The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live!

So sorry for the late upload post. I’m in Disneyland with my family this week and I wasn’t sure when I’d get back to our hotel room in time to post the upload. Lots of great colors uploaded today. Loving the Bali Breeze Define Jacket, and the Hyacinth Love Tee, and Fantom Fuchsia

By the way, I purchased the Everywhere Belt Bag for this trip and it has been perfect for Disneyland. It carries my phone, wallet, sunscreen and a few other items for my kids in there and it’s much better than carrying any type of over the shoulder handbag.

Did you order anything today?

Define Jacket

Define Jacket Bali Breeze

Love Tee V

Love Tee V Hyacinth

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

Scuba Hoodie

Easy Going Hoodie

Cool Racerback Tank Rib

So tempted by these.

Hotty Hot Short II

Fast and Free Crop II

The Everyday Skirt

Picnic Play Dress

  1. I love the Fantom Fuchsia! Might break down and buy the Scuba Hoodie in the next few weeks. I wish I liked the Picnic Play Dress because it is super cute. However, when I saw the last version in store it had almost no stretch….. how do you walk without a slit somewhere in it? Also, built in bras are a no go for me. I did order the Brunswick Tanks that hit markdown, but that was it.

  2. I ordered the Speed Up 28″ in Flower Pop White Silver Lilac – I’ve been looking for some lighter coloured Speed Up pants. I find the material so thick and compressive and really like it for barre class.
    I also ordered the cut back crop in white and laser speed train tank in black – I love crop tanks for barre and running. I find they are so flattering with high-waisted WUPs.
    Love the Fantom Fushia – thinking of some shorts in that colour.

  3. Lots of great color this upload… yay!! I won’t be buying anything, but glad to see the cheerful colors and not just the muted pastels we’ve been seeing for a long time.

  4. I love my belt bag that you also bought, Cristina! Mine is chrome coloured, and it goes with everything. I go to Disneyworld at least twice a year and this little bag has been indispensable in the parks. (Funny how tastes change. When the Festival bags first came out, I used those as belt bags – I still do. Anyway, there were several reviewers for those early Festival bags stating that they would never use them as “fanny packs”. Give it a few years and tastes change…)
    The yellowish green and the sunny yellow Lululemon is pushing out now are simply terrible with my colourings. Main thing is that there’s a market for them.
    Regardless of these colours that don’t suit me, uploads keep coming and going and I can’t find anything to buy. It’s frustrating, but I hear my wallet singing with joy.

  5. I love the phantom fuchsia color!! I’m hoping for the longer 4″ shorts in that shade. I’ll probably grab the scuba too, but it’s 90 degrees today and I just can’t manage to check out. It is so cute though!!

  6. Nice to see brighter and more intense colours – hope they turn out to be the same as in the photos.

    I like the Easy Going Hoodie, it’s cute in the yellow (that particular yellow doesn’t work on me though).

  7. I love all the bright colours too. On the negative side though I tried the Honey Lemon sweat shirt in store earlier this week and that shade of yellow does not work for me. This means I’m going to skip the ls swiftly in that colour. I love the Phantom Fuchsia but I don’t love the current version of scuba. I would purchase a swiftly in a heart beat (in ls or ss version) if it was released in that colour though.

  8. I picked up the speed tight *LOGO as I can’t decide between buying fast and free or in movement pants or crops in black. I think the speed ups could be the everything pants I’m looking for – for spin, barre, biking to work, running, rock climbing and parenting.
    After this, I think I’ll take a break from checking weekly uploads until November. 🙂

  9. I will definitely be buying one of the phantom fushcia items 🙂 My boom juice define is by far my most-used define, I’m so tempted to buy another one as a back up LOL I wear my bali breeze tanks CONSTANTLY so I am actually thinking about getting the define also, it’s just such a great color.
    I was looking for crops yesterday and as a tall girl (6ft) I’m having a hard time finding any that are long enough to cover my calf. All the crops currently seem to be “knee catchers” where they’re only an inch or two below my knee and will ride up and bunch behind my knee while working out (chafing!)

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