This is an unplanned post for today but I just had to share an exciting new  Gap Sleeveless Jumpsuit Tencil Culotte purchase with you today, so that you could take advantage of the sale as well, which ends tonight.  Normally this post would have gone up over the weekend. I’ve been very interested in the jumpsuit trend but haven’t seen a cut that would work well for my short, curvy stature. I like the idea of a jumpsuit though because it eliminates my need of wearing a pair of shorts under my dresses or skirts because I get thigh friction. These Lululemon shorts are perfect for that by the way! What I’ve been wanting was something that at first glance looks like a midi dress and not culottes which are just a disaster shape for short legs. I think a bigger problem is culottes with a top because that really cuts my body in half, vs this style which is all one look from top to bottom, with a v-neck.  I was scrolling on the Aritzia site since they have their client sale going on right now hoping to find a jumpsuit and I also checked Zara, H&M, Mango and then I wondered if Gap would have something. All of these retailers have jumpsuits but I really wanted something cropped length, not super short, and no tappered legs.

I was so excited to see the Gap Sleeveless Jumpsuit Tencil Culotte particularly because its’ made of tencil which I love. Tencil is really similar to modal, but it’s crisp like silk. I am constantly hunting down the tencil modal tops at Aritzia because I find those are the far superior quality pieces, and they are so lightweight and airy for summer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen tencil used at the Gap before, so this is an exciting revelation. It’s as exciting as my silk/cashmere blended sweater find at Lole on clearance the other day!

Anyways, my size was sold out online even though they have regular, petite and tall size runs, and an extended size range  –  but they have a really great feature where you can search to see if any stores near you have the item. I was able to do a charge send from a local Gap store which had one in my size (on sale!) so hopefully later on this week I can do a fit review for you of this jumpsuit and let you know if it was a great purchase or not, and if this was the right silhouette for my shape.  I may actually order the red one tonight too before the sale ends because I’ve been really gravitating to tomato reds this summer.


Gap Sleeveless Jumpsuit Tencil Culotte
Gap Sleeveless Tencil Summer Culotte Jumpsuit

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  1. It looks really cute! I’ll be interested to see what you think of it in person or if you find the tencil to wrinkle easily. I have one tencil top that I love for the summer heat, but it tends to become wrinkled instantly. I’m not sure if this is the norm with this fabric though.

  2. Yes, please let us know. I’m jumping on the jumpsuit trend too. Have you looked at the Chino Jumpsuit at Anthropologie? It is super cute. I wanted to try it on but they only had two sizes at my store. I ended up ordering the Eyals One Piece from Free People to try. Its utilitarian but looks too comfy to pass up!

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