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My favourite lululemon sweatshirt, and a new buy

lululemon sweatshirts for women that will keep you cozy and warm

by Cristina

My lululemon sweatshirt picks this year! From the old classic lululemon scuba hoodie to the vast collection of new sweatshirt lululemon carries now. These are the best sweatshirts from lululemon from their current collection. 

Sharing my sweatshirt haul this week from lululemon

my favourite lululemon sweatshirts

I’m in loooove with my newest lululemon sweatshirt. So many of them are cozy, warm, and cute, and the fit is perfect, especially for post-work-outs or everyday wear. There is nothing better than lounging in a cozy lululemon sweatshirt. lululemon women’s sweatshirts come in so many styles and colours now. Scuba hoodies used to be the only option, with cuddle-up hoodies being  seasonal. My favourite lululemon hoodie is a cozy and warm sweatshirt. Perfect for post-workouts or everyday wear. Their sweatshirts come in many styles and gorgeous colours. Choosing is a hard task!

Perfectly Oversized Crew, my go-to lululemon hoodie

Perfectly Oversized Crew is one of my favourites; an oldie but goodie. I wear mine all the time. Love red is rich and bright. It’s thick and soft, and the fit is excellent… honestly, I have way too many of them, but I love them all.

A remake from the old classic lululemon scuba hoodie

Best Selling lululemon sweatshirt, and reddit favourite, Scuba Oversized Half-Zip Hoodie is another favourite. Zip Hoodies are a great addition to my wardrobe too as it’s an extra layer when I’m chilly. It looks great with high-waisted black aligned leggings and a slim-fitting t-shirt underneath. Yet, it doesn’t work for me layered over looser-fitting long shirts. My collection includes the full-zip version, the ½ zip and the funnel neck. This is the hoodie of choice when I want a more oversized and boxy fit without looking too casual.  

Fitting-room try on of the love red perfectly oversized hoodie - lululemon sweatshirt - lululemon hoodie - lululemon women’s sweatshirts

Scuba Oversized Half-Zip

The Scuba Oversize Hoodie is a cross between a hooded sweatshirt and a half zip. You can wear it zipped all the way up; or unzipped about 2/3rds. It has an open kangaroo pocket in the front, which are perfect hand warmer pockets.

And now, a new favourite lululemon hoodie - Loungeful Cropped Hoodie.

Finally I found a new cute and lightweight lululemon sweatshirt. It’s in the colour I have been looking for. A vibrant neon! It is true to size, warm and cozy and very versatile. The loungeful cropped hoodie in electric lemon is so adorable that it came home with me.

I like this hoodie! It’s versatile and so soft. The neon colour is vibrant and pops.

I got this in my regular size and it’s not too cropped. It measures right on my waist.

Although this is a cropped hoodie, it’s not too cropped. It measures right on my waist. I got this in my regular size, and it’s not as wide as the scuba ½ zip hoodie. 

It feels lighter than my scuba ½ zips. loungeful cropped hoodie is my new favourite of all the lululemon sweatshirts.


What‘s your favourite lululemon sweatshirt? Which hoodies do you have in your collection?

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Anonymous April 28, 2022 - 8:58 pm

You look really cute in those hoodies ! Love the review thank you ! ❤️

Cristina April 29, 2022 - 8:30 am

thank you!!

Erin April 29, 2022 - 2:17 am

I really hope they release the vibrant colours in the loungeful crew also!

Cristina April 29, 2022 - 8:31 am

i agree. i’d love this color or the orange in the crew.

Samantha April 30, 2022 - 11:27 am

I love the scuba crew sweatshirts. Slightly fitted and super flattering.


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