Mrs. O has some fantastic Adidas fit reviews for us today which I am so happy for because I’ve been looking at some of the new Adidas pieces lately and really liking them, especially this new orange color. I did a review of Adidas by Stella McCartney last week and have been meaning to try on the new Adidas Bra that Mrs. O had mentioned to me so hopefully I’ll have more reviews for you soon. Thanks Mrs. O!

Adidas Cross Tank
Adidas Cross TankAdidas Cross TankAdidas Cross Tank

I really like the Adidas Cross Tank which is a run tank.  It is made of Climalite, which I think is a cross between light luon and swiftly.  It is sweat wicking.  I have a lot of Adidas gear and find their sweat wicking fabric to be great.  This tank is really soft, comfortable and stretchy.  I like the fit and the length of the tank.  The back has a nice peep hole detail.  I bought the tank in Easy Coral and Energy Blue.  The best part was it was on sale for $13.99 and I was able to use the 30% friends and family discount!  But at the regular price of $28 it is still a bargain.
The GT M10 Short in Easy Coral is a light weight run short.  It has a small pocket in front to hold a key and id.  This is where the short is lacking.  The pocket is not as nice as Lululemon pockets.  The material is soft and has a silky feel to it.  It is also made with climalite.  The tank feels brushed whereas the short does not.
The M10 Short Woven in Energy Blue is cut differently than the GT short.  Although it is also Climalite, it has a less slick feel to it and is a bit thicker.  This is also a run short which is reflective.  It is slightly less relaxed than the GT short.  This short also has a pocket in the front.
Both shorts were on sale for $13.99 and the regular price of $28 is also a bargain.  One good thing about these shorts, the inner liner doesn’t create VPL like Lululemon shorts.  It’s a much thinner liner.
  1. Of topic but does anyone know what happened to the black Swiftly Tech LS (Breeze) on the Canadian side? Was that uploaded to WMTM today and it sold out? I really love the fit and was watching it to see if it would make it on sale but it’s gone. The only one left is the black/white version. Thanks for any help.

    1. I was told by an ed (in the US) that the swiftly breeze is a seasonal item. They only make a few colors and do not have it year round like the regular swiftlies. So, it could be it’s sold out. We don’t even have it on the US site and I haven’t seen it in stores for awhile. The only thing similar LLL is offering is the Breeze by Long Sleeve.

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