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We polled the community: These are the best lululemon leggings for everyday wear + the top 5 best lululemon leggings broken down

Surveying the lululemon community for answers to

by Cristina

We’ve polled the lululemon community to find out the best black leggings for everyday wear. Hint: lululemon align leggings are the fan favourites. Here’s the breakdown of the survey of the top 5 leggings, according to readers polled.

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woman wearing the best lululemon leggings

The lululemon survey results for top black lululemon leggings for casual wear

The Sweat Edit community is a wealth of information on all things lululemon. What was initially founded as a lululemon fan club evolved into much broader content. But our roots of dedicated lululemon fans remain at the core of this blog. The Sweat Edit polled the community on our Facebook group and this website, and we gathered data from Reddit for answers to the biggest lululemon question. What is the best lululemon legging to wear out and about?
Everyone wants to wear leggings daily, but there is a considerable variety of legging options that make it hard to choose. If you are shopping for simple black leggings, let us help you decide!

The number one favourite legging to wear out and about according to readers polled: The lululemon align pant!

pie chart showing the community poll results for the best lululemon leggings to wear out-and about. the winner? the lululemon align pant.

Align leggings are a clear winner according to you guys!

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Align High-Rise Tight65% of readers asked and Redditors prefer the align pants
Wunder Train High-Rise Tight28% of readers and Redditors prefer the Wunder Train High-Rise Tight
Invigorate High-Rise Running Tight6% of readers and Redditors prefer the Invigorate
Base Pase High-Rise Tight.5% of readers and Redditors prefer the Base Pase
Instill High-Rise Tight.5% of readers and Redditors prefer the Instill tights
Table of Survey results for best lululemon leggings gathered from The Sweat Edit readers, facebook groups, and reddit data:

These are the top 5 best leggings according to fans:

1. The align legging (and the Align legging collection).

it’s not surprising that lululemon align leggings made first place. They are the softest, most luxurious feeling legging. They have very little distracting details and the matte fabric makes them very easy to style with street wear and day-to-day outfits.

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Always love how comfortable and soft the align items are. I like them for casual use as opposed to my training since they’re rather delicate.


Best Leggings! They are SO comfortable and feel like butter. Best leggings out there!


2. In honourable second place for best legging: The Wunder Train High Rise Tight (and the Wunder Train collection)

Wunder Train Tights are a great choice if you want your leggings to pull double duty between casual wear, and durable gym wear. They have the sleek styling of the align pants, and are just as lightweight. Instead of NULU they are made of NULUX

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3. Base Pase High-Rise Tight

For that edgy sporty look, the Base Pase Tight is the pair you are after. Or, if you are a runner, the Base Pase are the perfect tight to take you from running the trails right to the grocery store by simply throwing on a beautiful oversized knit sweater. You can shop the Base Pase High-Rise Tight here:

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4. Invigorate High-Rise Tight

Invigorate tights are made of everlux fabric and are your most serious training tight. WIth a bit of compression in all the right places, and great stash pockets on the side, and in the waist. These pants are perfect for the serious fitnessista

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5. Instill High-Rise Tight

The Instill tight is a newer favourite of mine. The new material, SmoothCover fabric, feels just as soft as NULU. The fabric is also matte, making it very easy to style. The main difference though is that SmoothCover is far more compressive and it holds me in in all the places. They are THE PERFECT everyday tight in my opinion because they offer more smoothing and coverage than Align leggings.

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