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Lululemon UK and Hong Kong Upload Sneak Peeks

Lululemon UK and Hong Kong Upload Sneak Peeks

Lululemon Chase Me Tank

Chase Me TankLululemon Chase Me Tank

Quick Pace Short SleeveQuick Pace Short Sleeve Quick Pace Short Sleeve

Quick Pace Long SleeveQuick Pace Long Sleeve Quick Pace Long Sleeve

Faded Zap CRBFaded Zap CRB

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  • The new skirts are awful. Looks like they didn’t learn from the last design that all hit WMTM with the flimsy fabric. Ugh…. want my pacesetters back 🙁

    • I know. The Pace Setter Skirt is pretty much perfection as far as run skirts go. So stupid of them to get rid of them when they are such a nice, streamlined design. The only update it needed was new colors and prints.

      • Exactly! I’ve been searching for a new one but nothing comes close. Pacesetters by far are the prettiest most functional run skirts ever.

      • I was speaking to one of the local Store Managers last week and she said there was talk of them bringing the Pacesetters back! She said she’s wasn’t sure how firm it was but it was being considered.
        With regard to the new skirt it sort of looks like they just kept the existing fabrics from the failed Lost InPace skirts and are Ryan mg a different cut/style.

    • My only critique of the Pacesetter was the upside-down pocket. Sure, it was great for tennis, but served zero purpose when running. I am happy to see them add more regular pockets in the shorts, but need a cute design with a finished hem!

      • That’s such a minor detail though compared to the crapola they are giving us now. I agree, it’s weird but I don’t use pockets anyway. I use the RSTB for easier access to my gels. Also, I like to wear skirts during the day too when it’s hot and I’m walking around (and don’t want to sweat into…gasp…cotton clothes), and the pacesetter is the best looking “doesn’t look like draped fabric” running/athletic skirt I’ve ever seen. Sigh…

      • If you sew or know a seamstress, have velcro sewn on the opening in the upside down pocket. This way you now have a secure place for ID and car key, freeing up the back pocket for other stuff! It’s worked well on the Pacesetter skirt. I need to now do it on all of them!

        • Ugh…*worked well on the one Pacesetter Skirt I experimented on. Going to do it on all of them I own.

  • Looking forward to some coloured crbs…not to be negative but the tanks are not calling me….a piece of fabric with a hole in back….i do like ombre effect…maybe they will come out with crb in that ombre. The tops with criss cross backs are cute but i already have 3 long sleeve from last year that are the same design….goodie my wallet needs a big break. Im tempted with cda 150 tank since they keep restocking but it irks me to pay 48 for tank that was 44 on upload day….so for thay reason plus the simplicity of the tank i am passing…..yeah….dont do that often enough!

    • I didn’t realize they had jacked up the price for those. That’s pretty icky. I like the one I got but it’s really not anything special, certainly not ‘limited edition’ or ‘special edition’ quality.

    • I agree the tanks are not calling me either. They are all looking the same, short, dropped arms holes, barely there backs and it looks as though cropped is here for another season. It rarely happens but there are seasons and sometimes a whole year where I have not bought a thing from a certain brand because I just didn’t the styles/colours, etc. and that is what is happening to me with LLL.

  • Everything is so flimsy and ill-fitting, and these types of designs have been available for years at this point. The discourse in the LLL FB groups has also become a major turn-off. Sad with the direction this brand and its fan base have taken, but I’m looking forward to spending my money elsewhere.

  • Wow! I actually like something! The quick pace short sleeve. Like the cross cross design in the back, I got last years boom Juice long sleeve like that and I really like it, but didn’t get the short sleeve as they left that design feature out of the short sleeve but still charge obscene price. Might pick up this one

    • I got the Boom juice one too and I love it! I’m also tempted by the SS version this time around. I really like that little back criss-cross ruffle.

  • I was talking to one of the local Store Managers last week and she said there was talk of the Pacesetter being brought back! She wasn’t sure where the idea ended up but apparently it was a possibility.
    With regard to,the new skirt – it almost looks like they’ve kept the fabric from the failed Lost In Pace skirts and are trying a new style/cut. For me that might not be a loser – I didn’t hate the flimsy fabric but I really hated the style.

  • It is sad when a basic like a shell pink energy bra sells out in a week. I wanted one, but was waiting for a return to process. Guess I was too slow. Lack of colors recently maybe contributed to the sell out and my lulu FOMO has long faded since most things sell slowly now. Oopsy, guess I didn’t need one.

    • Weird that the Shell Pink Energy Bra never got sent to stores either. I actually figured that the shell pink energy would go to md because hardly nothing sells out anymore. I did end up ordering it and i’m glad I did as it sold out the next day in my size. I like Shell Pink so was glad to pick up the Energy Bra in this. I think, in general, everyone is so color-starved since the diet has been black, white, gray, navy that a bright pink was a must have! I’ve wanted the Shell Pink to come in an Energy Bra for forever so I would have bought it regardless.

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