I did a P.E Nation Review last year after I discovered the coolest star print super-girl style leggings somewhere in an internet rabbit hole browse. Maybe I saw Kylie Jenner wearing them?  I’ve since been a little obsessed with the brand but I’ve only accumulated two pairs of leggings and a tee shirt which I got on Shopbop (my new favorite place to shop online). I just love the retro gym vibe with the rainbow side stripes and contrasting. P.E Nation also has this cool euro sport glamour theme going on, and influences from car racing which I think is really cool. I find the leggings from P.E Nation generally really slimming and I’m itching to buy another pair soon.

Brands like P.E Nation are pretty hard to find in Canada since we have a very limited shopping pool but recently the Nordstrom in Vancouver started carrying the brand so I got to actually try on a bunch of the products instead of just ordering blind online. I can’t wait till Nordstrom Canada gets Sweaty Betty in as well, which I’m told will be soon.

For size reference, I take a 10 in Lululemon and an L in P.E Nation.

P.E Nation Sport Parade Leggings, P.E Nation Review

P.E Nation Sport Parade LeggingsP.E Nation Sport Parade Leggings, P.E Nation ReviewP.E Nation Sport Parade Leggings

P.E Nation Sport Parade Leggings

P.E Nation Sport Parade Legging

These were my top favorite of the leggings I tried on and the most comfortable. Like I mentioned above, I have a thing for rainbow racing stripes so I automatically reached for these first. What made them my favorite though was the material. It’s a soft yet compressive material that feels similar in softness to nulu, but it’s thicker and compressive, so more like a smoothing scuba material. I don’t feel like these are delicate or will have a tendency to pill like nulu does.  I loved how black these are and that they are matte and I loved the little design features on them. There is a little tiny embroidered P.E Nation logo which you see in the last picture. They also have all the technical features that even the most serious athlete requires. higher waistband, flat locked seams, compression, moisture wicking etc. etc. These are completely opaque, super comfortable and very slimming. They are TTS and easy to take on and off unlike the next two that I’m going to show you, which I also liked but where a struggle.

P.E Nation The Glory Leggings

P.E Nation The Glory Leggings

P.E Nation The Glory Leggings

P.E Nation The Glory Leggings

These were my second favorite pair of leggings and to be honest, I thought I’d hate them. I typically hate leggings that have this sheen because I find it less slimming than matte fabrics. Somehow, once I got them on I found them to be very slimming. I think the reason for that is because they are extremely compressive and opaque. Getting them on was a little tricky over the lower legs and if you’ve ever worn prescription compression stockings you know how hard it can be to pull them up over certain sections. Once on though they were really comfortable. They just lacked the softness that the Sport Parade Leggings have. These are TTS as well and I take a large.

P.E Nation Without Limits Leggings

P.E Nation Without Limits Leggings

P.E Nation Without Limits Leggings

P.E Nation Without Limits Leggings

P.E Nation Without Limits Leggings

The fit on this pair was similar if not identical to the pair above. I think I just didn’t love the peach panel and I am not sure I love the side stripe being on the outside of both legs. Other than not gravitating to this particular design, like the ones above I found these pretty slimming and smoothing. The white panel seemed to be opaque enough but that’s not an area that is especially challenging to opacity, it may have been a different story had the white panels been at the rear.


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  1. I also like the wide stripe on the side of the leg and it’s good that this pair is easy to get in and out of.

    I had a pair of wetsuit type leggings from Prana for paddle boarding and it was a total workout just getting into them. I don’t want to work that hard to put on gym leggings.

    I’m looking forward to reading your future reviews on Sweaty Betty. I look at their website but haven’t ordered anything. It will be interesting to get your take on sizing and quality.

    1. Thanks! I did a few Sweaty Betty reviews here and fell in love with the sweatpants. Stupidly I left them behind thinking that the Vancouver store would have them on sale as well but none of the Canadian stores got them in for the NSALE. Looking at the full price online at Sweaty Betty, the NSALE price was a fantastic deal.

  2. Thank you Christina!! I’m in love with the first pair you tried as well. I’m going to see if I can order a pair from your YVR Nordstrom to my home in Calgary. (I don’t THINK the store here carries the brand but will def double-check). Do you remember what the CAD price was on them? Also – I take a 6 in Lulu leggings. Do you think I’d be a S or M??

  3. if you get a chance to try their jackets they’re amazing, I have the ‘Man up jacket’ in an L and I’m a curvy lulu 10/12. The price point here in NZ is similar to Lulu and I like that not every second person at the gym is wearing the same thing.

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