The Lululemon Upload is up!

Last weeks Lululemon upload 

Wow! How did I miss those Tech Mesh Wunder Under Pants! Why are they at the very bottom of the upload hiding with the headbands and underwear? I didn’t order them because I already have them but I know people go crazy stalking the resale market for these, and they always sell out online. I ordered the Chase Me Onesie in a size up because I’m reading reports that most people are sizing up in this in store, and I also know that this will be a sell out item. I ordered it in blue but I think I should have gone with black. As you know from last week, I’ve been looking at jumpsuits to add to my summer wardrobe, so this may be perfect for a more casual jumpsuit. My Gap one is perfect for summer weddings dressed up with wedges.


Did you guys order anything? Try anything on in store this morning?


Wunder Under Pant Tech MeshWunder Under Pant Tech Mesh

Chase Me OnesieChase Me Onesie Chase Me Onesie

Chase Me TankChase Me TankChase Me Tank

Align Pant II JadedAlign Pant Jaded

Cool Racerback Tank IIFaded Zap CRB

Quick Pace 7/8 TightQuick Pace 7/8 Tight Quick Pace 7/8 Tight

Quick Pace Long SleeveQuick Pace Long Sleeve Quick Pace Long Sleeve

Quick Pace SSQuick Pace Short Sleeve Quick Pace Short Sleeve

Love Tee IV Rose QuartzLove Tee IV Rose Quartz

Breeze By Muscle TankBreeze By Muscle Tank

Wunder Under Sound WaveWunder Under Sound Wave

Speed Short Sound WaveSpeed Short

Minimal HoodieMinimal Hoodie Dark Olive Minimal Hoodie Dark Olive

Pack Light ShortPack Light Short

Quick Pace SkirtQuick Pace Skirt

Enroute Bag IIEnroute Bag II

Fast & Free Tight IIFast & Free Tight II

On The Fly ShortOn The Fly Short

Line Up TeeLine Up Tee

Quick Pace ShortQuick Pace Short Quick Pace Short

Train Times CropTrain Times Crop


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      1. those were first featured with the love tee overdye…i was hoping the pants would be in this upload! I have a feeling those are gonna sell out quick!

  1. I don’t mind the new models but man! I hate the new background. I find myself squinting without realizing it. It’s awful.

    Yay, yet another pair of black/white speeds. *sigh*. How I miss the days of plaids and fun prints. I will forever hoard my current speeds.

    UA and Reebok have had tanks like the Chase Me Tank styling for several years. I’ve passed them by then, will pass this by now.

    Not much for me this go round. Spent plenty last week and the week before so need a break anyway!

  2. I was so hoping for a Pink Shell CRB – and sad to hear they sold out of the Energy Bra in Pink Shell already. I was waiting to get one if they uploaded a tank. I have a zillion bras and so didn’t *need* one – but I would have caved if there was a matching tank. 🙁 So starving for color, and that’s such a gorgeous shade of pink! I did get the Toothpaste EB a few uploads ago but to be honest the fabric was kind of scratchy – not like my others. I looked at the tag and the fabric content is definitely different. Oh well – wallet safe for now.

    1. They actually released Pink Shell in the original version last year sometime. It sat there for quite awhile. Because of that I don’t expect another crb release in that color sadly 🙁

      1. I thought that might be the case – I’ve seen it on the boards for sale recently. I haven’t bitten because I’m one of the few who actually prefer the CRB II. I’m “vertically challenged” and find the original CRB too cleavage-exposing… the II fits me perfectly. * sigh *

        1. I tried the II recently and I was shocked to find I liked it better than the original! Selling all my original crb’s in not as much loved colors now. Lol!

        2. I also like the II better. The trim around the neck line is much prettier. I just don’t like how open/round they’ve made the )( part in the back – I find it’s long and looks a bit funny. Other than that I prefer it.

  3. Didn’t get anything . I’m not a fan of royal /cobalt blue or jaded. Was hoping for Galaxy gray singlet or perhaps Intended tank in ice milk? I got got one in black currant last week and can’t get enough of it, so breezy. I also got bunch of stuff last week( Pushing limits bra in 2 colors, 2 Long Distance tanks, Intended tank) and need a break. It’s ok, I don’t have to buy stuff every week lol

  4. Does anyone have a size 8 pink shell energy bra they ordered that they want to return? I would buy it via paypal immediately and pay to have it shipped to me. Better than waiting for lulu to return for almost a month!

  5. Just received my Scuba Hoodie IV in Jaded and the color is gorgeous. It is very close to Alberta Lake and the color is saturated. Never thought I would like Scuba Hoodie IV cos the fabric is much thinner, but it fits well surprisingly. I wanted to like Scuba Hoodie III which is a thicker fleece, but the white underside is a deal breaker.

  6. I ordered the Chase Me Onsie in Jaded and tried it on yesterday. I actually love it! I have no need for it as I wouldn’t run in it (prefer skirts), but it’s so cute I’m wondering if I have a reason to wear it? I didn’t size up in it, but if you are longer in the torso I would. I have a short torso so it wasn’t an issue.

  7. I went to the store today and got Ready Set Go tank in dark green. They will probably get uploaded on Tuesday

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