I found the best The Best Distressed Hoodie this past week while in California. It’s way cheaper than that Givenchy Distressed Hoodie that keeps selling out. I had some time to shop on our trip to Disneyland (besides my new Bing Bong elephant) and I stumbled upon an Alo Yoga store in Santa Monica. I had been eyeing this Distressed Hoodie for months now but we don’t have an Alo Yoga in Canada. Luckily, the store I went to had it in for me to try and I absolutely loved it.

The Best Distressed Hoodie | Alo Yoga Ripped Hoodie

I was really drawn to this color Gravel but I was a bit worried that it would wash me out. All of the colors are great but I would have played it safe with the black had I not tried on the other colors. This Gravel color is perfect combined with the distressing and paired with black leggings. I love that the distressing is so nicely balanced througout the hoodie in all the right spots. It’s so casual and cozy, but kinda sexy and edgy. I also really love the neckline on this hood. I know distressing isn’t for everyone but for those of you that love ripped jeans this is going to be right up your alley.

Alo Yoga Ripped Hoodie
Alo Yoga Ripped Hoodie

Outfit Details: Pant, watch, shoes, handbag

Alo Yoga Distressed Hoodie

They also have a few other pieces in the Distressed line. Sweat pants, tank tops, crew necks and tee shirts. I know the Ripped Warrior Leggings are super popular as well.

Distressed Tee

I picked up this Distressed Tee in black. It was a size down from my usual while the grey one is my TTS

I love the fit of this tee so much. It’s 100% soft cotton (made in the US) and the sleeve length is so great. It’s a little bit of a boxy shape, but narrow and long enough that it’s feminine. I would have preferred staying with my TTS in this but the black was sold out in a large and I prefered the black over the grey.

Alo Yoga Distressed Tee
Alo Yoga Distressed Tee

Shop The Ripped Hoodie Here

What do you guys think? do you like the distressed look or are you in the camp of ‘why would I spend money on something already damaged?’

  1. I’m definitely in the camp of not buying damaged clothes. I have clothes like these, but mostly wear them for painting or messy jobs. They’re my ancient pieces I can’t part with for either sentimental value or because 20 years of wash and wear has made them so soft and comfortable. Having said that, I get the allure, but wouldn’t pay good money for them, and don’t necessarily find them stylish.

  2. Were you able to try on the Ripped Warrior Leggings? I quite interested in them but worried they will look funny on. I’m not a fan of the hoodie but definitely like the tee – best in t he black.

  3. I love Alo Yoga but I dislike distressed things. I would say i’m not a follower of trends anyways. I like clothes that are feminine with a bit of edge. I don’t even think I own a sweatshirt lol!

    I do love the colour and neckline of the sweatshirt though.

  4. I’m not a fan of distressed clothing, but I’m glad you found some items you liked. The sweatshirt looks nice on you.

  5. Distressed Jean’s, yes, but not hoodies or shirts. Maybe I’m not trendy enough? Lol the distressed shirt reminds me of that boy in my elementary whose shirts always had holes in them. Made me wonder if he had worms in his closet lol. Always nice to find something you love on vacation tho!

  6. That hoodie is super cute!! I’m on the fence about distressed things, it depends on the finished project. When it is done really thoughtfully and in a stylish way, I really like it. Alo’s pieces look well thought out with small touches all over. I’m tempted by the pink one, but it is sold out! I may get the tank.

  7. Christina – The Bay sells Alo Yoga items. Not a huge quantity but that’s where I get stuff from being from Alberta

  8. I love distressed jeans but these hoodies and shirts just look damaged and cheap. Not trendy. Just not my gig is all. But like others said, I may just not be hip enough lol

  9. I don’t like the aesthetic of the tops either. I don’t mind naturally distressed items, (i.e. vintage clothing), but these just look fake and ‘off’ The Santa Monica Alo store is quite lovely. They also host quite cool, free events.

  10. I like distressed clothing, but in this case I don’t like how it was done. The parallel rips make you look like you were attacked by werewolves.

  11. I live in a very large city and this hoodie would fit right in at my downtown gym. I think it looks wonderful on you, and I’ve loved how you’ve worn it with a simple but sleek outfit with your hair soft and wavy. Just the right balance between casual, sophisticated, and edgy to me. I also love the color on you, and seems to be a great fit too.

  12. I would be mistaken for a homeless person in my town. Having said that I own a couple of overpriced $100 distressed t’s and I make sure I carry my Chanel or CELINE bag when I’m wearing those shirts lol

  13. I don’t own any Alo but I think their designs are super cute and trendy. I like ripped jeans a lot and I dig the hoodie but not the shirt as much.

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