1. Wow just wow…so busy and so black white …they didnt hear us. Had they used mens print or added a dash of colour to some of the pics in shorts that might have helped. Im trying to see if it will grow on me but not yet…maybe i need to smoke something…just way too busy …and no colour

  2. They look just like my “ghost of flowers past” flowabunga black and white Run Times shorts I got in 2014.

  3. I like them– up close they are weird and fun but from a distance look like a more standard Floral print. Plus they will match all color tops.

    What is the pair further down toward the bottom? (The speeds with a more zig zag print- is that also Seawheeze?)
    So excited to see what else they’ll have at the expo!!

    1. Those are not seawheeze related. They are the most recently uploaded speed shorts. I need to keep that little area populated with a related item so I opted for speed shorts that are on the website.

  4. Cheesy! I don’t do SW but I’d be mad to have purchased these sight-unseen, especially since they’re somehow a more inferior version of a pattern most people didn’t like.

    Also, anyone notice that fake reviewers on the LLL seem to still be a thing?

    1. Not just fake reviewers unfortunately…negative reviews are also typically filtered out which I dont think is very honest of them, but it is theirs to use as they wish sooo…. :/

  5. Can someone post a pic wearing them with a nice colour crb…i need to see it like that…i have to wait a week for mine. I find they have too much black..kinda imbalanced a bit…mens version are sweet. I would have liked the seam at back of short to have been black..that may have broken up the busy look a bit

  6. I opened mine this morning and immediately did not like them. What are they thinking. I get part of the theme, but the body parts all over the place? Not my thing, but maybe someone else’s.

  7. I lovr the funky floral and I’m kinda bummed I’m not a Seaweezer right now. Although, I agree with the comments that it is very similar to flowabunga from a few years ago. It will be interesting to see what the color story will be since this is giving us no hints.

  8. This print would’ve been super cool in some psychadelic colors but unfortunately in black and white I find myself SO disappointed. I’m hoping I’ll like them once I see them in person 🙁 At this moment though, I feel like I’m going to sell mine, that’s just not a print I would wear

  9. I actually really liked the print until I saw the body parts and was immediately turned off. Those arms and hands look so freaky and who wants someones face on their shorts, not me…

    1. EXACTLY my thought!!! The flowers are fun and I don’t mind the black and white because it goes with everything. Chances are if it were a coloured pattern I wouldn’t like it. The only one I really loved was last year. BUT why the body parts???? What were they thinking by putting it in the shorts?!?! Kinda bummed.

  10. omg you guys, I am laughing so hard at the body parts comments. like everyone else, I liked the pants until someone mentioned the body parts. and I’m like, what body parts?? then I go look and now this is all I can see!!! lol

  11. Horrible. I’m not running SW, but would’ve been super disappointed to receive these. More black and white, and look super similar to flowabunga from a few years ago. It was one of the floral patterns I disliked, and it’s back. These are awful.

  12. the body parts are definitely creepy! I wouldn’t mind the black and white if the design wasn’t so weird. So disappointed!

  13. Hate ’em. I don’t mind the flowers, but I STRONGLY object to more black and white and the body parts are extremely creepy. Lulu is not listening to us and not making course corrections. I thought I hated last year’s stupid spy theme, but this is much worse.

    To try to bring something positive, rulu lovers should give the Arise LS a try. It’s pricey, but it feels amazing and is well cut. Those between sizes should size up, not sure about others.

    1. Keep in mind these were designed and manufactured and shipped long, long before the last quarter call and drop in stock. These were designed last year and any course corrections will be for next spring/summer. They can do their fast turnaround thing they’ve done before but fast means 3-4 months vs 9-12.

      1. I know what you’re saying, anon, but we’ve been complaining about black/white prints and lack of good colors for a long time. There’ve only been a few colored prints since around last September (assuming you ignore blue/black paint splatter type stuff). Finally, with the Q4 call, they admitted that it’s a problem, but it’s been an issue for a long time. And what was their plan, anyway? “Let’s spend 8 months making nothing but black and white prints and see what happens.” And now, “Let’s release all of the Australian Fall line in North America in Spring and see what happens.” I’m just so tired of the utter stupidity of the design team. And, yes, I bought long sleeved shirts and dark purple pants in April, because that’s when they’re selling them. I expect to be offered pastel short sleeves this November. Or maybe 5 different shades of gray. Who knows? Sorry for the snarkiness, but Lulu is being run into the ground because of stupidity, arrogance, and laziness, and it’s pissing me off.

  14. yup! got mine and I’m not a fan of these and won’t be wearing mine during race. I’m already thinking of giving them to my little sister for her birthday in July. If SW shop has this sort of black and white stuff, My Amex is safe. Last year I spent less than $100 at SW shop. The excitement of hoarding SW stuff is gone. I used to spend $1000+ on SW gear. Those days are gone THANK GOD for my bank account.

  15. I was seriously praying that it’s not in the black & white shades again. Lordy Lord, Lulu! Why? Oh why must you do this to us?! I need to read the story behind this because the colors are seriously not that appealing to me. It’s cute, but just not all there.

  16. Hideous! Awful! I’m so indescribably disappointed…kinda killed my excitement for SeaWheeze, especially since the past shorts designs have been so cool. ?

    1. Are you running for the shorts or the Run ? Not really fair to say that the shorts have killed your excitement. There is so much to that weekend.

  17. I get that some people don’t like the print but, let’s be honest with ourselves it’s about the run and the love of running through a beautiful city. It could be much worse. We could be getting a normal race t-shirt. I appreciate the attempt of Lulu to set themselves apart from other races even if it means some people don’t like it.

  18. Don’t people kind of feel like they’re being taken advantage of? Like, they know SW will sell out, so who cares if they put out shorts people actually want or not? They get their money either way. And if it were ‘about the run’ the focus of the event wouldn’t be blind consumerism…

  19. Ugh. If I’m honest, I think they’re ugly and I’m super disappointed. There is NOTHING appealing about them to me. But hey, you can’t please everyone.

    I’m still excited to get my first Seawheeze package!

  20. Ugliest shorts yet. A let down. I hate the random spider-looking hands mixed into the print. The lips are kind of irritating, but not as creepy as those thin spindle-arms and long fingers. It is really a disgusting print. Lululemon has really gone downhill.

    They didn’t even come in a zip-pouch bag this year! Just some cheap, fold-out paper with crap on it, thrown into my bag all bent and wrinkled.

    I haven’t purchased anything Lululemon for months. Their patterns and designs have become drab and dull. I used to spend thousands of dollars a month. No more.

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