown For It Jacket Dark Olive

Down For It VestDown For It Vest


Fluff The Cold ParkaFluff The Cold Parka Fluff The Cold Parka

Define Jacket RULUDefine Jacket RULU Define Jacket RULU Define Jacket Rulu


Sweat & Savasana Sweater
I love this sweater from last year. I cannot recommend the Lululemon Merino Wool items from this year and last year enough. The quality is amazing.

Sweat & Savasana SweaterSweat & Savasana Sweater

Swiftly Tech RacerbackSwiftly Tech Racerback

Swiftly Tech LS CrewSwiftly Tech LS Crew

Fast & Free II Fast & Free Tight II nouveau mach blue black

Speed Up Tight

Miles Ahead SSMiles Ahead SS Miles Ahead SS

New Form CoatNew Form Coat New Form Coat


Wind Down Jacket
Wind Down Jacket
Wind Down Jacket Wind Down Jacket

Wunder Under Hi Rise luon frayed camo black white
Wunder Under Hi Rise luon frayed camo black white

Studio Pant IIIStudio Pant III

Kitsilano Long SleeveKitsilano Long Sleeve

New Form CropNew Form Crop

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    • I have. I tried the crop and the tight and I really like them. I’m probably going to keep one of each. THe waistband is nice and high and not snug, but it doesn’t feel like it will slip down. The tights are long but not long enough that I feel the need to hem them. There is a bit of bunching but not much. The material is nice. Sort of a cross between that old really nice and silky luxtreme (2014/15ish) and the soft fuzzyness of nulu.

      • Cristina, how close do you think everlux is to powervita? I feel like everlux is softer and silkier than powervita and less hot feeling. I don’t have anything made from powervita to compare without actually going to Athleta wearing my in movement tights.

        • similar but definitely to the same. I’d say power vita is more like nulu in that it’s a fleecy cottony feeling performance fabric while nulux has more lycra and silkiness. The common denominator is the added lycra with all three of these styles vs. luon or luxteme, and then that fabric with higher lycra content is then treated for hand feel.

    • I ditto what Cristina said. I bought it in the tight and crop and I love it. They are a bit longer than the other new tights/crops that have been coming out but not by much. The 7/8 tight fit me like a full length with no bunching. The crops hit just the right spot on my calves.

      • I’d say TTS but others who are in between sized down. It has more compression than nulu so less give. My TTS fit perfectly. The waistband is tighter than the aligns but looser than F&F. To me the In Movement has a smoother waist than F&F because the F&F needs the seam at the top of the waist so the nulux doesn’t slip. Hope that helps.

    • Pheew! I only have 6! LOL. I’m with you. I think as the weather starts to cool down more, I’ll be less tempted to buy them. I just love the lightness, sweatwicking of nulux.

  • Oh no, this might be another expensive upload for me. I’ve been waiting on the etch maxi print to come out in another tight than the speed up tights/crops. I’m going to have to try the F&Fs.

    Rulu define and nulu pullover! I’m definitely going to try these on. I hope they keep making these items in the new fabric choices so we get lots of color.

    I’m interested in the new form crop; although I don’t think I would style it with the tennies they did. Those crops would look really cute dressed up.

    I know I’m definitely going to get the camo print tee (and possibly the sweater).

    • Please report back. I am interested in the camo shirt and the nulu pullover. I will order both camo shirts , not sure which color to get, tonight in case they sell out and wait on the pullover.

      • I really liked the camo shirt. Good thought on getting both and deciding later. I ended up getting the green one because it popped more and seemed more “authentic” than the black/gray one. It was TTS. The mesh was silky and not very see through. Unless you pulled the shirt away from you, you couldn’t really see the “holes” from the mesh.

        • Thanks, Mrs. O! I ended up only ordered the green camo in my tts 4 :). I also ordered the blue shape up pullover since the block is not as obvious but still interesting. Then I went back and ordered coco pique LS. It is good to see signs of Lulu turning around but I should be more careful with my spending, lol.

      • None of my local stores got the rulu define. They will probably get them in on Friday. So, I couldn’t try it on nor the nulu shape up pullover.

  • I’m definitely buying the Back In Action LS in three out of the four colors. Might not be all today, but I don’t think I’m st risk of them selling out. I really like the looks of the Rain Haven Jacket but not for $200+ especially when I have two Barbours ?. I hope my store has them soon so I can try them on though. I’d also like to try the Shape Up Pullover, it looks cozy…. not sure how I feel about the two toned sleeves.

    I’m definitely happy I tried the In Movent 7/8 Tight on in the store, I would not have ordered the right size. I’m carrying extra weight right now but can still wear my regular size in Aligns and Fast/Frees. These didn’t have as much stretch in the waist and I carry weight in my thighs and butt, so I need the waists to stretch but also contract snug enough to fit my waist. I bought them in the Garnet, size 6 and they’re a perfect fit, I can’t wait to work out in them. They’re full length on me too. I also bought the Pushing Limits 7/8 in Melanite last week from my store and they actually bunch at the ankles which is weird because the colors I bought when they were first released, don’t. I’m surprised the Melanite and Aeon colors aren’t available online.

    • Also, is that the same camo fabric they used in the Run for Days line? I hope so, it’s a really nice fabric. I wish I’d kept the long sleeve.

      • I don’t think it is but I was also really hoping they’d be the same. I think this will be soft/silky mesh where as the run for days was slightly thicker.

        • Thank you! I’ll add it to my list of ‘try-ons’. Silky sounds great, mesh is ok as long as it’s not see through….. I’m not 20 anymore!

    • Are you sure the Melanite Pushing Limits were the 7/8? They just released a full length Pushing Limits tight in Melanite and Aeon (and black). I just bought the Aeon ones. I was hoping they’d upload, so I could get the black, too, but they weren’t in today’s drop. I’m going to have to call around to get the black ones, I think, because they’ve been releasing some “in store only” items lately – like the Dark Olive Fast and Frees – and I don’t want to miss out on full length Nulu.

  • Anyone try the nulu shape up pullover? From the pictures it looks like it could be a size up…curious to hear what people think.

    And Christina, do you machine wash your merino items from lulu? The description says they are machine washable but I’m curious how they come out. Thanks!

    • I do. You actually don’t need to wash merino that often because it doesn’t retain body odours (thanks to wool properties) so it’s not as often as having to wash a cotton shirt. I wash it with lingerie detergent on a short cycle (not on delicate because that keeps it sopping wet which stretches it out) and then I just lay it flat to dry on a rack where there is air circulation. I probably wear my sweaters 3-4 times before I wash them.

    • I’m interested in the nulu pullover too as I love firm fitting top layers. I will stop by my local Lulu tomorrow and try them on so I can report back. I have a feeling at least for my very busty self they will be a size up.

    • The Nulu Shape Up Pullover can be TTS or size up. The real difference was in the shoulder area. It is very form fitting through the waist. A size up might be 1/2 inch longer as well. I would get a size up for myself so I could wear a swiftly ss under it. Otherwise, if you’re only going to wear the pullover, whether you go TTS or size up depends on your comfort level. I thought both sizes looked pretty much the same on me.

    • Looks like a sneak peek of a new one. I noticed this bra in the last week upload shown with the nocturnal teal Wunder Under Low-Rise Tight. I’m pretty sure this bra is not for above an A/B cup 🙁 As always, LLL makes the prettiest strappy bras for A/B cups only 🙁

  • Wondering if anyone has seen the rulu defines in store….wondering about the vibrancy of the Heather hero blue? Or whether to just stick with slate. TIA

  • I’m tempted by the Shape Up pullover, but not by any of the colors! Fingers crossed for some different offerings in this style next week. It would be awesome in Aeon!!!

  • Is the gray color of the Sweat and Savasana sweater the same gray as last year or is it darker? Are the other colors the same? (i.e. old stock)

    • I believe it’s the same color. It was a lighter gray. I was hoping it was a darker gray. I’ll have to look at my sweater from last year to know for sure. I’ll report back.

  • I was thinking about getting the SHAPE UP PULLOVER as well, but I am not seeing it either. I hope it comes in different colors in any case.

    I would love a rulu DEFINE, but again only in a unique color.

  • Was anyone able to get the “Fluff the Cold Parka”?
    I had two in my cart and I went to checkout and they were all gone. I’m in Canada and noticed they are still on the US site. Sad I didn’t get one.

  • I like the down jacket and the vest, in the Olive. However lately if it can’t be used for my bike commute, mtb riding, or work – I don’t buy. I am so covered in the casual weekend wear so I don’t really NEED anything, esp. expensive outerwear (even though it looks SO NICE). I just bought Gore Tex which is comparable price wise with some of this new outerwear, but it serves me better in a few aspects of my life.

  • Little review about Rulu Define Jacket

    Fit: Doesn’t fit snug at all. I’m normally a size 4 in tops and bras but in define luon, I am a size 6. So for the Rulu, had to go a size down because it fits way better and there’s still some stretch for the days that I feel bloated. *Interesting note – the back of the define luon hits right above my bum while the define rulu covers my bum. Not too sure if it’s just because I’m petite (4’10”) but I did notice the difference.
    It is very comfortable compared to the define luon! Highly recommend!

    • You have to refresh your website for each page in order to get the latest. It has been happening for a while now. LLM has tried very hard to fix the problem. I love this community so refreshing a couple of times does not bother me that much.

    • I’m going to look into this again but unfortunately I don’t think I can do that this week. We are in the middle of moving and we are in our new place late next week so I’ll get to the bottom of it once I’ve moved. In the meantime, if you don’t mind, when you come to my blog just go to ‘view’ at the top of your page (safari or chrome if that’s what you are using) and then click on ‘reload this page’ and it should give you the freshest version of this site.

      • I’m using my phone and I noticed this since you redid your blog that I can only see very few comments at first and I have to click on comment button and then refresh . But I didn’t matter how many times I refreshed on Tuesday , your post with upload didn’t come up until Wednesday

  • Cristina, Question about the down forbit vest? I ordered my tts 4 and it seems a little roomy , but is 2 going to be too tight in the chest? Thanks!

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