The P.E Nation Down The Wire Leggings are currently on sale on ShopBop, and the Sideline Legging and One-Time Raglan Tee are 20% off friends and family sale at Bandier (20% off your order, not just P.E Nation).

My P.E Nation Down The Wire Leggings, Sideline Leggings, One-Time Raglan Tee have arrived!! I am obsessed with this brand. I know a lot of the designs are really out there with a ton of color blocking but I’m really loving the look and attitude. They are so fashion forward and remind me a bit of a Balmain with the gold lettering and high contrast, or Tory Burch preppiness. I wish they had more tee shirts and tanks in their product lineup.

Please excuse my photo setup here but I wanted to get this review up for you quick while all these items are on sale. I had my office mirror set up perfectly on Monday for fit reviews (I shared a selfie on Instagram )when we moved into our new house, but then the painters told me I had to clear my office space so my mirror had to go back in storage. Now it turns out there is a slight delay for painting my office so it will be three weeks before I can get my mirror back in there. It will be well worth the wait though because the paint project I have in store for it is going to be stunning. In the meantime, I’ll be doing bathroom selfies if you don’t mind, whilst standing on my dogs stairs.

P.E Nation Down The Wire Legging, Down The Wire Leggings

P.E Nation Down The Wire Legging

I took advantage of the Shopbop sale last week to branch out and try these pieces I had been eying for a while. I’m so glad I took a chance because I really love the Down The Wire Leggings especially and plan to wear them a ton to oly lifting. They have total Wonder Woman/Old timey Oly lifter vibe to them. The only nit I have with them is that the ‘luxtreme’ material is slightly shiny and I would have preferred them more matte, but otherwise, they are very soft, thick and silky, and the waistband is nice and comfortable. These are opaque and the material and finishing seem very high quality. The stars are embossed on the bottom leg but they don’t seem like usual iron on embossing, they are actually thick rubberized stars which should handle washing well. The contrast panels of orange on the lower leg are very beautifully stitched on. These tights are a size L and I take a size 10 in Lululemon bottoms. I’d say these are a comfortable TTS without super tight compression.

One Time Raglan Tee 

P.E Nation Down The Wire Leggings

One-Time Raglan Tee

My next favorite item is the raglan tee. It’s cotton, and nicely oversized for a workout but I also really love it for casual wear. I got it in a size L which but if you want it less oversized you could size down. I love it like this and will wear it a ton with leggings or jeans.


P.E Nation Down The Wire Leggings

Here are a few snapshots of the finishing details. The logo on these tights is embroidered, it’s got a nice wide waistband and the stars are rubber. I also really love the white piping at the sides.

P.E Nation Down The Wire Legging P.E Nation Down The Wire Legging

P.E Nation Sideline LeggingP.E Nation Sideline LeggingP.E Nation Sideline LeggingP.E Nation Sideline Legging P.E Nation Sideline Legging

P.E Nation Sideline Leggings

The Sideline leggings where my favorite based on pictures but they are a slightly more finicky fit. The material is thinner than the leggings above so the white paneling at the side is sheer. This is only a problem depending what undergarments you are wearing but I happened to be wearing bright and lower on the hip underwear which you could see through. If you where wearing lower profile or nude colored undies it would be fine. The black portion of these tights seemed opaque but I need to test them out with a better mirror where I can crouch down. I was a bit limited in how low I could squat while still having a view of the mirror. I love the gold waistband on these but I know a lot of you don’t like this type of elasticized waist as it cuts in, if the Lululemon Box It Out Jogger waistband was a problem for you, this will be too. For me it’s fine because I’m pretty pear shaped so things are always tighter on me in the butt/hip area than at my waist. I also really like the cuffed ankles on these, the flattering colorblocking and the ‘squad’ block letters up the legs.

Overall I’m really impressed with all these items and will be keeping them. I’d hoped I’d hate something enough that I could return one pair of tights, but I want to keep them all. Actually, I really want to get these On Deck Leggings next and the Set Position Leggings.


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