Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Fitting Room Try-Ons Part 5 – Activewear! later tonight, Casual Wear including Free People. If you are in Canada, are you shopping the Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Canada today? Let me know in the comments if you do, and what you’ve tried on or purchased. I’m nosy and would love to know!

Sweaty Betty Rhythm Sweatpants Sweaty Betty Rythm Sweatpants Sweaty Betty Rhythm Sweatpants

Sweaty Betty Rhythm Sweatpants

First up are my top favorite pants of the entire activewear lineup. The Sweaty Betty Rhythm Sweatpants did not catch my attention at all on the website or really in store, but for some reason, I grabbed them to try on to get a good variety of Sweaty Betty styles. They felt so luxuriously soft on! They are actually a blend of merino wool and Tencel which are my two favorite materials ever for cozy. Tencel is modal and we’ve seen it used a lot at Lululemon, but we’ve never seen it blended with merino. I definitely want to get these but I am out of NSALE budget, so perhaps I will put them on my wishlist for sometime after the sale. They are pretty pricey outside of the sale though, and normal price on sale so maybe I just have to list some lulu for sale on eBay to get these. These are size large and they are pretty relaxed. I would have tried on a medium but they didn’t have any in store. I think the large is the right fit though, so stay TTS unless you are small in the hips and butt area. I would wear these to lounge in, but I’d also wear them for weightlifting on very cold days. I just love the rose gold zippers at the pockets and the back of the ankle too. One day these will be mine!

Sweaty Betty Dharana Yoga Tee

Sweaty Betty Dharana Yoga Tee

This top did catch my eye online actually, especially since it comes in this color I love. I expected it would be really unforgiving in the midsection though since it’s sort of a knit nylon material. The Seattle store only had this one in a medium and I was very tempted to get it, but I want a large. It’s such a flattering feminine fit that contours to the body, but doesn’t cling to the body. The back is vented almost the entire backside but it’s not quite sheer, just less opaque than the rest of the top. I really love the sleeve length on this one too. The price is great for this and had the store had my size I would have purchased it right away. I wonder if the Nordstrom Canada stores have Sweaty Betty in. I may have to stop in tomorrow to check these two items out.

Zero Gravity Print Ankle Legging Zero Gravity Print Ankle Leggings SWEATY BETTY NSALE Try-Ons

Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Print Ankle Leggings

This gorgeous floral print is also backed in the pretty teal blue color I like. These are an XL and I think they are the right size for me. I typically take a 10 in Lululemon, or an L depending on brands but this material is a bit thinner (yet still compressive and fully opaque) so I felt good in this size. No L’s available to try on anyways but these didn’t slip down thanks to the compression.The material feels really similar to the material that Varley uses, and I think Stella McCartney.  Sweaty Betty has this new print I love called the Gymball Print so if I was going to splurge on tights (which I do not need) because of a print, it would be those. I actually tried to get them from the New York Stores but they only had the tiny sizes in stock.

Power Wetlook Crop Leggings SWEATY BETTY Power Wetlook Crop Leggings SWEATY BETTY

Sweaty Betty Power Wetlook Crop Leggings

These were so great from the front but I didn’t love the mesh detailing in the back which goes up most of the leg, or the wetlook panel at the top of the butt. I liked the wetlook paneling in the front though. These are size L and were a comfortable fit. The material is softer than the leggings above and slightly thicker so they feel more similar to luon.

Zella Luxury Bomber Jacket

I was drawn to this Zella bomber because Aritzia had a great bomber last year in this very same color and I missed out on it. This was a very relaxed TTS and I’m wearing an L. I prefer this bomber by a mile to the Lululemon reversible bombers from last year.

Adidas Active Icon Tights

I’ve been meaning to try Adidas tights and I finally got a chance to. These are an incredible price at $29.90. If you are needing to restock your tights drawer on a budget, I recommend these. I would 100% get these but I want to start with a classic black pair. The waistband is really different from what I’m used to. It’s got an elasticated waist and it sits a bit lower than any of my other lulu tights, but I actually didn’t hate it. There was no compression there though so as you can see (and this became more obvious with lightening the photos in editing) that there is a bit of a lower tummy area problem. Who cares though. The lack of compression is fine if you are not doing any kind of running and these would be perfect for me for oly lifting. They are really comfortable, non-compressive and sporty. I’m loving adidas these days.

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  1. Sweaty Betty had a big sale on their website at the moment, and just added an extra 20% off on Monday (code is Extra20)…helps ease the sting of the USD exchange rate. They ship to Canada and it takes about two or three weeks to arrive, but they will pay any shipping and duties (I got to test this after Black Friday).

    The seamless shirts are nice, but be gentle. The run leggins are compressive and TTS (I’m a 6 or 8 in Lulu…bum and thighs). I found the workout, contour and yoga leggings to be a bit more lounge wear like, but the patterns are fun. I can easily wear a medium.

    1. That’s amazing about the shipping and duties. I had no idea! I wonder if these joggers are on their site.

      1. They are but it works out to $140 USD so pricier – but they ship to Canada. If you can get them from a Canadian Nordstrom (phone order) should be cheaper. I love that the SB site has a short length.

    1. Thank you so much! The only Zella was the bomber jacket. I tried to try stuff on that I don’t normally have access to and I’d been dying to try on Sweaty Betty. If I can get to the Vancouver Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tomorrow I may try some zella on.

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