I’ve recently fallen in love with Alpha Industries jackets and what first tipped off the obsession was the  Lululemon Non Stop Bomber Jacket. I really loved the idea of the Non Stop Bomber Jacket but it was doing nothing for me. I actually purchased that jacket, returned it, purchased it again and returned it again. I decided I liked the bomber style, but I wanted a more authentic version and so I did some research and learned that ‘the’ brand for bomber jackets is Alpha Industries which was the original maker of bomber jackets for the US military. This brand is sold at a variety of retailers such as Asos, Revolve, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters. As soon as I saw it I immediately remembered my absolute obsession with the original M-1 Bomber Jacket with it’s iconic orange liner and gold zipper from back in the 90’s . I was in high school then and really into Doc Martins and Nirvana. I so desperately wanted that jacket but it wasn’t easily found in Vancouver unless you went to military supply stores.

I tried on the M-1 Bomber and fell in absolute love with it. It was everything I loved about other fashiony bomber jackets I tried on,  but more substantial, more edgy, warmer and more of a true jacket. I’ve been wearing that jacket for months and I get tons of compliments on it from both guys and girls. It’s such a warm jacket that I think it’s now officially put away for Fall/Winter, but I really love wearing it.

More recently I found the L2 B Scout Bomber Jacket on sale, and so I picked that one up because I loved the pink color, and love that I can wear it in warmer weather. It’s a slimmer and more narrow fit than the M-1 Jacket, but it’s still roomy. I take an M in all of the Alpha Industries Jacket I’ve tried on so far.

Today I fell in love with a new Alpha Jacket, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I left the store this morning. The woodland camo M-65 trooper jacket. On the hangar I thought for sure I wouldn’t like it. These trooper jackets always call to me but when I try them on they swallow me up and look hideous. For some reason, the cut of this jacket works really well for me. I think it’s because while it’s boxy, it hits at the right length and is more structured and tailored. The proportions of the pockets, the collar, the detailing in the cuff – the proportions on all these features are just perfect. There are so many details on this jacket and really nice features such as hidden pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a stowaway hood. I’m actually glad I left this behind in store today because I’ve found it online for cheaper, which is the push I need to order it.

M-65 Defender W Field Coat

Alpha Industries M-65 Defender Coat

Alpha Industries M-65 Defender Field CoatAlpha Industries M-65 Field Coat

L-2B Scout Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries L-2B Scout JacketAlpha Industries L-2B Scout Jacket

M-1 Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries M-1 Flight Jacket
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  1. LLM, why are you doing this to me?!? I love that jacket and it looks so great on you. Now I have to order it. I love all things “military” and Alpha Industries jackets. Although I bought and kept the LLL Non-Stop Bomber Jacket, I tend to favor bomber jackets that look more like the original M-1 Bomber. I like masculinity in my jackets.

    1. Thanks! I got it in an M, which I’m certain coincides with lululemon 10’s. I think you are right, I think the LLL bomber lacked that masculine strong shoulder look that all these other ones have. I think that helps to make the waist more narrow and balanced.

  2. LLM are you wearing the new embossed wup in these photos? I got them but find them tight in my tts, not sure if they will stretch out a bit with wear. Do you find them tighter fitting than usual?

    1. No these are the align pants (some version, not sure if 1 or 2). I did find the embossed snugger fitting going up, but once on they weren’t too snug. where are you finding them snug, in the waist or throughout? If throughout I would size up but if it’s you waist it could be that the narrowest part is hitting you higher on your waist.

  3. Oh I really like the M65 Defender Jacket on you, nicely fitted and slimming, not boxy at all. I also love the colours in this jacket, nice buy LLM. I was not a fan of the LLL bomber jacket, I found it quite boring. I like this pink one much better on you because it looks like a better fit, it’s visually more appealing and it looks a bit longer than the LLL bomber.

    I wanted to mention I received my l/s and s/s Black Current Swiftlies yesterday and I am a little disappointed with them. Although I like the colour it is much darker than what I was expecting. I love that it is a solid colour with no crazy pattern on it but I am a bit concerned with the fabric feeling thinner, a smoother finish on the outside with a ribbed texture on the inside. I for sure am not keeping the l/s but will keep the s/s knowing I will get more wear out of that one. I was wanting your feedback LLM on what you think about yours.

    1. I also thought that a number of the new swiftlies feel silky smoothy not like my older ones. Does anyone know if the fabric changed? or is just the dark colors? I first noticed it with the pure black tank. PS Love all the jacket choices so much nicer fit and details than LLL one you tried. Love the camo especially.

      1. The Midnight Navy, Black and Black Currant are all the colors that have that silky stretchy feel to them. This is the way old swiftlies used to feel. I prefer these ones but not everyone does. I do think they may be more delicate. I find them way more breathable and less hot than some of the others.

    2. Thanks so much!!

      re the swiftlies, I prefer swiftlies in this material because I find them silkier, stretchier and more breathable but I know not everyone does. I have the midnight navy which is the same as this black currant in terms of material, and I gravitate to that one out of all my swiftlies because it is so much cooler and breathable that I can wear it for longer during my workouts. They are more delicate though and likely more prone to getting pulls or snags. I haven’t snagged mine at all yet but I avoid velcro like the plague.

    3. also, I returned the LS yesterday and opted to keep the SS since SS crew necks in tech material is what I need for workouts, and going into the warmer months I won’t be wearing my LS’s as much. If I could have kept both I would have.

    4. Thanks LLM for your input on the fabric of the black current swiftly. I just now compared it to my solid black swiftly and yes it is the same fabric as the black current and because I haven’t worn it much I really didn’t notice the difference in fabric. I guess I can’t pass judgment on the new fabric until I wear them more but I do fear these will snag more easily and be more noticeable.

    1. I would go with an xs but double check their size charts because they coincide with numbered sizing and for me it’s spot on.

  4. You look amazing in those jackets! What a massive difference a great fitting (and lengthier) jacket makes. I’m such a fan of these looks on you.

    1. Thank you so much!!!
      Sorry, for some reason your comment went through the spam filter which is why it didn’t go up right away.

    1. Yes, I posted a link to the UO one in the body of the post (text) and in the carousel at the bottom of the post I used a variety of retailers. I’m not sure what the price for the alpha website is in USD but the CAD side it is a bit pricier than UO. The camo field jacket is overall cheaper online than it was at the mall.

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