Guest Fit Review: Rest Less Pullover, In Movement 7/8 Tight, Variegated Wunder Under, Back In Action Tank and Back In Action LS

Rest Less Pullover, In Movement 7/8 Tight

Thank you to Mrs. O for her always thoughtful and thorough fit review posts! I’d like to do a bunch of fit reviews soon but right now I only have my Box It Out Jogger and Press Pause Jogger in the queue for this weekend. I am in transition and living amongst a ton of boxes so I won’t be able to do fit reviews from home until I’m in my new place and have set up for it.


Rest Less Pullover, In Movement 7/8 Tight Rest Less Pullover, In Movement 7/8 Tight


Rest Less Pullover, In Movement 7/8 Tight

I wanted to try the pullover rather than the 1/2 zip because I have so many 1/2 zips.  This pullover is a size up.  You should get your Swiftly size in this pullover.  My TTS was too tight around the shoulders and armpit area.  When I sized up, I also liked the length better.  It came down to a nice place covering my bum just enough.  Like others that have commented, I would have preferred that the crew neck was not made of the same cuff fabric and if it had cuffins and a thumb hole.  Because it has a thumb hole, I can live without the cuffin.  The fabric (not sure what it is) is not as soft as rulu (too bad).  I’m undecided on this pullover so it stayed at the store.  I need to wait an see what other stuff will be coming out.

For the tall ladies out there, I’m happy to report that the In Movement 7/8 Tight is long.  It’s not as short as the recent 7/8 tights that have been coming out.  These 7/8 tights were definitely full length on me.  For the shorter ladies, I’m not sure how much they could hem these because of the bottom seam that swirls around to the front.  But there’s definitely enough space to be able to hem them.  It would just depend on how much you need to hem them.  I ended up getting the 7/8 tights as well as the crops because it’s a nice, basic solid black tight without reflective or mesh detail.

Back In Action LS Figue Back In Action LS Figue Back In Action LS Figue
Back In Action LS

I didn’t particularly care for this LS.  I really like the color but the fit was awkward.  In comparison to the sleeves, the body of the LS was too loose and the way the seams were sewn in the back, it didn’t drape as nicely as it could have.  The front looked like a regular slightly loose fitting LS until you lifted your arms and had bat wings (from the back) rather than down the middle of the side seam.  I think if it draped a bit more in the front it would have been nicer.  This LS is a looser TTS.  I like the length of the back but the drape didn’t work well for me.  I just think it made me look wide from the back.  Perhaps if it were made with modal, it might have looked better.

Back In Action Tank Back In Action Tank

Back In Action Tank

Although I liked the neckline and how this tank fit around the shoulders (it was a flattering cut), the middle part was too loose and awkward looking.  I don’t think removing the security tag would have fixed the front draping issue.  Also, because it’s a straight hem, the loose sides flared weirdly.  I think if it were a curved hem it would have given a better silhouette and illusion.  Again, because of the seams in the back (and cut of the fabric) it didn’t drape in the back as nicely as it could have.  The LS and tank was a no for me.  I just don’t think it did anything for me.  When I saw myself in it, it was a “eh, it’s ok” reaction.  I’d love to hear how others wear it and what they pair with it to make it work.  I suspect if I had narrower shoulders, it would look better.

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Wunder Under Low Rise Tight Variagated Wunder Under Low Rise Tight Variagated

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Variegated Knit

These WUs had a very nice feel and texture to it.  The fabric was just heavy enough to make it feel like it will keep you warm during the colder months (but not in extreme cold).  The herringbone pattern was smaller than seasons past, which I liked better.  These are TTS and fully opaque.  Even though these are low rise, I didn’t think they were too low or hit me in an awkward place on my waist.  Since these are full length tights, if I got them, I would definitely have to hem them.  There was a lot of extra material at the bottom.  Because these weren’t special enough I didn’t get them.  LOL, I can’t get everything I want.  I have to learn better self-control and moderation.  Haha!

Additional Info; Extra Mile Long Sleeve, Rest Less Pullover over Swiftly Tech LS for size comparison

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  • In case anyone was interested, I did a side by side comparison of sizing between the Extra Mile LS and the Rest Less Pullover (I went back and bought it). In the EM LS, I stayed TTS and in the Rest Less Pullover, I sized up. When I matched them up on top of each other, they were the same size. The only difference was the EM LS is cinched in a little more at the waist. A size up in the EM LS is looser than a size up in a Swiftly. A size up in the Rest Less Pullover is the same as a size up in a Swiftly. Thought this comparison would help you guys with sizing.

    • Did you send me that picture and I didn’t post it? I’m my disorganization right now I may have missed it. I can add it to this post if you send it to me.

      • No, I did not. You’re not disorganized. LOL. I did it at home. I can do a side by side if you want to post it.

        Also, the comment section is acting hinky for me. I’ve cleared my cache and flushed my DNS, but depending on the browser, the comments do not refresh or it says 10 and you only see 6.

  • Everything looks and sounds great, thank you mrs O. There is only one problem……we already have all those colors…whah. those Pullovers would be great in figue, aeon, shadow blue , viola. Anything other than black or more navy. I get black should always be offered as a staple but I want some color.

    • I agree; they should make it in figue or aeon or viola . . . the one I got is heathered black with a grey similar to blue tide.

  • Thanks for the fit reviews Mrs. O. Everything does look good on you except the Back In Action l/s is a hot mess and I can’t imagine this style would look good on anyone for the reasons you stated. The Restless Pullover is nice, better fabric than last years, but just nice isn’t enough for me these days with LLL. I agree with @Kellee that I would like to see better colours, the current colour choices in the Restless and Extra Mile items are not calling my name. I am holding out for better styles and colours but if this year is going to be like last year, I may not be buying any new cold weather tops from LLL. The WU Variegated Tights look good on you, it must have been hard to leave those behind! I also tried them on and really liked the fit and feel. I am happy luon is back as I like it much better than luxtreme.

    I want to give a heads up to anyone interested in the First Mile Jacket from last year, its online in Canada in Deepest Magenta, Military Green and White with many sizes still available, $20.00 more than the new Extra Mile Jacket.

    • Thanks, CT. I have a lot of drapey tops, but the draping on the Back in Action is so weird. I liked the detailing in the EM LS, which is why I bought it and I like dark olive. When I look for dark olive things in my collection, I realize I don’t have much in that color. I guess I though I did because all the color offerings have been the same. I don’t have a Restless Pullover, which is why I bought this year’s version.

      Yes, it was hard to leave the variegated WUs behind. I didn’t get it last year and I like this year’s version better. I have to edit the things I’ve already bought before I can think about buying it. I have some really tough decisions ahead of me. LOL.

      I love my first mile jacket. The deepest magenta one looks great. Too bad they are not offering it in the US. I might have considered buying another one.

    • @CT Thanks for letting us know. I kind of regret not picking the jacket up last year. Also, looking at the First Mile Jacket in Darkest Magenta, you can really see how screwed up colours are with the new super-saturated high-contrast photography. Darkest Magenta doesn’t look anything like how it appears in those photos. They’ve made it look so dark, almost like plum (or any number of other recent colours in that family).

    • Thanks for letting us know. I kind of regret not picking the jacket up last year. Also, looking at the First Mile Jacket in Darkest Magenta, you can really see how screwed up colours are with the new super-saturated high-contrast photography. Darkest Magenta doesn’t look anything like how it appears in those photos. They’ve made it look so dark, almost like plum (or any number of other recent colours in that family).

    • I love the Back In Action LS and I’m so happy its coming back. I do wear it differently though. Mostly tucked into regular pants and bloused out, not with leggings or as an after workout top. The seams give it a neat twist when tucked in and bloused out. I also have broader shoulders and went with the larger of my two TTS sizes. Both technically fit, but the larger draped nicer and was longer. I like Mrs. O’s idea about the modal fabric, I’d like to try that option.

      • @Runrunyogi, that’s a good way to style it. I really like the fit of the tank version from the front but again, the back didn’t look so nice on me. I think it was the horizontal stitching across the back.

        I have many modal drapey shirts. In fact, I got a beautiful chocolate brown ls, that draped like the back in action from the back but it also did the same thing from the front. If I were to spread my arms like a “T” it looked like wings. But when my arms were down, the draping was so beautiful and feminine. It didn’t billow out on the back with my arms down like the back in action ls did. I’m probably going to get a few more of those. And it looked good tucked or untucked. But it’s a street clothes design.

        It would be great if LLL made some modal pieces soon.

  • Thanks for the fit review, Mrs. O! Agreed, the In Movement 7/8 tight is the longest 7/8 legging I’ve tried on. I have Align Pant IIs, Tight Stuff Tights, Fast & Frees, and High Times leggings which all fit me as full length. I tried on the In Movement 7/8 in 6 and they was unflatteringly long with lots of bunching a the ankles. I went with the In Movement Crop in Aeon instead. Hits me right above the ankles. FYI I am 5’2″ and I wear a 6 or 8 in leggings.

    • Yes, I am 5’1″ and also had fabric bunching around the seams at the ankle in the In Movement 7/8 tight. I loved the crop length, but will wait to see what other colors come out as I don’t *really need crops right now ?

      • Yeah, I feel you! I’m thinking of returning the In Movement Crop in Aeon because it doesn’t have side pockets. I’m all-or-nothing with leggings: they either have to be minimal like Aligns or High Times, or with lots of pockets like the ATRP Crops, Tight Stuff, Fast & Frees.

        There’s still a lot of potential for Everlux tights this holiday season, so I’m crossing my fingers!

  • Picked up a pair of Pusing Limits Tights today. Is anyone familiar with these? I think they haven’t dropped yet. They’re just like the Pushing Limits 7/8, but they’re full length. Full length Nulu is rare, and since I’m on the tall side, I’m thrilled to get Nulu pants that keep my ankles warm. (I also think full length is a lot more flattering than 7/8.) I got Aeon, which is really pretty in a matte finish. They also had Melanite and black. They seem a little thinner than my Aligns, but I could be imagining that. If they upload on Tuesday, I’ll get black (my store was out). Hoping for Night Tide, but that’s probably too much to ask. I’m thrilled with the pair I got!

  • I’m definitely purchasing the In Movement 7/8 tights and I reaaaally want the Rest Less Pullover, but I cannot justify $98 CAD for it. Is it worth it? Waiting to see more reviews before deciding.

    • Initially, I didn’t purchase it. But after thinking about it, I went back and bought it. It’s a nice layering pullover and I liked the heathered dark cast color. I suppose it depends on how much you want it and what you want to use it for. It is pricey. For that price, you may want to get something else. I suspect it will eventually go on markdown.

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